Regarding: Squirt update

Dear Barry,

Apparently I am not a real fast boat builder, since this Squirt has taken nearly two years so far. But it does have fiberglass on the hull now. The plan was that the Squirt would provide a quick learning experience before starting to build a Mist Miss. However, at this rate I will need to find a nursing home with a wood shop.

Not knowing what kind of motor to use, I considered this old Merc for the Squirt (although I didn't consider it for long). Linda says I painted the waterline wrong for this motor; the waterline would have to be up around my ears and I would need a snorkle. Maybe she knows more about boats than I thought.

The part of the learning curve that has most impressed me is how large the Squirt is when sanding it on a warm day and how small it looks in this photo.

Will let you know when it looks more like a boat.


Bill and Linda Whitney, NE Bothell, WA