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SQUIRT / Scott Hansen / / 8-21-98: Frames 1, 2 cut, ready to assemble. 9-25-98: Frames and transom on jig, sheers and chines installed. Fairing. 2-22-99: Bottom finished & varnished, needs one more coat. Deck beams/strong backs installed, ready to paint inside and install decking. 4-13-03: I completed the Squirt, however, I didn't take any pictures before I sold it. It has a new home and is getting lots of use.

SQUIRT / Gary Baker / email address not valid 4-10-03 / 10-3-98: Bought frame kit August 98. Ready to turn over- framed & bottom planked. 10-27-98: Final encapsulating coat (3) drying. Steering pulleys,wiring installed, deck filled and faired. Inside painted. Ready for canvas decking and outside paint. 12-8-98: Boat done on trailer, less windshield glass, seat cushions. Motor and wiring installed today. Winter delaying sea trails 'til late April. (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Scott Floyd / / 3-22-99: Starting to build frames, increasing length 10%. 7-18-01: It has been a long time due to a new addition to the family but I finally got to launch the Glen-L Squirt. It was a lot of fun even though the performance of my 25hp Johnson was not quite as I thought it would be. You definitely get a little wet in this boat. Thank you Glen-L for great plans and a fun little boat. 4-10-03: I am currently rebuilding my squirt. I wanted to convert it to a jet ski engine so I had to extend the back end of the boat about 1 foot. After doing that, I found where some water had leaked in on the bottom and so I had to replace just about the entire bottom. I should have everything put back together and repainted by the summer. (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Joe Marshall / / 6-98: purchased frame kit, stored it from 6/98 till 1/20/01, including two moves. 1/20/01 built building form. Over the next week, I attached the frames to the form, assembled the breasthook, stem, and attached to frame #2. 1/30/01 I have purchased some 1" mahogany in approximately 11" widths that I will rip today for the keel, sheer, chines, and battens. 2-6-01 Got lumber ripped, Keel installed. I am having problems with the sheers breaking, I may have to build a steam box. 4-13-03: The Squirt is coming along in, well... spurts! I can only work irregularly on it but since the last update have made good progress and will update the registry soon.

SQUIRT / Carl Ketchum / / 4-7-01: Just glued frames. Increasing cockpit length 6". 7-7-02: Just put the chines in today July 8. Here is some advice.
1.Work with 4 chines, not 2. I built a steam box from plans found at for $10. I steamed two pieces of yellow poplar for one hour. They bent rather easily, but have pulled away from the frame #1. I will have to fill it in with epoxy. It would be a lot easier if I had put the chines on in two layers.
2. DO NOT trim the transom end of the chine until you have fastened the stem and frames. No matter how well the chines fit before I expoxied them, they came out 1/4" short when it came time to glue.
3. Bevel, Bevel, Bevel
4. Information on the steam box can be found at My thanks to the author, Jack Dice. Note that I used double wall pipe, not the triple wall he recommended.

SQUIRT / Chris Chadwick / / 7-4-01: I have just started building Squirt. Right now I am looking over the blueprints and begining to build the strongback. 4-10-03: We have named our boat "Sassy" and she is coming along just fine. I teach a high school vocational arts course and we build strip plank canoes, stitch and tape skiffs, lapstrake sailing dinghies, and of course we are building Squirt. We started last year and are now just waiting for the motor (a 25hp) to arrive so we can install the hardware and button her up on the outside. My students are getting excited to see her done and to test drive it.

SQUIRT / Simon Woodhams / UK / / 7-30-01: Started in February 01. Hull & Deck covered, turning it back over next week to glass hull. I'm hoping to get it finished before the end of the summer. Need ideas on finishing the cockpit & hardware. 4-15-03: I've finished the hull, fibreglassed it & it's awaiting painting. The project has been on hold for about a year now - doing lots of other things with motorcycles. Soon as the weather improves (not long now!) I'll get it painted & right it.

SQUIRT / Dan Schmock / email address not valid 4-10-03 / 8-25-01: Started project, frames and transom pieces built and ready to start building the form. 10-24-01: Framing and planking went smoothly, chines were a bit tricky to bend in and required a little patience. I have the boat completely primed and the bottom painted, using a HVLP sprayer with great results. Now working on the cockpit and deck details. 3-18-02: The boat is nearly complete, still needs windshield, seats and a few more coats of varnish. Also waiting for some warm weather for the maiden voyage. (See Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Ralph Watkins / / 10-02-01: Cutting and assembling frames. 4-13-03: Project is comming along slowly. Got a new baby now and am in grad school, so not much time to work on it.

SQUIRT / Len Sandok / Bloomington, Minnesota / / 12-6-01: I recently received my frame kit and have progressed to the point where I am about to bend the chines and sheers. This is my first attempt at boatbuilding, and I have made mistakes along the way, but I have been able to correct or compensate for them. Most importantly, I am enjoying this project. 4-20-03: No only did I finish the project on time, I finished it on schedule! I didn't keep to the budget, but that is okay. My goal was to finish it in time for the 4th of July boat parade on Prior Lake in Minnesota last year. I made it on time, and it created quite a stir as it was the only wooden and homemade boat! It was a great winter project, now if I could only convince my wife to let me build a bigger boat, I would sell my fiberglass boat!

SQUIRT / Skeet Phillips / Springfield, Oregon / / 1-8-02: I now have the frame pieces cut-out and ready to assemble frames. This weekend will probably build jig and jig up the frame work. I found some aircraft spruce for the chine battens but will be building transom out of ash and then use Spanish cedar for the rest of the frames.

