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BOATNAME / John Doe / Optional: City, State or country / / 1-2-01: Found an old Glen-L Swish, needs re-fiberglassing, some structural damage. Have started removing old glass.

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AMIGO-WD / Stan Butch Lapetz / / 3-2-04: I didn't build this boat. The builder is Bill Stevens of Conn. It was built in 1990. I bought the boat. It is in my backyard for repairs. The deck is being replaced and a few other things repaired. This boat (in my opinion, off course) is very attractive. It is strip-planked with western cedar, epoxy sealed inside and out.

ARGOSY / Kathleen Kelly / Cape Elizabeth, ME / / 4-1-02: A couple of weeks ago we ordered (and promptly received) plans for the 42' Glen-L Argosy Trawler. Thank you! They will be of great assistance to us as we upgrade the 1979 Glen-L Argosy that we've just purchased. You can follow our progress with her and see a lot of new photos on the website we've created at Your information and resources have been very helpful to us.
She is a very special vessel, and we hope to enjoy her for many years to come. 6-23-02: There are now new photos at of some of the work in progress on our Argosy trawler at Cap Sante Marine, Ltd. in Anacortes, WA. There were interesting changes made to the original design of the Argosy -- some good, some bad. We like having high closed bulwarks all the way around. They are much safer. But the original builder did not ventilate the closed bulwarks, so ventilation is being added by Cap Sante behind the inner liner - port, starboard, and at the stern. Another change we like: The salon door to the deck on the starboard side was eliminated, creating more living space inside. In addition, the transom turned out to be a double transom: Apparently, early on, a second transom was added, to create a flared profile. This left a 3" space between the two transoms, where seawater collected. Luckily, the boat was never out of the water, and never in fresh water, so the wood is fine. We are having the double-transom venmtilated as well. In other respects we are trying to keep all our upgrades consistent with the original Glen-L design.
Finally, the pilothouse roof needed some work. We decided ask Cap Sante to replace the roof, including installation of copper mesh as a grounding plane for the SSB radio we plan to install. As you will see from the photos taken at Cap Sante Marine, the wood in the pilothouse below the roof is in beautiful shape, 23 years after the boat was built. It's all high-quality marine-grade MDO plywood, and Cap Sante has a factory that has manufactured the same quality replacement wood, since they tell us it is no longer readily available.
We really love the fact that Tamara B has at least two exits and entrances to every single part of the boat; even without that starboard door, the main salon has 3 exits/entrances!
Best regards from two new Glen-L fans. Kathleen Kelly

ARGOSY / Rik Johnson / Seattle, WA / / 2-13-04: Recently purchased a 1991 Glen-L Trawler 42', which was never finished. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. The bulwharks from the pilothouse back to the aft of the salon are dry rotten. The owner/builder had the bow under a cover with the stern outside and getting covered with pine needles. I figure many years of this, and poor 'glass work, led to the dry rot. I have a friend who is a shipwright who will help with some problems when he has time. I love the style of the boat - that is what sold me!!

AUDEEN / Loren Rux / / 8-19-03: Thought you might like to know, in 1970 I built an Audeen with a Berkley Jet Drive. The boat is still in use. If anyone asks about this configuration I would be glad to communicate. The boat is powered by a converted 1958 Plymouth 318. The boat has been from Canada to Coulee Dam (about 160 miles), on Lake Roosevelt in Washington State. After restoration I'll send pictures.

AUDEEN / Angelo / / 7-11-08: I have a 16' Audeen. Boat was built in 1957 and is complete; she is in garage/mint condition.

BONANZA / Shane Robinson / Walnut Creek, CA / / 10-14-02: 3/02 pulled engine and transmission, had been sitting in garage for 28 years. built in 1962-63 by my dad and grandpa. all engine needed was new rings and heads to be done. 1962 283 chevy with borg warner velvet drive transmission. had some dry rot in the bilge, we repaired that and cleaned the bilge and painted it with bilgecoat. next thing i would like to do it some fiberglass work since it is bubbling on one side and is somewhat faded.

CRACKER BOX / Cal Martin / Victorville, CA / / 10-16-02: Found the original registration, got hold of the original builder in Santa Ana, CA. He started the project in 1950, finished in '52. I am the third owner that I know of. Now has a small block Chevy. Won high points at the NJBA Drags for the year of 1989 in the 80 mph Class. It is about to be resurected with a new engine and Z-drive. Hopefully, 2003 it will be back in the drags. Boat Name: Chit-Chat.

