June 17, 2003

Dear Sir:

Enclosed are pictures of my fourth Glen-L project. You have on your web-page pictures of my Audeen project.

These pictures are a Topper with a little extension. The keel and battens are birch; hull and seats are quarter inch marine ply; deck, interior trim and transom are mahogany; the rub-rail, trim, boom, chocks, bow-eye and cleats are oak (the chocks, bow-eye and cleats are hand made); flooring is teakwood. The daggerboard is stabilized with a steel strap connected to a deck frame.

The mast is constructed from long leaf pine and is designed so that it breaks down into two parts for easy transport. The mating of the two parts of the mast is by sliding the upper part on to one-half of a three foot, 1" hollow steel square tubing that is anchored to and projecting out 18" from the lower part of the mast. The hollow tubing allows the halyard to be contained within the hollow mast. The sail slides on steel metal track and there is no problem with the transition from the lower part of the mast to the top section.

Both the boom and mast are stored in the two PVC tubes attached to the trailer. The tube for the mast is 6" diameter and the tube for the boom is 4". The ends have threaded clean out caps.

Solid Styrofoam flotation is installed under the entire length of the port and starboard seats. The transom seat has a hinged door for storage, access to the drain plug and clean out.

The boat handles great. I am now considering your Glen-L 17.

Very truly yours,