8-6-03: Finished fiberglassing the hull, I also have the skeg on. This weekend I'll get the splash rail on and start building up the hull with epoxy and sanding between coats.

11 Nov 2003: I had taken off a 2 months from boat construction, however I recently got my project to the point that I can finish sand the bottom and shoot a coat of automotive polyurethane on it. I no longer have to worry about the high temperatures, especially since it snowed the other day. Now I need to build a fire in the stove to heat the shop. Since I don't have an official spray booth, I need to do a super clean on the garage, tent off 1/2 of it and we're ready to go. I think that both the transom grain and sides will work well with the paint scheme. I will paint the bottom now, turn the hull, and lay out the other paint work detail, which will probably be done after the decking is done. Keep on boat building!!!! Doug Hodder