FANCY FREE / Hans Kosten / St Petersburg, FL / / 2-6-03: Purchased two years ago a 1989 home built Fancy Free. In spite of what looks like a badly home cut gaff sail, it is a great sailer and fun in the shallow Florida waters. It had no cockpit coamings, cockpit lockers or interior cabinets. The teak samson posts had leaked water into the fore deck and the posts broke off during weather at anchor. Upon bit by bit removal it was evident that both uncoated teak posts were rotten to the keel beam. However the center post beneath deck that is sandwiched between the two posts and the adjacent deck joist was in good shape because they had been impregnated with resin. I am in the process of cutting out the deck and deck hatch to replace posts and deck. In the process I may have to cut-up the hatch frame since the screw heads are breaking of.
I'd like to move the hatch to the aft side of the deck joist where the deck is wider so I can increase the width of the hatch because it is rather small to push the jib through and it provides more ventilation. Furthermore I would like to convert to a marconi or gaff cutter rig. Has anyone done that? The cockpit is awfully narrow and does not permit to spread the feet for balance when standing-up during sail. I intend to widen the cockpit by 8-10 inches and bring the cockpit coamings to a few inches from the rail and then taper the cockpit locker ouwards towards the cockpit floor by another few inches, so width at the feet is 12-14 inches wider. I have done that in the past with a hard chine mahogany sailer. Anyone having any experience with cutting into the underlying frame of the Fancy Free? Will post photographs when deck is removed and new cockpit framing is in.

GERONIMO / Hal Goodwin / Oroville, CA / / 8-23-03: Just bought a plywood boat that appears to have been made from a Geronimo kit. The previous owner (a 97 year old!) said it was a runabout when he bought it and he shortened the front deck and added a cabin. I am removing the paint now (four coats) to inspect the fiberglass-covered plywood hull. It is powered by a 1966 40-hp Johnson. I was told it needs a new water pump impeller (the previous owner started it with no water input).

GLEN-L 14 / George Sieb / 8-8-01: Just purchased a 1971 Glen-L 14 fixer upper. Mast is broken.

GLEN-L 14 / Michelle Yacob / / 8-21-01: I recently acquired a Glen-L 14, approximately 30 years old, in need of repair. My son-in-law and I would like to restore her. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

GLEN-L 14 / Mark Forss / Kiel, Wisconsin / 10-19-01: Purchased Completed Glen-L 14 in 1993. Sailed until 1997 when during a minor centerboard repair, started peeling off the fiberglass sheathing. Completely stripped it in about 10 min. It was polyester and did not hold. Now am refinishing with epoxy covering and repairing centerboard trunk. Also repainting interior and redoing deck. Hope to have sailing again in late 2002.

GLEN-L 14 / Markus Tessmann / Salt Spring Island B.C. Canada / / 11-28-05: I intercepted my Glen-L 14 on it's way to the scrap yard! It had been donated to the local Sea Scouts, but turned out to be too small, and in need of too much repair to make it worth their while. I wasn't sure about taking it on either, but was convinced by the aluminium mast and boom, and the two almost brand new sails! Last summer (04) I removed all the rotten decking, seats and flooring and sanded the hull down through all the paint. I coated the hull with epoxy, and put new fibreglass on the keel and chines, dealing with the really bad spots with extra fibreglass and epoxy. I built a new deck, new seats and new flooring, beefed up the transom and added floatation as well. The Glen-L web site was very helpful for this, my first boat building project. We launched her this spring (named Samgita) and my wife, 2 sons and I have sailed her almost every weekend (and often I'll go mid-week)! We've gone camping in her too and look forward to many years of fun on this boat! She is moored in the ocean about 2 blocks from my home on Salt Spring Island (near Victoria, British Columbia) from about May to October. I scrape the hull about every two weeks, to keep the barnacles and seaweed in check! I love this boat. (see Customer Photos)

GLEN-L 14 / Keith Green / Surry, B.C. Canada / / 6-20-09: Just purchased a Glen-L 14 built in about 1972 (I think) by a Mr. Ray Spaxman of Don Mills, Ontario. It was sold to the man I bought it from (Tsawwasssen, BC) in about the mid-80's. It's in really good shape as far as I can tell and seems to be missing mainly a bunch of flotation foam. Has a slightly modified transom to fit a little Evinrude 2hp which came with it. Seems to have some sort of highly water-repellant coating inside, varnished mahogany seats and trim; white marine enamel on all outer surfaces. Aluminum Glen-L mast and boom with sails from Glenco Sail in Ontario.

