13 Oct 03

I started the project in September of 2002. Thanks to alot of help from friends and relatives, I managed to get the boat looking like a boat and well constructed. It still needs alot of work, but I am aiming to get in the water around May of 2004. The boat has been made according to the plans but has been a bit modified as far as interior is concerned. Due to the fact that in Greece there are very few lakes (the nearest is about 5 hour drive) and the boat will be used in the ocean. Since I am planning on using a very powerful motor, along with a friend of mine who is a professional boat builder, we decided to use thicker and more reinforced motor stringers.

I am now in the progress of getting a engine together, in order to give life to this Riviera. All electrical wiring has been completed and now I am Appling the final interior paint coat on the Hull before the motor in put into place.

The hull of the boat has been made acording to the specification on the plans, but besides that we polyestered the boat using 3 layers of polyester, to give it additional strength.

Vasilis Tziamouranis