Subject: Flying Saucer Photos
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004

Here is my Flying Saucer that I launched today in the Salton Sea. Weather was beautiful and no wind.

It's been a "Snowbird" project for me during my winters in California.

It was a solo launch so no action fotos, but take it from me, the boat and engine ran beautifully! It registered 32mph, I might of liked a bit more, and I might re-prop, but at 12' you know you're moving! I have no, nada, adjustments to make to this boat!!!

A comment about the Flying Saucer. After reading comments in Project Registry and looking at the early design, porpoising was a concern of mine. As a result, I did make some minor changes during construction. First I extended the stem to the next frame aft, and then added vertical members to the floor battens in the aft area to assure straightness. It payed off. Today I sat in the back; I put the gas tank in the back and not a hint of porpoising.

I guess I forgot; the engine is a 1992 30hp Evinrude with probably less than 50 hours. It was on my Glen-L Sweet Caroline dory. It needed a home , and I think it found the perfect one with the Saucer!

Regards, Bob Ellis