18 August 2004

Barry, Attached are pictures of my "Monaco" in the water.
Imag0002 at the Dock
Imag0004 at the Dock
Imag0006 at 70MPH (yes 70)
Sorry for the quality. Hope you can use them.

Regards, John Gondek

70 mph? sounds very fast. Are you sure your speedo is working properly?
How modified is the motor?

Hi Barry,
Speed was checked with radar. Unfortunately my speedo only goes to 65. With one person (driver) and a half tank of premium fuel, motor is turning 5300 RPM, 1:1 gear, 12x15 prop.
Motor is fairly extensively modified, 306 cu in, modified heads (9.5 comp) Isky cam, 750cfm carb, producing about 380HP (at flywheel) & 380LB-FT torque.
I couldn't be happier with the way the boat performs at ALL Speeds.
Thanks, John