Summer '03
Added additional coats of epoxy and sanding in between with 100 grit for flat finish.

Used white oak bedded in fiberglass tape for bottom battens w/ butting pieces beveled to 30 degrees. Also used white oak bedded in polysulfide for spray rail figuring these parts would take the most abuse. I ran a router with a 1/4" radius roundover bit over outside edges. Although you can't see it, I was disappointed with the joint at the bottom of spray rail with bottom planking because of radiused chine area. Next time I would consider filling the chine to a crisp edge (like the transom) for a clean joint.

The entire boat was painted with Petit primer and 1 part polyurethane. Even the bottom. I used two colors and added a mahogany rub rail at the paint line. A roller and tipping off with a foam brush worked fine but slow. Next time I will spray. Everything got 2 coats. Though not required, I continued the spray and rub rail the length of the hull because it looked better. It was a bear to bend the spray and rub rail.

I rented a bobcat for the flip. Created U clamps from threaded 3/4" stock and clamped stiff board (2x4 screwed to 4x4) to bobcat forks. With rope slings lifted her off the trailer to rest on the ground. Then shifted slings to cinch up at far sheer and lifted her again so she hung with bottom perpendicular to ground. Slowly let her down so she'd want to fall right side up and then repositioned the slings and put her back on the trailer. It was both the most nerve wracking and easy and smooth part of the entire project.