4 April 04

This is the second Dinky (designers name) to be called the Mine after the sea gulls in "Nemo".

All seams fibreglasses both in and out...sanding finished and now ready to paint.

Couple of weeks and another one finished...

Big question now is, what next?

Not another strip built for sure. Have to stick with the stitch and glue process I guess.

11 April 04

Here she is with 2 coats of primer (white) and 3 coats of inside blue. Red trim, white topsides and dark blue bottom to go. Another 2 weeks should do it and then on to the next project we go!

17 April 04

Well here's the completed Dinky (except for the name and a little touch up...5 minutes work). Complete with motor board installed installed to take a 2 hp motor.

On to the next project called the "Tubby Tug".