RIVIERA / Craig Strike / Victoria, Australia.
Construction on the frame started in November 2002 and the first 2 layers of marine ply were finished by the end of march, then progress slowed somewhat due to other commitments . Then in October 2003 it got back on track with the application of the final layer of Brazillian Mahogany. The frame is made of Blue Gum and Messmate, which are both local eucalypts. Both have simillar strength, density and working properties to Mahogany,and have been used in boats here for many years. The plywood is Pacific Maple from Malaysia. The hull was turned over late november and the deck was started straight away. I have used Mahogany for the deck planks and Celery Top Pine from Tasmania for the striping, and the finishing boards and king plank is Blackwood (another stunning local timber). The final layer on the topsides and deck have been veneered without stapling or using any fastening through the timber. It takes quite a bit longer but the results are spectacular.

Craig Strike