SQUIRT / Michael Dawson / Toronto, Ontario, Canada / / 4-26-02: Received kit last Friday. Still building the frame to assemble boat on. Taking my time to insure I have all angles right and centered. Can't wait until it starts to look like a boat under construction not just an expensive pile of wood. Hope to have the keel and chines on this weekend. 5-6-02: Have finally finished building form and have frames on and level etc. Used my car jack to support the transom which helped to get the 12 degree angle (thanks to the idea from another builder who has a page with a link from this site). Keel and bottom is on, hope to chine and shear later this week. 6-20-02: Getting close now. About ready to put on decking. Was considering not having stronback in bow and keeping space open and more room for gear, kids etc but decided against. Ordered a steering wheel and drum thru Ebay but not quite what I wanted (and it is seized up with rust) a costly lesson for me I guess. Have located another steering wheel and am waiting for steering parts then can deck it. Am going away early July so hope to have it flipped back and one coat of fiberglass on it before I go. Hoping for August 1 launch. 9-22-02: I'm done. I finished the boat for the second week in August. I had several tests I was hoping it would pass and it did. It floated, it didn't leak, it didn't flip over backwards or sink from behind when I put the motor on it, and most importantly IT PLANED. This boat is very buoyant. I can stand on the side at the back and it stays upright. There is lots of room on the front. We sit up there and fish. I didn't have any handling problems. I used a fin on the bottom, which may have helped, but it adds 4 inches to the bottom that can make launching, storing and towing on a trailer a little harder. Go to a furniture refinishing shop to get your foam for your seats, the place I went to, custom cut my foam to fit my plywood. I started my project in April and finished the second week of August. It started a few hours here and there but I really wanted it done for August so at the end I was working pretty much every night on it. I'm glad I spent a lot of time on the bottom of the boat. I think the work there comes out in the ride. The area I could have spent more time on was in the finishing. I could have sanded a lot more of the fiberglass. The hardest part to sand was the sides and it shows as you get close to it. I also just painted it white so it is king of boring. Maybe a better paint job for next year. 4-13-03: Email address valid (See Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Art Spinella / Bandon, Oregon / / 6-6-02: Received the plans and frame kit about a month ago (May, 2002). I spent a fair amount of time pouring over your web site to better understand what I'd gotten myself into. (Built a Rob Roy some years ago, a picture of which you have on your site, but this obviously is significantly different.) I've read builder notes and viewed Squirt assembly sites. My woodworking experience has helped tremendously. For example, rather than a single or two-piece-laminate for the chine and sheers, I've used three pieces of Douglas-fir cut down to lattice thickness. It is easily bendable and quite strong when epoxy glue is applied liberally between the pieces. They bent to the proper angle against the stem with little difficulty and a bit more precision than trying to use a single stick of mahogany. A snap chalk-line tool has helped identify areas that need to be faired. I hopefully will install side and bottom planking with a week or so. 06-13-02: Just completed fitting the bottom. Used about 300 or so bronze boat nails and screws as well as a fair amount of Poxy Grip. It looks like a boat! Continue (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Mark Kogut / / 8-22-02: I just rec'd my Squirt frame fit and built the building form last night. 4-21-03: Work has just began to pick-up again after a long cold winter here in the North East. Boat has sides and bottom and much of the interior is done. Working out the decking now. Dash, seats, throttle, windshield brackets, steering, gas tank, motor, trailer, lifting eyes, and all other misc. hardware worked out and coming together. Rec' my fiberglass kit a few weeks ago and plan to start soon. Planning on a June launch.

SQUIRT / John Gage / Email address no longer valid 10-19-04 / 9-12-02: This SQUIRT is true to the name since it is powered by a 300 cc Kawasaki jet ski engine and jet drive. I made the boat 11 feet long and reversed the angle of the transom to simulate the old barrel backs. It runs out @ 30 mph and draws a crowd where ever I go. We love it. I have seen some questions on jet drive installs on your pages and I will be happy to share the method I used to retro-fit the jet ski drive system into my little runabout. 4-10-03: My Squirt project was completed about a year ago in May. It has worked out great with the retrofit jet ski engine and drive installation. The jet ski engine has so many advantages. They are marine ready, they all have electric start, the oil is injected automatically and I have a charging system for on board perks like a radio and some day, lights. The greatest advantage I think is that there is no prop under the thing so my small children can stand by it on the shore in very little water. I would recommend the jet conversion to any one who can find a good deal on a jet ski engine, and is willing to think through the necessary steps needed to make the system fit and work properly in the boat. Thank you for asking. The pictures in customer photos have sparked a lot of interest in this type of retrofit fit for the Squirt plan. I have tried to help those who ask with a description of the steps I used to plan for the job. (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / C. Franklin Canterbury / Scott Depot, WV / / 5-2-03: Built building form. Cut out all parts for the Transom and Frames 1 and 2.