GLEN-L 15 / Clay Erickson / Tigard, Oregon / / 2-15-04: I found an old Glen-L 15 last week that someone had begun to make into a steam launch long ago and lost interest. Mast and boom OK, rudder and centerboard do not exist. Continue

GLEN-L 17 / Frank MacKinnon / Rice Lake, Ontario, Canada / / 09-02-02: Glen-L 17, 1977 Hull with modified companionway - no deck hatch. Adding deck hatch to improve access to rigging hardware on mast. Would like to hear from someone who has set up a bow roller system for anchor.

GLEN-L 17 / Howard Connelly / Del Ray, Virginia / / 7-28-04: Begun "BLUECHICK" customization 9-11 '03. Renamed her REGINA (Mom), working everyday to get her back in the Potomac River. Complete keel & trunk removal & upgrade, dry rot chase, removed leaking bumper rail, re-fiberglassed & resprayed the hull, de-varnished teak and oiled, and renovated the trailer. Future months include: mahogany/stainless bowsprit, decorative jib, electrical system, and handmade hardware. Cabin door construction and more. Thinking of veneering the topsides. Advice encouraged. (see Customer Photos)

GLEN-L 19 / David W. Cooney / Tacoma, WA / / 10-2003: Purchased a fixer-upper for a great price. The hull, mast, rigging, and sails are in great shape. It had sat uncovered in the Washington rain for many years and the deck and cabin flooring have all got to be replaced. I hope to get her ready before the end of next summer!

GLEN-L 21CB / Mac Kieffer / Portland, Oregon / / 1-29-01: This boat was built by someone else in approximately 1978; I don't know for sure. The original builder, having sailed the boat for a season after completing the project, brought it home to make improvements. He launched a business at that time, and the boat sat undisturbed in his garage until approximately 1989, when his wife insisted it be sold. I bought it at that time, and it has undergone a modest series of cosmetic improvements and rigging changes since. I use it for day sailing only, near the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette rivers in Portland, Oregon.
I've recently rebuilt the cockpit (for the second time) and would like to add a roller-furling Genoa in the near future.

GLEN-L 21CB / Tom Chandler / / 2-26-02: Newly acquired repo GLEN-L 21CB, need boom, minor rigging, trying to unstick centerboard. Boat had been stored inside for many years but trailer and centerboard (portion that shows) has rust. 4-30-02: I continue the restoration of a Glen-L CB 21. Trailer restored, bottom painted with AFP, centerboard removed, sanded, replaced. 9-14-02: So after all your help at Glen-L, the Glen-L 21 CB restored in Newport, OR has officially been christened and welcomed to the local fleet. She's now red, with new toe and rub rails (OAK), new boom and has even participated in a locally open class regatta. Of 13 boats, we crossed 10th., against some pretty speedy craft such as a U20. She's not the fastest in the fleet, but she's worthy of all the attention. She's not entirely water tight and I suspect there may be some caulking we'll have to do this winter along the joint where skeg meets boat. I think also, that the installation of the toe rail about three inches in from the sheer line and the rub rail mounted about the same distance down on each side with a rounded over sheer and glassed joint is a superior design from the original that put either a metal or wood corner moding over the seam. Which incidentally was completely gone, and evidence of some rotting of plywood deck under what might have been there, gives evidence that no matter what one would put on that sheer seam would hold moisture and thus encourage rot. Any way, to Glen Witt, Barry and all the gang, I'm proud to be sailing such a fine vessel after some many years that it has been kicking around the country (last registered in '91 in Idaho).(See Customer Photos)

GLEN-L 25 / jer / / 10-18-05: Bought this old 78 Glen-L 25 that was converted to a pocket cruiser. She was floating the floor boards at anchor in Puget Sound. Hauled her up and started fixin'. Will replace shear strakes this winter. Sweet little boat. My Daughter lived on board through the winter with ice scraping the hull in January. Enjoy. (See Customer Photos)

