I started the Malahini 7/6/03. I've gotten the building frame built, all the frame members hanging in it, keel/ battens/ chines cut. I opted to buy the Frame Kit this time in order to speed up the process. Your pre-cut frames sure fit up nice.
Doug Hodder

7-12-03: I've got the chines/ sheer/ and battens in and glued, the port side sheer cut loose prior to being attached and cut a nasty divot in my shins, oh well, I need to fair all the aforementioned members and will start fitup of sides and bottom this coming week. I don't know how I will do the sides as I ordered 5 x 10 sheets of Sapele mohagany and they do not even come close to matching the 4 x 8's that I ordered. It looks like some wild grain on the sides right now. This is not going to be a traditional boat so maybe I can pull it off. Doug and Daisy

7-26-03: Here is the latest on my progress. I have been slowed because of the temperatures. It hits 100F regularly in the shop and I am not inclined to work in those temps., personally and because I don't have the working time on the epoxy. I did manage to get the hull faired and at least the mohagany plywood on the sides. I used the 4 x 8 sheets rather than the 5x10's for the sides and managed to get a great diamond effect on both of them. I plan on doing the bottom this coming week, hopefully it will cool off. All the fiberglass and glass tape are here for the bottom. I will probably have to do it at 5-6 AM so I have some working time. Doug Hodder