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BO-JEST (stretched 10%) / Jim Hopkings / / 12-6-98: Stem and frames complete. 7-16-00: Sides on, bottom almost complete. 10-22-02: Not finished yet. Shop time has been hard to come by lately and I guess I am not nearly as quick as I was 50 years ago. I am just ready to set the engine in place (a 1954 Buchanan) after spending some time rebuilding it and fitting an alternator. "TUGGER" is much admired by my friends and neighbours. They all are very impatient and don't understand that most of the fun for me is in the building. I stretched the length 10% causing many little adjustments and much pondering. Anyhow, I hope to move her outside next spring and finish the tall parts during the summer. (see Customer Photos)

BO-JEST / Bob Ellis / / 7-10-99: Set-up complete, fairing in progress. 7-28-99: Side planking installed. Used 8' sheets, 2 butt joints per side. Looks great. 8-22-99 Update: Bottom plywood on 1/2" aft, two 1/4" sheets fwd. Again, 8' lengths posed no problems. 9-2-99: Fiberglass complete. Building outdoors, so winter will be shutting things down. 8-1-00: Skeg complete, bottom painted, building cradle complete and hull rolled over. Deck and cabin clamp installed. Bulwark framing 80%. 5-2-01: The hull and bulwark are complete; interior framing and engine beds are installed. Now back from our winter in California, will be starting the cabin. 11/23/01: Trunk cabin and cabin complete. Now need an engine to do the tanks, plumbing, rigging,etc.. Will send photos to the archives soon. 5-3-02: Back to work after another winter in California. Have purchased my engine and now starting installation. It's a Yanmar 1GM10 (9.1hp). 11-6-02: The boat's complete; just window glass and paint to go. With a trailer it will be in the water in 2003! I guarantee it. If it doesn't see the water, it's only because I will be in the ground! This has been a long term project for me, but probably one of my most enjoyable! (See Customer Photos-Archives)

BO-JEST / Otis G. Gifford / / 8-99: Planking bottom. 10-27-99: Planking complete and ready to fiberglass. I'd like to correspond with other Bo-Jest builders. 5-14-02: Newly completed Bo-Jest called O's Ark now in Launchings section of current issue of Woodenboat Magazine. The boat draws lots of attention everywhere it goes. It is incredibly quiet and pleasant to cruise protected waters.(Photos in Customer Photos-Archives)

BO-JEST / W. Deason / / 10-19-01: September 2001 - frames begun. 10-22-02: The project is on hold, but I have not abandoned the project and will pick it up again as soon as I can.

BO-JEST / Craig Aasen / Minneapolis, MN / / 4-3-02: I just Started construction of the frames. I choose White Oak for the frame lumber.

BO-JEST / Doug Wolven / Whittier, CA / / 5-1-02: "Lily Pad" is being constructed by my second-graders. I teach in a public school. The stem, transom and frames have been built in the classroom. I then take the parts home to attach to the building form. My children will visit the Glen-L site to see what is going on in the backyard. The Frogville Navy last year built the stem and transom. All the parts have been framed and the sheer clamps are bent and ready to be added. I will add the planking this summer. Next year the kids will work on the deck and rail stanchions. This is the third boat I have done with children but this one is much larger.

BO-JEST / Bob Trygg / Duluth, MN / / Project has been completed as of 6/2002. (see Customer Photos)

BO-JEST / Mark Jones / Lewiston, Idaho / / This boat is being built as an open crabbing/fishing boat and will be powered by a 1960's IHC self-contained power unit, dry-stack fashion. Operations commenced June 21, 2003. 8-4-03: Boat is completely framed and stem, keel, chinelogs, sheerlogs installed. Fairing to begin witin five days. 8-25-03: Fairing 99% done, very minor undulations being sighted with the use of an 1/8" mahogany door skin as per Glen's advice. I hosted an "open shop" last night so others could come and see the framed boat; people are always amazed when they can come close to the project, feel the "warmth" of the wood and view the blueprints which are posted on my shop walls. I have "aquired" a partner to help with planking for this week (25th-29th) and I expect to have the boat planked by end of day, Friday. I did hit quite a snag trying to figure out the planking contact in the sheer/chine/stem area, but with emails from Bob Ellis (to whom I'm grateful) I believe I'm seeing the light. One more conversation via phone with Glen this morning and then we'll set into planking. 3-27-08: Because I decided to focus on detailed woodwork and inlays, I basically added a year to my expected completion schedule. I am now within days of starting the trailer (3800 series). I will provide more pictures of the completed Bo-Jest and I will also photograph the trailer building process (See Customer Photos).

BO-JEST / Werner Haas / / 10-5-03: Ship was built from 03/00 to 10/03, 80% done. In 6/04 ship will be complete... I hope. (See Customer Photos).

BO-JEST / Don M. Ranly / Atlanta, GA / / 12-15-03: Bo-Jest named "Short Shrift" completed. Adding Stanchions for grandchild safety. Planning to launch soon. Will send photos and story of construction.