HUNKY DORY / Scott MacManus / Tok, Alaska / I built my Hunky Dory (Laughing Sally) in 1989, ran it up and down the Yukon River for 15 years. I used a 90hp Evinrude. It's been sitting for the past few 3 or 4 years... now I want to do some work to make it ready for Prince William Sound. Plan to close up the motor well, and ad a transom pod for the new motor. Am building a cabin similiar to the ones on a C-Dory. Also, am going to lay a semi-v hull over the flat bottom hull... giving it a double hull. Will use marine foam between hulls. Have purchased a new Honda BF135hp for repower.

JET CAT 14' / Steve Johnson / / 5-12-02: My grandfather had built this boat over thirty years ago, along with another Glen L boat called the Squirt. The boat stayed in excellent condition, and provided the family with many wonderful times on the water. However at the time, we only wished the engines would have been built as well as the boat was. They kept breaking down, and because of that fact the boat stayed in storage for 28 years. Two summers ago I went down and opened up the cover that was on top of it. In my eyes I saw a fast, sleek, water rocket that would be the most interesting boat on the lake. I decided to start to re-build the boat that summer. The more I examined it, the more work I found that had to be done. I had to strip all the interior, rip out the full floor, and sand all the old paint off. Once the boat was down to bare wood, we basically had to start fresh. We re-fiberglassed the outside, strengthened the bilge area, and re-inforced all the bulkheads, stringers, and stations. Now, almost 2 years later we are finally at the painting stage. We decided to paint it off white, with Interlux one part polyurathane paint. We bought a Johnson 120 H.P. outboard which should push her along quite nicely........ Right now I am building a few parts for her at the company I work at. I'm building a gas tank, seat pedistals, a wakeboarding tower, a window frame, and an engine bracket. "all out of aluminum". There is still a lot of work, but I am very excited to finally have it done.

JOLLY ROGER (Rosekey-G.) / Gregg Grundon / Kwajalein, Republic of the Marshall Islands / / 12-4-06: Holes drilled thru the hull (Previous Owner). Wet rot to pilot house roof, pilot house bulkheads, and cabin hatch cover. Power Plant- 50hsp. Electric motor, belted to the shaft. (see Customer Photos)

L CAPITAN MODEL / Dave Swall / / 5-17-00: I have just completed a model of L Capitan. Started the last week of Oct 99 and completed it May 1, 00. Pictures will be in the next news letter (WebLetter 19). I would like to hear from other model builders. (L Capitan: 17'-3" Inboard runabout with "fins", designed 1957.)

L DORADO / David White / / 9-14-99: Built an L Dorado in 1958? and a second one last winter. I have info on dashbeam, carling, and tail fin as these full size patterns are no longer available. This email address will close Oct 10, off to Mexico for winter. (See Customer Photos)

LITTLE HUNK / Craig Jones / Aliso Viejo, CA / / 3-2-05: Hope you like my restoration of a 1991 Hunky Dory. (see Customer Photos)

LORD NELSON 33 / Keith Zwart / / 4-8-03: Glen-L Lord Nelson 33, purchased November, 2002. Boat is in pretty good shape. Cold-molded mahogany hull and plywood decks. The paperwork indicates that the boat was built by Lyle, and the hailing port for at least 8 years has been Seaford, VA.
I am repairing some deck rot (chainplates) and doing a repower. Also rebuilding some deck hatches and prepping the deck for repainting.
Any information about the history of this particular boat is greatly appreciated. Some items on-board suggest that she's been to the California coast, and I'm curious about her travels.
Planning a voyage up the east coast to Newfoundland, Iceland and Norway.
Love this boat. Extremely comfortable accommodations!

