Update to glenl 25 solo
9 Feb 2004

After 2 weeks of playing with the centerboard trunk, here are the photos.

I get alot of strange looks at the local boat supply shop when I tell them that I am making a boat and it is 25 feet! Oh, and plus it's the first one!! So far this centerboard trunk has been the hardest to do. Mainly because of the alignment of the pin. But, like the old saying goes, check it three times and cut it once.

Dave Beem

Pic 6. A mess, but I cut the drain for the cockpit.

Pic 7. Same, another angle.

Pic 8. Drain installed, note I did resin it in.

Pic 9. Another view (I love Kaytlin's camera).

Pic 10. The halfs coated with resin and bolted together.