Date: 1 March 2004

I owe you some photographs of the boat "Eight Ball-SG", that I finished building in 2001. (see copy of your "Project Registry", below) The photos are enclosed.

Some day in the future I will send photographs of a lobsterboat "Eagle", now under cointruction.

Jose Reis

Glen-L Project Registry:

EIGHT BALL-SG / Jose Reis / S. J. Campos, Sao Paulo, Brazil / 4-12-02: On November-2001: Project finished, boat already sailing. I'm using a sail made by a local sail manufacturer, an outboard motor Johnson of 3.3 Hp, and oars. My boat is sailing very well, quite stable, mainly when using the sail. When using the outboard motor, small amounts of water eventually passes through the empty daggerboard case, into the boat. I will try to fix it by gluing two rubber "lips" at the bottom of the daggerboard opening. 3-27-03: Just purchased Eagle plans and patterns.