Rampage hull

13 Feb 2005

Hi guys
Sorry for the slow installment of photos. I have recently completed my Rampage project and have been keeping myself busy playing with the beast. I have attached some photos to show you the boats progress from those I sent last. The boat has a Fijian Cedar deck with Walnut stained Carling and Gunwales. No Fiberglass was used on the deck it is entirely timber. I first launched the boat with a 3% step-up box but I have just replaced those gears with 20% items and am yet to try this combo out. It currently has a Menkins 2 blade 11 by 15 and I hope to use the boat for social racing in the 6 Litre cast iron restricted class. The boat handles beautifully and catches a lot of eyes on the water. The boat took 2 years to build on and off (more off than on) as I could only work on it during my spare time. The project has been an enjoyable experience and certainly not my last, but for now I am looking forward to enjoying the boat.

Rampage deck framing

Regards, Ben Born (Sydney, Australia)

Bob Born and Rampage

Rampage deck framing and steering cables