Subject: School Project
Date: 3-7-03

I'm a teacher at a school in Vancouver BC, West Coast Christian School, where I plan to build a Glen-L 12 over the next 3 or so years. I finally have a couple photos! To this point we've transferred all the patterns to the 3/4 inch plywood and have drawn full scale frame contours onto 1/8 inch whiteboard. We'll tack the pieces of the frame onto the board before gluing so we're assured everything has the proper alignment. The gussets will be traced next and I'll locate some mahogany after that. We've yet to pay even a Canadian cent for anything, thanks to a great contact! Otherwise, the project is funded and owned by students who purchase shares. At the moment, several diligent students work on the project after regular class work is complete, or have a good track record in the area of homework. Next year the grade 9 & 10 students will work on it during a 12 week woodworking course. As the school's math & science teacher, I'm able to justify using additional class time because of the many directly related topics. For instance, the chemical reaction that occurs in epoxy adhesives, the force needed to bend panels and all the spatial aspects of putting everything together in a logical order - to name a few.

I've put together a Glen-L 14 hull in the past and I've learned the hard way how to save both money and time. The parents think this project is great, about three students are ready to go at it at any time and the principal gave me the green light from day one!

Neal De Geus