SQUIRT / Graham Knight / Shepperton, England / / 8-17-03: The frames are now on the building jig, keel and stem are fitted, and the chines go on today (in 2 laminations). I'll also be sawing the rest of the timber ready for the sheers and floor battens. I made the decision to lengthen the boat to 11', and I've done this by increasing the frame spacing by 10%. 8-19-03: As of this morning I now have all the floor battens, chines, and sheers fitted. I decided to fit the sheers in three laminations instead of two, the 1/2" thick Douglas-Fir that I used for the chines (2 laminations) was still quite hard to bend, and trying to persuade thicker 5/8" strip around a much tighter curve was obviously going to be very difficult. Stripped to about 7/16" it became very pliable and conformed easily, it took a little longer to glue up but still only about 30 minutes per side. Incidentally my wood came in 10' lengths, 12' being more expensive so I had to join it. I did this with an 8:1 ratio scarf joint glued with epoxy, I joined the lengths for the first (inner) laminations before fitting, subsequent laminations were joined in situ. I used the same method for the chines. I staggered the joints in each lamination to avoid getting a flat spot if they all coincided. I'll start fairing this evening and have bought a cheap power planer for this job, hopefully it will make it easier as there is a lot of wood to remove! 9-2-03: This morning I finally finished fairing, it takes a long time to do it right even with a power planer, although I have probably been a bit too picky and done a better job than strictly neccessary, given the good gap filling properties of epoxy! I found I needed to add an extra strip of wood to the chine forward of frame #1, otherwise there was insufficient wood to get a flat surface for the side planking to glue to. This may be my fault as I had problems attaching the chines to the stem piece, there is no info on correct positioning so I estimated, got it wrong first time and had to reposition them, they look good now but still this problem of insufficient wood to fair it right. If the weather stays good (I'm working outdoors on my patio) I'll start planking in the next day or two. 9-9-03: I have the side planking fitted and trimmed now, I'll double check and do a little more fairing work if neccessary before the bottom goes on. Bottom skins should be cut today and I hope to have them fitted by the weekend if the weather plays ball. 9-12-03: My boat has a bottom, turning it over tomorrow, exciting! 9-16-03: The boat is now right way up. Sunday morning I fitted the framing for the foredeck, and yesterday I sprung the coamings into place, not an easy job single handed as they were pretty stiff, if I did another I'd consider laminating these from two thinner pieces. Today I fitted the dash and the aft deck beams, and I made some changes from the plans here. As my boat is a foot longer I have some extra space to play with, so I moved the seat and the dash 4" further forward, and installed two extra aft deck beams to frame a large hatch, the petrol tank will be completely hidden and accessible via the hatch. There will also be some stowage space in there too, and I intend to fit a car style remote cable release and a gas strut to raise the hatch cover. 10-19-03: Hi, it's been a few weeks since my last confession...oops sorry...last update! All the plywood decking is done, the hull has been sheathed in glass/epoxy and it's had a coat of epoxy primer. After sanding it was very smooth and needs no further work before painting, other than a second coat of primer to cover the patches where I sanded through to the resin. I'm going to finish it in two pack epoxy. The motor is a 1958 Johnson Seahorse 18hp which I was very lucky to find in England, engines of that type and age are very difficult to find over here especially in good condition as this one is. 11-15-03: After a lot of hard work, wet sanding, compounding, waxing and polishing I've finally got a finish on my epoxy paintwork that I'm happy with, when the sun shines on my upturned hull it's dazzling! The next step is to fit an oak keel strip, then make and fit some fender/spray rails and get the hull back up the right way. As it's too dark and cold to work in the evenings after work now, I've been spending some time in the workshop making some of the fittings, I've almost completed a set of Mahogany and polished Aluminium windshield brackets, and have cleaned up an old cable steering drum that I picked up cheap on eBay. I've bought a lot of fittings on eBay, including some nice Chris Craft style teardrop cleats and fairleads (chocks to you!), a pair of chrome framed step pads, and a nice NOS vintage Sea King steering wheel. It's going to look great with all these nice dress up parts on it. 8-2-04: Well it's been a while since I sent any updates on my Squirt progress, I guess I've just been to busy working on the boat whilst trying to fit in earning a living and working on my house too! But she's finally finished, yesterday we had a big BBQ with around 100 guests, friends, family, neighbours, workmates, to celebrate the completion. As you can see from the attached photos the boat has turned out quite nicely, there are still a few minor bits and pieces I want to attend to, and I expect I'll find a few more fittings are needed such as a pair of lift handles on the transom. But she's ready for the water, the motor is all finished and has been test run, now I just need a means of getting her into the water. I'll send some more photos and a full report. Huge thanx to all at Glen-L, the Boat Builder Forum members, and other contributors too numerous to list!(See Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Terry McIntyre / Morgan Hill CA / / 1-25-04: I cut out the first frame parts for my Squirt last night, so I guess I qualify for the registry now. I'm a retired engineer and I'm building the boat as a project with my grand kids and nephews. This will be my 3rd Glen-L boat (the first two were a Tuffy in '62 and a Rebel in '71 - yeah, it's been a while!). I decided to do the frames in clear select Douglas fir. This decision was made largely on the fact that my lumber supplier (Southern Lumber in San Jose, CA) had some absolutely gorgeous stock, at about a third the cost of mahogany. The planking will be mahogany, and power will be a 550 Kawasaki jet-ski conversion. 3-1-04: I haven't done much woodworking in the last couple of months, but a lot of design engineering! Turns out putting a jet drive in a Squirt is a fairly complex proposition. In December, I cut out and assembled the stem, breasthook, and both frames. The transom is cut out but not assembled due to uncertainties in what needed to be done for the jet drive modifications. I found and purchased a well-worn but good running jet ski (a 1982 550 Kawasaki) off e-Bay. Then I completely disassembled the jet ski to get all the "good stuff" out, and measured all the critical dimensions. I also purchased the service manual for the ski from Kawasaki. This gave me a wealth of good information - including things like the jet pump thrust (340 lb) that I needed for the boat structural modifications. Unfortunately, the manual didn't provide things like bolting patterns, these I traced onto heavy paper, then transferred them to 1/4 plywood to act as templates. The overall drive train length is 57 inches - too long to put in the boat without lengthening it outside of the Glen-L recommended range. For this reason I decided to mount the pump on a bracket outside the transom. This allows me to lengthen the boat to 11'-6", and keep everything aft of Frame #1. The primary structural modification is to eliminate both the keel and inboard battens, aft of frame number 1. These are replaced with engine stringers fabricated from 2x4 stock. Also, I added a half frame, that I'm calling a "bearing bulkhead" that supports the drive shaft, and forms the form of the jet pump suction tunnel that runs down the center of the aft section of the boat. 4-29-04: I've now reached the point where I can actually start boat building! As in indicated in my last update, I decided it would be a good idea to "prototype" everything aft of Frame #1 with my motor mount design arrangement, just to make sure everything worked. I bought some inexpensive lumber, and built the motor stringers, engine mounts, and bearing bulkhead. Then using the "real" frame #1 and transom, I clamped the whole thing together to see if it worked. This turned out to be one of the best things I ever did, as while my design was "close" it wasn't quite "close enough". Based on the Kawasaki information that I have, the tolerance on the engine location and alignment, relative to the drive shaft, is a fraction of a millimeter. I order to accomplish this, I've imposed a tolerance criteria of 1/32 of an inch on all the critical components in the engine drive train framework. This will allow me to shim the engine to the required accuracy after the boat is complete. I had to make a few changes to my original design, and then fabricated up the "real" parts from clear select Douglas-fir. There are 3 "additional" parts that are required for the "inboard" version of a Squirt - two motor stringer/motor mount/transom knee assemblies, and the bearing bulkhead that will support the drive shaft. Once I had all the parts finished, I did one final "dry fit" just to make sure it worked. Everything fit perfectly! The "frame kit" is temporarily set up on the building form. I'm not quite happy with the rigidity of the form yet, so I'm going to add some additional bracing, and I still need to add the support framework for the jet tunnel. This is needed to hold the location of the bearing bulkhead to within the required 1/32" tolerance. Everything is taking about twice as long as I thought it would, but I have to admit that the intellectual exercise of designing the inboard engine supports has been a lot of fun. Next update will be when I get the frame complete and start to fair it up. (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Capt WeemO (Bob Weems) / Vero Beach, FL / / 1-26-04: I just got the frame kit and built the jig this weekend. Purchased straps from local hardware store that work great to secure frames to jig. Going to Rivera Beach, FL to pick up supplies. Making steamer for the chines out of 3" X 12' PC Pipe and hose bib in middle to connect hose to steam the chines. Do the same with the fairing strips. Getting excited, my 3 1/2 year old grandson has his own tool box and can't wait to help. When I told him we were going to name the boat after his nix name of "Post Man" he flipped, "you name it after me'!" Yes sir little man. 3-18-04: I am at the point of priming the inside hull with Algrip. Deck framing is complete, after interior priming is complete, March 20th, I will flip the hull to fill, sand and fiberglass. Hull will be painted Jet Black Algrip by following weekend. This project was started because I have always wanted to build a boat since I was a child, now that I am 52 I am building it for my grandson's "Post Man" 4th birthday May 16th, 04. I Know he is young by Florida Law to operate the boat but Pop's and Nanny can have a blast on it with him. This project has been a dream come true...thanks Glen-L. Looking forward to a bigger challenge. 4-14-04: 6:09 PM April 12-2004 Boat construction complete, YA! Now the fun part paint and varnish, varnish and more varnish 15 coats on the deck. Custom cushions sweet! My delivery date for my grandson's 4th birthday party May 16th will be easy to make. I can't keep him out of it now. I don't know how I'll be able to keep him off the wet paint. Looking at the Rivera next! Thank Brian for all your help. 5-29-04: "Post Man" launched...WOW! With new 25 Merc. and being broken in running very rich she was clocked at 36 MPH... with my wife and I in the boat ( 300 LB's total). I figure after break in period of 10 hrs, she should do 38 to 40 MPH. With the SKEG on the bottom she performced beautifully. Stopped by everyone on the Indian River, photo's taken, meet great people on the water. Thanks again Glen-L. Captain WeemO' (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Pete Weiss / Seattle, WA / / 3-1-04: I started my Squirt yesterday! This will be my first boat and my first boatbuilding project. My expectations are that it will cost me no more than $400 complete, go 60+ mph, take only 3 easy weekends to finish, win any boat show contest I feel like entering, sell for at least $50,000 if I were ever to give it up, and of course be absolutely flawless... In reality on a scale of 1 to 10 I'm an 11.75 on the intimidation scale. Seems like the learning curve is going to be huge. Lots of staring at the plans with a smart look on my face. I'm going to add 10% in length, and going for an outboard rather than a jet ski engine (which shoots the intimidation scale to an even more embarrassing level).

