3 February 2004

My son and I put together a Tiny Titan when he was 12, as I wished my Dad had done with me. My daughter, however, has enjoyed our Tiny Titan the most these last 7 years.

The stock Evinrude 15HP pushes her along at 32mph. My son made the whale's tail (hydrofoil) out of 1/8 inch scrap aluminum. I highly recommend the tail as it helps the Tiny Titan to plane off flat AND settle off a plane flat. When running, the tail flies 3/4 inches above the surface.

I also recommend using a control box and Glen-l's steering kit to control the boat running a 15HP motor. The adjustable seat not only contributes to control, it adds considerably to comfort. Great design and little boat!

Alfred Marshall

28 November 2010 Update

I restored her and gave her a new paint scheme.