MISSILE / Jim Dean / Phoenix, AZ / / 1-26-01: ...I have a Missile built in '63 or '64 that I bought from a friend (the builder) back in 1979. The boat has a 283 Chevy in it, and a Casale V-drive. After several half-hearted attempts to re-glass it, I undertook a major restoration in January of 2000.
To date, I have completely replaced the forward decking, using the original mahogany framework, rebuilt the transom, and added lights. New fiberglass stem to stern, down to the waterline, and refinishing the mahogany trim completed Phase 1 this past summer, just in time to play.
Phase 2, which is underway for '01, includes flipping the boat upside down to re-fiberglass and blueprint the bottom, a new paint job, and new upholstery.
Phase 3, for '02, will include rebuilding the engine, or replacing it with a 327, complete restoration of the cabin interior, and a new stereo system.
Even in her various states of disrepair over the years, this little boat has never failed to draw OOOHS and AAAHS every time we're at one of our favorite desert lakes. Classics never get old..... I would like to connect with other missile owners, especially in Arizona, to swap stories and maybe organize get-togethers, or anyone else interested in this particular Glen-L model.
2-24-01: Phase 2 of my missile restoration got off to a slow start.....cold wet weather delayed work until early February. The boat will be ready to turn over by March 1st or 2nd.
Work on the bottom should be completed by the middle to end of March, followed by paint and re assembly in time for Easter weekend.
A word to the wise......if you're building or restoring, and plan to remove any of the underwater hardware from your boat at a later date, I do not encourage the use of urethane adhesives (such as Bostik 930). These are excellent products for permanent bonding/sealing, but are difficult to remove without causing damage to the hull (as I recently learned firsthand).
7-21-01: My restoration has slowed to a snail's pace...having lost all the 'cool weather' time, I find myself trying to work in 110 to 112 degree weather........not the best option. So, I work on the hull only a few hours in the early weekend mornings. My 'finish' date is now open-when the hull's done, it's done. There's plenty on the trailer, upholstery, etc, to keep me busy....... The bottom is coming along nicely, though...I had been relying on sanding to get it the application of resin, then sanding, more resin, more sanding, ad expensive, time-consuming method. I have found a guy here in Phoenix who concocts his own fiberglass filler. It's a polyester-based product much like Bond-O, but infinitely nicer to work with, in my opinion, AND it was created specifically for marine use. I'll be glad to pass his info on to anyone interested...this is not an advertisement.......just a great product I want to inform folks about.

MISSILE / / 1-29-01: I have a 1960 missile with a Chevy 283, I have owned it since 1998 and am in the process of restoring it.

MISSILE / Nate Brown / Preston, WA. / / 2-18-01: I obtained a Missile built by Ben Vanderkooi in 1969, it was originally powered by a 409ci Chevy, Ben wanted to sell the boat but got more for just the motor so he removed it and I ended up with the boat and V drive. The boat is in almost new shape with the exception of the deck glass. I will be installing a 4.3 liter V6 and refinishing the craft. The 8 track still works! (see WebLetter 53)

MISSILE / Harry Machado / San Luis Obispo, CA / Email address not valid 12-19-03 / 12-10-01: I recently acquired the boat in the attached pictures. (See Customer Photos-Archives) Based on the plans your website and measuring the overall length, it appears to be a Missile? (It is the Missile.)
The owner reported that he is the second owner, he finding the boat in Vermont (built in Maine in 1960). The engine is a Lincoln 430, prop is 13x15 RH and seems to be a good fit as the engine is turning about 4600 rpm when the boat run flat out. No GPS to confirm top speed, but the acceleration is brisk and the ride very smooth on light chop with no proposing. Turning is very controlled. This classic boat gets lots of attention on the trailer or in the water. I am planning to use the Glen-L when the weather returns to sunny days on the Central Coast of California.

MISSILE / Nick Larson / / 6-29-04, I'm 21 years old and have aquired a 1962 missile. It had a blown engine, a bent prop shaft, and a trailer that was pretty badly beaten up. I have just recently rebuilt the chevy 350, replaced the prop shaft with a new one and fixed the trailer enough to be road worthy. I took it out on the lake last week and had the time of my life. Now since it's running good, I will be restoring the exterior and interior.

