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Dory's used in the Grand Banks off Canada an US for commercial fishing for years. Very sea worthy and safe boat. If storm blows up just...
          "lay in the bottom of your dory and cry.
                    You'll be OK when the storm blows by."

The Boat

Built in 1999-2000, launched July 2000 for continued fitting out. Approx 1400 hours on hull and cabin. Completed May 2001. 26' x 8' St. Pierre Dory constructed from blueprints. West system Epoxy and 6oz fiberglass cloth  over mahogany MDO plywood on yellow pine and mahogany stringers and frames. Interior encapsulated in penetrating resin. Hull painted with 2 part  epoxy barrier coat, Brightsides primer and several coats of Brightside polypoxy paint. Bottom, 3 coats CSC Ablative bottom paint. Topsides, glass, primer and paint. See construction at: construction site.

Engine and Running Gear

Bukh marine diesel engines are designed and built for a rough life at sea.  They are true marine engines with a pedigree which goes back over 100 years.    Bukh marine diesels are fitted to approximately 40% of the world's lifeboats because they have proven themselves to be extremely reliable engines, built to be highly resistant to corrosion and breakage. A serious engine for workboats and commercial applications and a superb engine for pleasure boaters who demand high reliability. Recently rebuilt (approx. 24 hours) Bukh 10hp 1 cyl. diesel. 330#. Sold in US as Westerbeke Pilot 10. Has starter generator. Can also be started with the hand crank very easily. Engine has compression release and spinner for crank. Need no electric to run. A Danish workboat engine rated at 10hp at 3000 rpm continuous. 1 to 2 quarts an hour fuel consumption. 40 Gal fuel in two tanks approx 600 to 800 mi. range. A real work horse. 2 to 1 reduction throwing a 13"x 8" 3 blade trawler prop. 2 extra props. 6 knots top 5 cruise at 2300rpm. See pics of bottom at the launch site.

Ground Tackle

1 - Heavy duty grapnel, 1- 8# claw and chain lunch hook with 150' 3/8 Yachtbraid. 1 - 11# claw and chain with 300' 3/8 Yachtbraid. 1/2 " dock and spring lines. Extra lines.

Safety Gear

5' Parachute storm anchor and gear ready to deploy. 2 - fire extinguishers. Flares and gun. Mirror. Distress flag. 3 - automatic bilge pumps. 4 - type I life jackets. 2 Cushions. Canoe paddle. Hand bailing device. Dock hook. Ring bouy. Horn. Blower. Sunbrella bimini top. Ladder. The dory is easy to climb back into should you fall overboard. Just go to center and pull yourself over gunnel.

Electrical and Electronics

12 Volt system. 2 Batteries on switch. Anchor and running lights. Fused panel. Standard VHF radio with external speaker. Raytheon 470 fish finder with thru hull speed and temp. Large compass. Lowrance 1600 map GPS interfaced with Raytheon tiller pilot.


2 - coolers with cushion. 1 - gimbaled swingline 1 burner propane stove. 1 - Portapot. Never used. Bunk cushions. Bunks for two. Rod racks.

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Boat located at Madeira Beach Florida

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