SQUIRT / Nate Brown / / 3-5-04: Finished, with a 650 Kawasaki jet. See: WebLetter 55. See my Missile in the Old Boat Club.

SQUIRT / Ron Shady / / 4-26-04: Please feel free to add my address to your Project Registry. I am happy to help anyone out that I can, and have received many calls over the past few years. If they are calling regarding their first time build, and with not too much wood working experience, I usually recommend they purchase the frame kit, as I did. I think the frame kit helps build the confidence needed by the first-time boat builder. Let me know if I can assist you or potential customers regarding the Squirt...I am always pleased to give them a good reference in Glen-L's products and assistance, along with encouraging words. (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / David McAdam / County Monaghan, Ireland / / October 2003: Bought Sapele mahogany (African) for the frame members, chines, battens and sheers. Bought 1/4 inch BS1088 mahogany marine plywood. Ordered 1 gallon West Systems Epoxy.
November 2003: Cut out and assembled the frames, stem and transom. I used a jigsaw, spokeshave and hand plane to do most of this. Constructed the building form and fixed the frames, transom and stem in position. I used bronze carraige bolts where bolts were required (sent to Ireland from Glen-L), I counterbored the holes and then filled the holes with epoxy/microfibres.
December 2003: Fitted the chines, sheers and battens in place. I had to scarf-joint the chines and sheers; I found it very simple to do, just using a hand plane. I temporarily nailed them to a flat table while the epoxy was curing and removed the nails afterwards. I used bronze screws to fix the longitudinal members to the frames. I spent the Christmas holidays fairing the framework with a hand plane (I found a power-plane hard to control). I had to add extra thickness to the chine near the stem because I originally didn't have enough twist in the chine.
January 2004: Fitted the side and bottom planking. I used an epoxy/microfibre mixture and made fillets on the inside of the hull from the epoxy that squeezed out. I used ordinary steel screws (chipboard screws) to hold the planking in position while the epoxy cured, then I removed all of the screws.
February 2004: Flipped the hull right-side-up. Fitted the deck beams and coaming sides. I extended the cockpit backwards about 6 inches because I am 6'2". Bought sapele and maple strips so I can apply a nice planked deck.
March 2004: Completed deck framing including the radiused fillets which I drew out patterns for on autocad so I could get them perfectly tangential to the coaming, dash and rear deck beam. Faired the deck framework and filled and sanded all of the screw holes in the interior of the hull. In my opinion, sanding the interior is the most tedious job so far.
April 2004: Continued sanding the interior. Fitted three supports for the seat bottom, one on the keel and one on each outer batten. Applied three coats of epoxy to the interior (wet sanding with a sponge block & water in between each coat).
May 2004: Bought a 1998 15hp four-stroke yamaha electric start outboard engine. It looks massive on the boat but it weighs 99lbs which I hope will be ok on the transom. I painted two coats of gray garage floor paint on the interior. It contains some sort of anti-slip grit. I also have begun work on a trailer for the squirt, based on info in your "How to Build Boat Trailers" book.
Next update will be when the boat is launched I have set up a webpage to display photos of the build as it happens Thank you for your accurate plans, informative website and invaluable boatbuilder connection forum. They have all made building the squirt a greatly enjoyable and rewarding project.