MIST MISS / Richard Chute / Southern CA / / 4-22-01: I obtained this boat in 2000 and am currently rebuilding. The boat was expertly built by the original owner, but unfortunately was exposed to too much rain while uncovered and the bottom has rotted out. This will be my third Glen-L and I'm looking forward to starting with a completed boat. For anyone living in Southern CA, I have a spare engine and trans from another project boat I acquired and some extraneous hardware.Email for more info. if interested. Richard

MIST MISS / Glenn A. Watts / Corrales, NM / / Built by Glenn R. Chamberlain, Portland, OR in the late 1960s & 70s.
08-21-03: I am just starting the restoration. Actually working on replacing a boat trailer axle & replacing all the bearings/races. Next is an oil change for the 401 cu. in. Buick engine. Then I'll reseal some opening in the fiberglass on the transom. Lastly reseal the mahogany deck and re-register the boat in New Mexico which may require repainting the boat registration number. (See Customer Photos)

MONSOON / Ronald K. Lancaster / Klamath Falls, Oregon / / 8-25-06: Bought the boat from the estate of the original builder who built the boat between 1966 and 1971. The plans came with the boat. Sat in a barn for about 25 years. Structurally sound, but some cracks in the fiberglass at the seams. Have cleaned it out and covered it up with a large tarp.

PEE WEE / Jacob Buttrick / / 2-05-01: I have a red Pee Wee built in the 1970s by my Mom's cousin. Just last summer my brother and I refinished it (have pictures of the refinish as well as some awsome shots of it in the water). It looks and runs great. We are running a 9.9 Johnson and it does around 30 mph.

RAMPAGE / Darren Stular / / 11-24-01: Rampage built 1978 with my Father & brother; we spent over 7 month's putting the hull together. We had help from Boat-Craft ltd in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. We purchased a frame kit in fall 77 and had Boat craft make the motor stringers, the entire project lasted about a year. Power was provided by a rebuilt OLDS 455 with high-compression heads, the drive came up as most satisfactory with a Berkely 12-JC and jetovator. We lanched her on her maiden August 4, 1978; ran her in lakes, and rivers in and around Alberta. In 1989 after 11 years of good running with the minnor bugs and problems ( hull repairs, patch-overs ) I decided that if I was to keep her, then a rebuild was in order. So from 89-93 I stripped her down right to the wood, recovered using epoxy rather than polyester resin, filled and replaced patched areas and refinished her in epoxy paint, sprayed. The final coats ended up being automotive high quality paints, 7 different colors, multi-layered and faided in... very sharp scheme!. (may have to send picture file soon!)
Will return!

REBEL / Alan Winnicki / Los Angeles, CA / / 6-13-07: Bought a Rebel from a friend of mine. The DMV title states the first registration was 1951. Stickers on the old fiberglass date back to 1960. The Rebel sat outside in Bakersfield under a big tree for over twenty years. No rot whatsoever. My friend reglassed the hull and put in teleflex steering with a 70 HP Evinrude. I stained the sides, replaced the cracked dash with red oak, added about 40 bronze screws, and epoxied the entire boat. She flies over the water like a bullet. I'm going to put her up for sale in a month or so and start building a Malahini. What a relic---I wonder who built it? ()If this is infact from 1951... it's not a Glen-L Rebel-designed 1960.)

RENEGADE / Walter "Spike" Arlt / Ellensburg, Washington / / 3-21-02: I am remodeling the Renegade that my sons and I built about 1978. The one that is pictured in your, "Book of Boat Designs", on page 113. The Renegade followed the previous Rebel which I built in 1961 and was powered by a 75 horse Johnson. The growing family used this great design as a water ski boat for 22 years. What a boat, that performed as exactly what is was designed for, fun!
The Renegade was a big replacement for the Rebel with 460 Ford power and a Berkley jet. It has been a great boat over the years, so great that it is getting a major renovation to the interior design. It has all the performance and styling that any one would ever want. It is now moving to a huge open walk through bow with the dash and two seats moving to the back, in front of the engine. The current needs were to move on the party boat concept with lots of open space and lounge seating on the sides in the front. Seems like the boat was full of people every time it was in the water. Now with a grown family and grand children we hope to get a lot more fun out of it.
The structural forward section work is mostly completed and the dash and seats are currently being designed and built. No work has been done to the outside hull and the plywood and fiberglass has not been touched since it was built. A new paint job is about all that is in order to the outside.
My son Richard built the Outrage about 1985 and powered it with a Johnson 125 outboard. This was boat was a cross between the flat bottom Rebel and the 12 degree V hull comfort, performance and handling of the Renegade. It is a performance boat and a mover, the boat is still in the family, however it has not been it the water for a few years, I think it is awaiting new power!
Since I am now retired, I would love to hear from others interested in the Glen-L boat building projects.

