SQUIRT / Capt WeemO (Bob Weems) / Vero Beach, FL / 1-26-04: I just got the frame kit and built the jig this weekend. Purchased straps from local hardware store that work great to secure frames to jig. Going to Rivera Beach, FL to pick up supplies. Making steamer for the chines out of 3" X 12' PC Pipe and hose bib in middle to connect hose to steam the chines. Do the same with the fairing strips. Getting excited, my 3 1/2 year old grandson has his own tool box and can't wait to help. When I told him we were going to name the boat after his nix name of "Post Man" he flipped, "you name it after me'!" Yes sir little man. 3-18-04: I am at the point of priming the inside hull with Algrip. Deck framing is complete, after interior priming is complete, March 20th, I will flip the hull to fill, sand and fiberglass. Hull will be painted Jet Black Algrip by following weekend. This project was started because I have always wanted to build a boat since I was a child, now that I am 52 I am building it for my grandson's "Post Man" 4th birthday May 16th, 04. I Know he is young by Florida Law to operate the boat but Pop's and Nanny can have a blast on it with him. This project has been a dream come true...thanks Glen-L. Looking forward to a bigger challenge.

4-14-04: 6:09 PM April 12-2004 Boat construction complete, YA! Now the fun part paint and varnish, varnish and more varnish 15 coats on the deck. Custom cushions sweet! My delivery date for my grandson's 4th birthday party May 16th will be easy to make. I can't keep him out of it now. I don't know how I'll be able to keep him off the wet paint. Looking at the Rivera next! Thank Brian for all your help.