SQUIRT / Steven Price / Dayton,OH / / 10-4-04: The frame kit arrived, and have purchased all of the wood for the rest of the framing, except for the deck and hull planking. I have just finished putting the building form together, and getting ready to place the frame kit on it! 4-18-05: Finally good weather. I have been able to assemble all frame members, chines and sheers. I was indeed able to to make the sheers out of one piece, with the help of a little steam. The wood bent no problem. Glad I was able to do this without laminating two parts together. Waiting on Mohogany sheeting for hull now. (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Johnny and Garo / Northern Ireland / / 10-22-04: Just sending you an update on building the glen-l squirt, it has been hard work up until now, got the steering in, just need the remotes another update soon. (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Peter Stofmeel / St Marys, NSW, Australia / / 7-28-05: Purchased Blue Prints in February and have cut frames and transom. Built form 10% longer and am fitting chines and sheers. First chine fitted in one piece, great, fitted second chine only to have it break, very frustrating. First of many lessons to be learnt the hard way so I now know the advantage of laminating. 10-4-05: I have finished the frames, chines and sheers and am planking the the sides and bottom, it's starting to take shape, but is very slow. I am learning the great qualities of epoxy, it's ease of use and it's tremendous strength, it's a wonderful product. 12-12-05: I can't believe that I have been planking the hull, fairing, filling and undercoating for the past two months. I have turned the hull and just finished framing the deck beams, coamings, strongbacks etc. I am now ready to plank the deck after the steering gear is fitted. The form can now be seen fully in all it's beauty and what beautiful form it has. I hope to have the Squirt finished for the new year but will be slowed down some because the old motor I was given is well, old. It has a few things wrong and also needs to be modified for forward control. It's summer now in Aus. so I hope to have it up and running early to mid January 2006.

SQUIRT / Marc LOBERT / France, Martinique / / 8-30-05: Installing deck. (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Paul McMillan / Ajax, Ontario, Canada / / 9-1-05: I am building the Squirt and have completed all frames, installed the chines but am having a very hard time bending the sheers. They are mahogany. I need to ask around for tips on steaming versus soaking the wood in hot water or... (Many builders recommend laminating from thinner material.) Hi, my name is Paul McMillan and I live in Ontario, Canada. 8-10-07: I have been building a Squirt since April of 2005, when I purchased plans from you. I am just beginning to apply the plywood on the top side of the boat ( yes, it’s been taking some time!).