SEA KNIGHT/ GreatMilo / / 1-21-06: After 25 yrs. of dry-storage, I had to remove the deck due to dry rot. It turned out to be quite a project to chisel the pieces from under the cabin windshield without damaging it Re-fitting the new one was just as hard to do. This time, I glassed it, as I have learned a lesson.

SEA KNIGHT/ Peter Beal/ Davis, California / / 8-21-06: Inherited a Sea Knight built by my father in 1957. The boat was well-maintained and in pretty good shape. However, he had a Homelite outboard motor on it circa 1970. I'd like to replace this with a new motor. Any suggestions for a modern outboard appropriate for the Sea Knight?

SKI TOW/ Chris Havelaar/ Sacramento, CA/ / 5-3-2005: This 15' boat was initially built in 1961 by??? Mahogany ply. Just bought it this weekend and have begun to strip the old varnish off the deck. Structurally the boat is in great shape, just needs a little cosmetic tlc. Previous owner fixed some rot problem around the thruhull for the bilge pump on the bottom of the transom. Looks like he did a sound job and it is the only rot that was on the boat. Has a 1961 Evinrude Lark III 40hp outboard that was recently rebuilt. One thing it is missing though is a rub rail around the area where the deck is attached to the hull. With some fresh stain and varnish and a rub rail it'll be looking sharp.

SKI TOW / Dan Hulvey / / 7-27-05: Inherited a Holsclaw trailer and a Ski Tow boat built by my father-in-law, Howard Zimmer, in 1968. It has natural mahogany top sides and marine grade plywood hull. The boat is structurally sound, but needs some refinishing work to make it like new again. I plan to refinish the mahogany top, and repair/repaint the hull. He had only finished the hull joints with resin and fiberglass tape when he built it, and there are places where the joints will need to be redone. I also plan to cloth the entire hull while I'm at it, as suggested fpr plywood-hulled boats on your website. I may be in the market for a Ski Tow hull fiberglass kit soon. I am currently restoring the 1968 Johnson 55 HP, Hydro-Electric drive outboard that is original to the boat. It is a low time unit that just required some age-related tune-up/minor maintenance to make run right again. I am also freshening up the paint on the drive unit and engine cover too.

STILETTO / Larry Russell / Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada / / 12-18-03: I am in the process of sanding the hull, very rough finish, looks like too much epoxy was applied, just starting to see cloth in a couple of areas. I got the Stiletto from the mother-in-law, great design, the boat is in pretty good condition except for the transom which is bowed out due to improper construction of the wet well area.

SWISH / Todd G. Williams and Jim Cassidy / / 6-26-99: We are restoring/rebuilding a Glen-L Swish, built in the late 1950's. We found this boat parked by the side of the road and decided that it needed a new home. The boat was complete with everything including the original 35 hp Elgin outboard. The deck has been removed and some damaged beams replaced. Transom replaced, two floor timers sistered. Ready to start re-assembly of deck and sole. 12-10-00: After some delays, the project is back on track. The deck framing is now complete and some of the ornamental woodwork has been replaced. 12-27-00: All the structural work is now done and the next step is to re-glass the seams finish the bottom and replace the decks. It is now well wrapped for the cold Connecticut winter. Would like to hear from others with classic Glen-L boats.(The Swish is a 15' version of the L Dorado and L Capitan). 2-27-03: My seemingly never-ending 1958 Swish restoration project is coming to completion! The only things left are the seats, the final paint job and assembling the miscellaneous parts. The 1957 Mercury Mark 55E outboard motor has been completely restored. All the assembly and priming has been done... the re-launching will be sometime in June. (see Customer Photos)

SWISH / Cecil Bouchillon / / 1-26-01: I built a SWISH back in May 1958. I have been looking for information for the last couple of years. Your web site is excellent.

SWISH / Mark Capozzelli / Plano, TX / / 2-12-02: We are currently in the process of intalling the bottom of the boat. All of the construcion is being done in a one stall garage. 4-15-03: Well we finally painted it after a lot of sanding, just need to finish wet sanding and buffing. We are getting close now. We are working on the interior and the wiring at this time. We have pieces comming in the mail daily, its like Christmas every week here. It should fly with the Mercury inline 6. We will send more pictures as we progress. (See Customer Photos)

SWISH / Terry Chapman / Pickering, Ontario, Canada / / 12-03-05: My dad built a Swish Runabout in the basement of our house in the winter of 1958-59, after seeing the boat on the cover of Popular Mechanics. Before he started building the boat, he knew that he would have to remove the end wall of the basement to get the boat out. This was quite a sight and we have a picture showing the boat coming out. He took the boat to the cottage and used it until the summer of 1963, when it went into the boathouse and sits there to this day, 42 years later. Last summer he gave me the boat and I plan on bringing it home next summer and refinishing it. It will be great to get it back in the water after all these years.

