December 2003
Hull planking now complete and sheathed, final sanding and then ready for paint in the spring when the weather warms up. Photo of hull after sheath applied.
Best wishes for the Holidays, hope you all have a Happy Christmas.
Keith Thom

Turned 25 May 04

15 Oct 2004

Still working... the hull was successfully turned in May and the front deck sheets are epoxied in place and sheathed, the deck hatch has yet to be finally fitted and I've started work on the internal joinery for seating and galley etc. When at least the frames for these are in place I'll get the cabin sides (which are already cut) in place and possibly the cabin roof on (The laminated ply beams are already made ready to drop in place), then that will probably be about it for the winter months.
Keith Thom
West Scotland