SQUIRT / Mark H. Howes / East Taunton, MA / / 10-1-05: Parts Cut Out I started today October 1st, 2005. My goal is to be complete by March. I've read that this project takes about a month and a half as a part time project. I am going to cut all the parts and build the form first, then begin frame assembly. 3-28-06: My original target of being complete is shot, I was hoping to finish by March, however I have not been able to work on this project for a while but I'm back and am in no rush to finish. I milled all the stock according to the materials list, built all the frames, made the strong back. I work for a cabinet shop so materials are easy to come by. I used Mahogany for the battens, chines, sheers, stem and keel. For the frames I used a 3/4" mahogany stave core plywood w/ 1/4" marine ply gusset plates, they are very strong and I intend on glassing them later. I was able to get my hands on some sapele for the transom and the dash (very nice to work with, pretty, and looks like, and has the characteristics of Mahogany). I have the frames with the keel and floor battens assembled. I have also set in the chines, however, the bend was tough from frame #2 to the bow. I had read that splitting and laminating is an option to help the bend. I split the chine from the bow to back between frame #1 and #2 with a band saw and backed it off the saw, fastened at the stern and after frame #2 smearing a good wood glue between the split and bending into place then clamping the lamination together. All is well and I have proceeded to the sheers, I have split them completely from end to end and layed them in 1/2 a thickness at a time to make the bend, it went great. Just remember to alternate sides at each layer to keep every thing true and make sure that the glue has full coverage. I am ready to start fairing the chines and sheers. 10-14-07: SPLASHED THE BOAT, However I have not written regarding the status of my project under construction since March of 06. After fairing the chines I applied "Okoume" marine ply to the bottom and sides to construct the shell of the hull. Laying cardboard over the framework helped in sizing my panel stock. This went well and after my hours of fairing and sanding the hull was ready for fiberglass. I purchased on e-Bay a 60 yd roll x 54" wide 6 oz cloth for $60.00. This is a steal, so I advise all builders to do this... cloth is expensive. I glassed and sanded, glased and sanded, I have (3) layers on the hull and just epoxied the interior. I flipped the boat for deck framing and covering. I purchased a teak and holly panel as seen in the photos, I had it cut on the companys CNC router along with the perimeter mahogany paneling, it worked out great. I worked on the trim for quite while and I have a solution for anyone who wishes to have the trim along the gunwal as I do, this is not a bent or steamed piece of trim but cut curved. I actually laid and taped a paper template to the side hull and traced the top edge of the boat. I pulled the template back off the boat laid it flat and the piece of wood is actually curved. I used a wider piece of 1" thick Mahogany and cut the board on a curve and sanded the curve smooth, I then split the board on a band saw to make two pieces. I installed the both of them in about 15 minutes, this saves alot of time and worked perfectly. After trim was complete, I worked on the seat and center band behind the seat. I also had a 6" x 10"x1/4" Bronze skeg cut for the bottom on the CNC as well. I set in a Ebony, Bloodwood, and Holy decorative inlay band around the deck panel and painted and varnished the boat. I bought a new trailer for $530.00, and it was ready to power up. I have (2) motors an Evinrude 18 hp and an Evinrude 30 hp. I have not tried the 30 yet, but will in the future. I am currently using the 18 hp. With just me, it runs top speed @ 27 mph+, with (2) adults we topped out @25 mph. This is the 18 hp! The boat handles extremely well, corners great and JUMPS out of the water when you hit the throttle hard. I also installed in-hull running lights for night running. (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Tormod Magnesen / Øygarden (Bergen), Norway / / 11-9-05: I’m a seventeen year old boy who has always dreamed about building my own boat. So I purchased the plans, and started to build the Squirt in April 05. I have attached a couple pictures of my Squirt in this email. -Soon to be ready to fibreglass and I really look forward to epoxy it up! (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Greg Kuhaneck/ / 7-5-06: Started building the frames during the winter and from the start planned on using a jet drive. After the frames were complete and I found a jet ski on ebay. Nothing like a trip across the northern US in winter to pick up a jet ski frozen to the ground in a field for adventure. Several warm days was all I needed to tear apart the ski and start cutting up the old hull. Still too cold to start working in the garage so I started rebuilding the jet ski motor and jet drive. I hope spring comes soooooon. In May I took some time off work and built the frame to start putting the boat together. Set the breasthook, frames and transom out and then the fun began. Fitting 5 ft of engine and jet drive in a 3 ft space. I wanted as little of the pump sticking out of the transom as possible. The only solution was to stretch the boat. I built frame # 3 and changed the transom to more of a barrel back style. I read several books on boat design and hope that my plan works. If all goes well I should put the planking on the sides and bottom of the boat this week (July 4, 2006). This has been a bit of a learning experience, a lot of reading and some trial and error. One thing I have always liked about working with wood is that a saw, some glue and time you can always fix your mistakes. Like when I tried to bend the shears and crack, a cut here, some glue there and maybe a little steam this time. I’ll send in some photos but not until I know my design floats and handles well. Time to go make some saw dust.

SQUIRT / Drew Orr / Kitchener, Ontario, Canada / / 11-25-06: Starting the electrical before I put the top on.

SQUIRT / Ron Bonner / / 3-7-07: I've started my Squirt, not too far along but it's going. 3-28-07: I have completed the paneling and have glassed the transom and bottom so far. Will send some pics later. thanks for plans, it's been a fun project.(see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT (stretched) / Scott & Scotty Hudson / Arlington, TX / / 3-24-07: I have FINALLY started on a boat project, the Squirt. I had ordered several plans from you in the past and at one point almost started the Tubby Tug, later I actually cut frame parts for a 1/4 scale JetCat. But, I never was really into it and neither of those efforts got very far. Today I cut out the parts for frame #1 for the Squirt. At first, I wasn't sure why I suddenly had to start working on the boat project I had put off for so long. Someone else had to remind me: it's the anniversary of my father's death, and I guess that supplied the motivation I needed to start building an actual boat for my son, Scotty. Maybe I'll name the boat after my Dad, we could call it the "Bobby Ray"... Thanks for all the e-mails, and newsletters, and for maintaining the Forum. 3-29-07: I just bought a sheet of 3/4" AB Fir Marine Plywood locally, and my initial box of supplies is due to be delivered this afternoon. I have finished cutting out all the lumber for the frames and will begin assembly tonite. I hope to finish cutting/assembling all frame parts this weekend and start on the building form next week. I'll send photos after the frames are mounted on the form. 3-31-07: Finished assembling all the frames and laminated parts. The Forum has been VERY helpful in answering questions as they come up. Now I must clean out the garage to make space for the building form. 4-8-07: Finished assembling the building form, which turned into an interesting process. Had to adjust the design several times to allow for access to the knee and provide a couple of cutouts to allow the transom plywood to lay flat against the form. It is well-braced now, hardly moves at all and I haven’t attached the frames yet. Pictures coming soon.

SQUIRT / Rich / / 5-16-07: Received frame kit 4/26/07. Completed building form, attached frames, stem, breasthook, transom. Working on attaching Keel.

SQUIRT / Sean B. Grady / Leesburg, VA / / 7-7-07: Setting up the building jig and making initial construction preparations.

SQUIRT / Curtis McDaniel / Powder Springs, Georgia / / 8-18-07: I have just started building Squirt. I spent a week getting the shop in order, have built the strongback and have started cutting and assembling the frame parts. Its going to be fun.

SQUIRT / Trent Chapman / Bethania, Brisbane, Queensland Australia / / 8-16-07: Received the plans and ordering the timber… oh and reading all the reference books!

SQUIRT / Rich Stabler / Poulsbo, Washington / / 10-12-07: Well after about 14 months build time and gather materials along the way from e-bay and the great people at the local West Marine store. A few sea trials to get the motor running the way I want it I'm having a "BLAST". This being my first attempt at building a boat I've learned a lot along the way. First if you're after specific look add 25% to the build time and 50% to the cost. Would I do it again? "YOU BET". I've never been one to accept praise for the things I've done but the comment I've received from the many people who've seen it sure makes the time spent in the shop all worth it. (see Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Kelly Morrison / St. Albert, Alberta, Canada / / 12-27-07: I have started on the Squirt. The frames are cut out of clear Douglas-fir and are ready for epoxy. The build is taking place in my heated garage as it can hit -35C in the winter.

