TINY MIGHT / Robert Hankins / 5-4-02: I've gotten a pretty good start on my Tiny Might. The upside-down part of it is finished accept for the prop shaft hole. The bottom is painted so that I won't have to turn it back over. The transom and deck are going to be walnut with a red, white and blue color scheme. The power I've chosen is an 120 H.P. Honda Civic engine. Right now I'm just finishing the deck battens. It's been a slow project for me as I've been on it for just over a year.
9-2-03: My boat is still in the process, but coming along. I made the rudder, turn fin and strut from stainless. The motor mounts are 1/2" 6061 alum. I rubber mounted the eng. using some mounts I found at Grainger. The engine is a Honda V-tech and is supposed to put out 125 H.P. @6500 RPM. I built the trailer from 2x3" Tubing and I used your "How To Build A Boat Trailer" book as a guide. It came out pretty nice. I still have to install the fuel system, computer and wiring... maybe this spring.