I started the project with the engine, to get the expensive part of the project out of the way. WebLetter 56

15 May 04

Most ships/boats use the birthday of the boat as the day the keel was laid. Plywood boats are built upside down and are different, but I officially "laid the keel" 15 May 2004.
Ken Schott

WebLetter 57

Roughed-in the stringers for a dry-fit prior to laying the longitudinals. I feel this aids in fitting in this early stage, so that the work is done upright, rather than on your knees, in the bilge, later. I made a triple-lamination Cypress 2" net member, extended to frame 1, to beef up for a standard cruiser strut. These will be removed and shelved to continue with the longitidunals. The sole beams are being fitted at this time also. The dimensions for sole beams & stringer notches are taken off the full sized patterns, see ShopTalk Webletter 58.

Then I scarfed the battens... WebLetter 59

I steamed the battens in #61 (this by the way, worked great, no fighting of the battens, just screw them to the planking)... WebLetter 61