SQUIRT / J. Kyzer / Centreville, AL / / 1-13-08: Just getting started. Just finished cutting out major components, stem, transom, etc. Need to start construction of the building form next.

SQUIRT / Jeff Cobb / Baton Rouge, LA / / 1-28-08: Bought the plans for the Squirt in August 2007. Worked dilligently the first few weeks and got the frame together. Hardly worked on the boat at all between October and the end of the year. Got going on it again in January 2008. Just completed planking the sides and bottom on 1/27/08. Hope to complete all the puttying, sanding, fiberglass, and hull paint and turn the boat over by the end of February 2008.
10-15-09: I’m really pleased with the boat. It came out looking better than I’d ever imagined and the ride is sensational for a boat this small. I built the 11 foot stretched version. The decking is African Mahogany with Maple providing the contrasting stripes. I started the project in August 2007 and finished in May 2009.
I have a website for the project at (See Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Dan & Kyle Rom / / 4-1-08: My son (Kyle) and I (Dan) started on the Squirt back in November 2007. At first the project was overwhelming, but with the help of the Boat builders forum and a couple of books and a few e-mails we are moving along. We have over 50 hours in so far and have completed the transom, frames 1&2, stem and breastplate, and the transom knee. Currently we are working on the building form. Our email is and our user name on the builder forum is Tbone. Kyle and I both play the trombone, but that's another story. We are planning on attending the West Coast Gathering this May. Thanks to all who have helped and we will periodically update this registry.

SQUIRT / Greg & Brad Roy / Auckland, New Zealand / / 5-14-08: Hi to the Glen-L team My last project was building the Barrelback “Bootlegger.” Now I and my 11 year old son Brad are building the Squirt as a father and son project. We commenced last year and in the weekend just gone, we turned the hull over. We plan to finish the boat over the winter in time for our Summer (starts in December down under). The frames are “Kauri,” a great local boatbuilding timber. The deck will be getting a full timber finish in Walnut/Mahogany/Kauri, which requires some small changes to the construction detail of the deck, and we have a 15HP Johnson outboard ready to go. Brad has picked a name “Gangster” which is in keeping with the outlaw theme and “Bootlegger”. The two boats should look good together, tied up on the jetty or blasting around the lake.
Also you may be pleased to hear that we have 2 other Glen-L boats in the family. Last year we bought a second hand Tiny Titan off Trademe (Trademe is New Zealand’s EBay) which I fitted an 8hp Yamaha on and this is the kids current boat. Also last year me and a mate bought a second hand Thunderbolt off Trademe. We did a lot of work on her last winter and had a great summer skiing behind her at the lake. It bought back memories of when I was an apprentice (a few years ago now) and the boss had a Thunderbolt which I fitted a 283 smallblock into for him (seems I have had a connection with Glen-L from way back). There can’t be that many Glen-L boats in New Zealand but we have 4 in our family – not bad I reckon.
I have sent in some photos of the Squirt plus the Thunderbolt “Thumpa” and the Tiny Titan “Screamin MeeMie”
11-13-08: I have made changes to the detail of the deck construction to allow for a fully varnished timber deck with Walnut sides (laminated squares) and walnut king-plank with stripes of Mahogany and white oak veneers over the ply deck. This raises the deck height a small amount but gives the desired effect. It also allows for more space for a belting. I will send further photos as I proceed with the veneers and hull painting. The plan is to have it complete for Christmas – that’s summertime here downunder.
12-7-08: First rough sanding of the deck completed, just a bit more fine sanding and then varnish. We may yet make it by Christmas.
1-9-09: Latest photo of the Squirt – taken about 6 hours ago after varnishing the deck – didn’t quite make Christmas but we will be launching any day.
(See Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Art Atkinson / Bloomfield Village, Michigan / / 9-28-09: Plans and “Boatbuilding with Plywood” book ordered.
10-22-09: Bought African Mahogany at Armstrong Millworks.
10-30-09: Bought Okume and Russian Birch marine plywood at Public Lumber.
11-09: Built frames, transom, building form, located frames, stem, and set keel.
12-09: Cut and fit battens, stabilized frames on forms. Experimented with chine fitting and bending using pine.
Building a boat is a very fascinating, challenging and absorbing project. I’m enjoying learning a whole new woodworking category as well as learning about boats, outboards and boating. I often get lost in the customer photo area and really enjoy looking at what people have built. We’re taking a family vacation during the Holidays so the boat is on hold for awhile.
2-10: Chines/Shears and Fairing.
3-10: Plywood planked the hull.
4-10: Epoxied, surfaced, fiberglassed and sanded.
5-10: Painted the bottom.
6-7-10: Flipped the boat. See my Boat Build Blog. You might enjoy the "Flip It" verses to sing along to Devo's "Whip It".

SQUIRT / Geoff Stetzer / La Crosse, Wisconsin / / 12-29-09: I have cut out all the pieces. Have just finished putting on the stringers. I have been takng pictures all the way along. Im trying to get a group of my friends to also start building a Squirt. Been really happy and this project is moving along pretty quick..

SQUIRT / Leo Bolduc / Worcester, Massachusetts / / 1-21-10: I have all the templates made, the frame jig built, and the nails and screws.

SQUIRT / Simon Sutcliffe / / 5-11-10: I'm building the Squirt. I increased the length by 10%. We are at the decking stage right now and we are building a gull-wing hatch for the back. We are leaving the transom natural. (See Customer Photos)

SQUIRT / Larry Madison / Seattle, Washington / / 7-24-10: Building the form. Cutting out frame pieces.
8-2-10: I have the frames mostly glued together, and I’m almost ready to put them on the framing jig, and start to get this boat construction under way . . . You can view my blog. Lots of pictures. I’m very excited about this project.

