Dear Glen-L

I was very proud to see my Jackknife on your website. I don't have my own computer, but my friends showed it to me. I tried building one of your boats when I was just out of high school, but had no dedication. Over the years, boats and boating have become a passion instead of a hobby. I work for a lumberyard 50 hours a week, then work whatever time is left in my shop.

I wanted to do a quick boat that was different. I built the Tubby Tug in 2 months part time work. It was all built from wood available at our lumberyard. I used Douglas-fir plywood, but stained it to color with a water-based stain before encapsulating with epoxy. The boat came out with a very nostalgic look… I am including pictures.

With two people and a 4 hp outboard it is a fun boat to drive.

The day I launched her, I had never gotten so much attention. I sold her that day. See, I am saving my money to build a Bo-Jest.

Peter Schiele
Union Grove, WI