TANGO / Les Profitt / Olympia, WA/ / 1-26-05: I have sailed this boat all over Puget Sound approaching ten years now, and continue to modify, upgrade and maintain it. Love to hear from anyone interested in this boat...

THUNDERBOLT / Matt Thomas / / 12-15-02: Just bought an old Glen-L Thunderbolt, needs re-fiberglassing, no structural damage found yet. Chevy 350 might need overhauling, and I will go through the Velvet drive and V-drive as well. Just ordered plans and patterns to check the construction and plan on pulling the drivetrain this week and starting to remove old glass.

THUNDERBOLT / Brad Schlecker / Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada / / 3-20-05: I bought a Thunderbolt originally built 1968. All in pieces. 390 ford, in out v-drive, and put it together. I got it in the water fall of 2004 and got it up to 55 mph before the hull broke between the rudder and prop shaft strut. starting repair this spring and rebuild of the interior. (see Customer Photos)

TINY MIGHT / Larry Hinton/ Oklahoma City, OK / / 6-25-06: I recently bought a Glen-L Tiny Might, the title says it was first titled in 68. She is built very close to the plans and has the 1938 Ford Flathead V8-60 engine still installed. The engine is a Lehman conversion complete with transmission and manifolds. These were popular conversions in the 50's and 60's. The little boat is surprisingly sound structurally but the fiberglass covering is delaminating on the decks. I am going to remove all the glass and re-glass the bottom using epoxy. Above the waterline, I will stain and seal the mahogany veneer and apply a two part clear finish. The engine will be retained and outfitted with period speed accessories. I want the boat to look retro with all 50's and 60's correct equipment. I would like to hear from other Tiny Might owners. Can anyone tell me any history on the design and the year it was first built/offered. Email me and I will send you pics of the boat as-found. (The Tiny Might was designed in 1953 by Glen Witt)

TWO PLUS / Horst Köhring / Germany / / 10-12-05: This Two Plus was built by R. Edwards in 1964. It was purchased and brought to Germany in February 2001. The hull was rebuilt and in the water by Aril 2003. (see Customer Photos)

XP-8 / Paul Jacobsen / Maple Grove, MN / / 5-29-01: I am in the process of rebuilding an XP-8 that was originally built to the 9' 3" dimension. I located this noble vessel through an ad in a local paper. I had no idea what I was looking at when I bought it. No idea that it was a Glen-L Design. I took the small craft home and licensed it and set it afloat with an old Merc 9.8 hp to provide the push.
I soon found out that the original builder had taken some short cuts. The bottom was made from the finest marine-grade plywood but the sides and top were made from cast-offs from some construction project. The sides had voids. The missing plies were on the external side of the wood and some were the size of a dinner plate. The voids were hidden with thick layers of Bondo and were sanded and painted to match.
The patchwork held up for quite a while in this Bondo Bandit. I unknowingly even left the Bondo in place when I used the seaworthy craft to navigate through the locks on the Mighty Mississippi. Worked fine.
I later upgraded the vessel to a 20 hp Merc and that's when the Bondo started popping loose. It still did not sink. I then invented a method of inserting a matrix of shavings and glue into the voids and it is holding up just fine, thank you.
Did I also mention that the original builder used about 200 of the cheapest steel screws in the construction. They have all rusted from the inside out, lifting the paint or leaving red rust marks to reveal the locations of each one.
No problem. I just fix and float, fix and float. Am now fixing and will soon be floating and have done up the preliminary plans to make her into a long-distance cruiser, complete with a huge fuel tank, seating that is comfortable for day-long cruises, and a transom-mounted trim tab that will be adjusted to during the voyage to compensate for fuel burn.
One more thing. The ApoCalypso draws a crowd at every boat ramp and at every fuel stop. Everytime. The single-most question from the lookers is "Is that a wood boat !!??".


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