SUPER SPARTAN / John Lucas / Beaverton, Oregon / / 3-20-11: BJust completed the frame today. Hope to begin the decking process in the next week or two. (See Customer Photos)

STARPATH 44 / James Logan / / Started 4-4-99. 4-16-99: Building form is complete. 4-23-99: Frame 0 completed, 5-7-99: Completed Bulkhead A. 5-14-99: Bulkhead B and temporary form @ Station 2 are complete and installed on building form. 5-23-99: Five frames (including 3 Bulkheads) have been completed and installed on the building form. 5-28-99: Seven frames now completed and installed. 6-25-99: Nine frames completed and erected to date. 7-16-99: Stations 8 and 9 and frame/bulhead G in place. Now have 14 frames in place. 7-30-99: Stem and Bulkhead H complete and in place. 8-13-99: Fairing of all frames and stem complete. 9-3-99: Transom completed, on building form. Notches in transom are ready for longitudinals. 9-11-99: Ballast completed and on site. Rudder post machining completed and rudder tangs welded to rudder post. 9-17-99: Inner keel laminations complete (bonded and screwed). 10-12-99: Completed and installed 4 floor timbers at bulkheads. 11-25-99: Completed notches and laminations for the main sheer clamp (3 layers). 12-30-99: Faired-in sheer clamp to hull form. Bored keel bolt holes. Faired-in keel to hull form. Started cutting notches for longitudinal battens. 1-7-2000: Completed notches for eight of the frames plus transom. 1-14-00: Completed all notches in all frames. 1-20-00: Bored prop shaft hole through keel and engine room bulkhead. 2-10-00: Completed double laminations for six battens (3 each side of keel) which run from stem to the transom. 2-28-00: Completed and installed 3 more floor timbers. 3-20-00: Completed all 18 longitudinal battens. 4-16-00: Started laminating strap frames. Have bonded 4 of 16 layers on each strap frame. 4-21-00: Now have 8 of 16 layers bonded for each strap frame. 4-28-00: Completed and installed two sets of wedge inserts for the strap frames. 5-12-00: Completed 16 laminations of each strap frame. 5/23/00: Completed installation of raised sheer clamp. 6/1/00: Installed last two floor timbers at strap frames. Completed boring keel bolt holes. 6-9-00: Completed limber holes. Installed mast step girder. Completed chainplates. 7/1/00: Polished and bolted chain plates to strap frames. 7-13-00: Completed cutting out and shaping deadwood for keel appendage. Bored keel bolt holes through deadwood. 8-17-00: Started first planking. Cut, fit and fastened home first plank today. 10-19-00: Completed first layer of hull. 10-25-00: Started second lamination layer of hull. 1/3/2001: Completed second layer of hull lamination. 1-16-01: Started third hull lamination. 5-24-01: Completed lamination of hull layer 3. 7-6-01: Completed 4th layer of hull lamination. 7-19-01: Layer 4 completed. 8-10-01: Completed filling divots and sanding hull. Applied fiberglass cloth to transom. 8-16-01: Completed fibeglass layer on hull. 9-19-01: Completed building keel ballast appendage (deadwood) and rudder. 11-1-01: Completed construction of skeg. 11-23-01: Completed final fairing and prep of hull for painting. 1-8-02: Completed painting hull. 1-21-02: Hull is ready for turn-over. 1-25-02: Turned hull over and bolted on keel-ballast. 5-3-02: Installed water and fuel tanks. Started adding deck beams. 7-26-02: Completed engine mounts and installed engine. 10-15-02: Completed aft deck. 11-7-02: Completed fore deck. Both fore and aft decks are covered with fiberglass cloth. 4-2-03: Completed main cabin sole. Added main support beams for main cabin. Completed first layer (ceiling) for cabin top. 5-26-03: Completed cabin sides and top. 1-28-04: Completed cockpit sole and seat backs. Completed forward hatch. 6-18-04: Completed cockpit (including seat hatches), main hatch and aft hatch. Added skylight and hand rails on deckhouse. Added toe-rail on edge of aft deck. Constructed binnacle and installed compass and engine controls. 3-17-06: Interior is complete except for a few shelves and some varnishing. Completed application of non-skid on deck. Hull is faired and primed ready for bottom paint. Starting on rigging masts. Otherwise, ready for launch. 8-15-06: Successful launch on July 7. Stepped masts July 10-11. Began sea trials. (see Customer Photos-archives)

STARPATH 44 / Warren J. Kress / / 5-26-99: Started building form April 15, 1999 and completed form May 20, 1999. completed station 0 and mounted on form May 24,1999. 5-27-99: Completed station 1 and 2 and mounted on form. Next working on bulkheads. 5-31-99: Stations 3 and 5 mounted on form. 6-14-99: Completed stations 6, 8, and 9 and mounted on form. 10-25-99:Complated bulkhead A and manufactured chain plates for sloop rig and stemhead fitting. 11-22-99: Have completed Bulkhead B. I would like to thank you for all for your support so far in my project. 12-5-99: Completed bulhead C. I estimate that it will be approx $10,000 to complete the hull and bulkheads. Hope to be ready to start planking in the spring. Can only work on it part time; hope to complete in 3 to 4 years. 2-15-00: Completed bulkheads D & E and mounted on form; bulkhead F half completed. 3-13-00: Completed bulkhead F anf G and mounted on building form. 4-22-00: Completed stem and mounted on frame. 7-6-00: Completed bulkhead H and mounted on frame; working on transom. 4-20-01: Completed transom, and floors for bulkheads c,d,e,f.

STARPATH 44 / Paul Malo / Nisku, Alberta, Canada / (Email address no longer valid 1-29-04) / 12-22-01: As of Dec. 22/01 finished hull and starting on deck. 6-23-02: Major delays in turning boat over....finally turned over June 8/02...started working on attached. (see Customer Photos)

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