Date: 4-18-03

Hello Glen L,
I wrote to you some time ago about an L Dorado I built while in High School in Vallejo California in 1959. I had a Ford V8 60 in the boat at that time and took it out before I went into the service for 4 years. In 1963, the V8 was replaced with a Ford Falcon 6. The boat had a Halibrand V-Drive and a 7 degree shaft log which put the V-Drive under the middle of the deck! The boat ran well and I have a few slides of the boat with my girlfriend at the time driving. I have attached them as JPG's. The photos are not super quality but do show that the boat did run well as an inboard.
Hope you enjoy the pics. If you have any questions, just e-mail me back and I will try to answer them.
Thanks for making such great designs and frame kits!

Best regards,
Matt Guzzetta
Spring Valley, CA