BO-JEST / Thomas Walli / Innsbruck-AUSTRIA / / 8-14-04: Began 2.8.04- Converted your design to European measurements on CAD and sawed all frames out on a flatbed computeriezed machine with only 4 sheets of 1250x2500 AW100 Bruyncell Okume Plywood 25mm. All stringers sawn out of Tyrolean Mountain Larch and planking begins next week with 10mm Sapelli Mahaghoni Plywood. Hope to do good job for a high gloss Mahoghoni finish. We will see, we are beginners with this stuff. A special European goal is to keep it light. We have special rules for driver licenses to carry trailers behind an normal car. Maximum load for both is 3,5 tons! So the boat can't be more than 1000kg. Try to solve problem with Mahoghoni foam pannels for the deck and Pilothouse and light engine; a Spanish Sole Diesel 3 Cyl 16 HP with only 180 kg all included with keelcooling and dry exhaust for easy winteriezing on the trailer. We will keep you guys informed and hope to send you soon more fotos of "MINERVA" (the Greek goddess of luck). 2-2-05: It's going fine here in Tirol-Austria. Outside the workshop it's snowing hard today, 3 feet fresh powder snow, and inside a lot of work. Engine is in and main electric from engine to starter batterie and main switchbord is finsihed as well Mainbatterie to all users. My freind Nori has finsised the cabin bed and Helmut and I are working on the steering panel and chart table. Next will be the drawer and hanging locker in the cabin and the cabin sides & roof. The pilothouse we must construct moveable otherwise we can't bring the boat out the workshop. We will see. (see Customer Photos)

BO-JEST / Rick Klemm / Delta, BC Canada / / 9-2-04: Have completed all frames and the stem. I am now working on the transom. So far so good, I've had no major problems. This will be about a 2-3 year project. I am going to use an out board engine because of the huge price difference between an inboard and a four stroke out board. 10-28-04: I have just finished the transom. It was a little tricky mounting it at the correct angle so my neigbour helped me. I have installed both chine logs. I messed up the notching on frame 5 so I had to glue a piece on wood in and start over. The second chine only took an hour to install. So far I've been using DF for the frames and the plywood. I find it very easy to work with and it bends without a lot of difficulty. After doing some research and my own personal testing, I have been using PL Premium PU glue. This stuff is easy to work with, waterproof, and very strong. I have just started installing the sheer.

BO-JEST / Peter Tonkin / Australia / / 9-9-07: Bit the bullet and started the Bo-Jest today! Standard plan with a 10% increase in overall length. Boat is being constructed in Mooloolaba Queensland Australia.
9-15-07: Frames have been roughed out. Next step is the strongback and setting and spacing... looking forward to that! No issues to date.
10-17-07: Stongback built and squared away to the mm – cost nothing as I scavenged the bits and pieces. Frames are coming together nicely should have them finished and mounted to the strongback this weekend. So far everything is going very well ...
1-28-08: Bo Jest is going well and the keel is forming up nicely it is constructed from Australian Flooded Gum (Eucalyptus grandis). Hull has one side completely sheeted with two sheets of 6mm to the bottom and a 6mm and 3mm to the side panels. I have used a single coat foaming epoxy to laminate the sheets. The only trick is to keep the glue thin and the pressure even and heavy across the sheets. I have however ruined two sheets of 6mm achieving the bow ‘lower’ bend (photo of repaired split attached). The ply was soaked etc but it still did not want to form without cracking. In the end I simply repaired the crack by laminating ply to the inside of the split. There was just no way that I could make the ply follow the stringers at frame four to five lower front bow. The sheets have required packing with a tapered (both ends) 20mm thick piece of hoop pine running between frame four and five. I was worried that it might of ruined the line of the boat but it looks perfect so I have put the problem down to the laying up of the frames to the strong back. I should finish laying the hull sheets this weekend. I will plug and sand the screw holes and send you more pics of the keel attached. Enjoying the project immensely.
2-11-08: Bo-Jest now completely sheeted with skeg attached. Skeg is seated with epoxy and an epoxy fillet glue line added It was then fastened to the keel with 12mm hot gal dipped threaded rod. A little fairing was needed to the bow section to smooth the sheet joins due to my lack of skill in cutting and shaping an exact fit (quite a learning experience). Number one son took one look and suggested I use fly screen cut to shape as a template over the first bow sheet to make the next sheet of 6mm fit and it worked a treat and saved lots of shaping work. Project is now ready to glass/epoxy.
5-8-08: The hull was glassed in 4 continuous panels. 8 oz multi directional bias on the bottom and 6 oz plain weave to the sides. She has had her first coat of hi build epoxy undercoat and prelim sand and is now ready for the final undercoat and top coat.
7-7-08: I rolled her over by myself by suspending the hull from some old sailing pulleys. It all happened a little quickly as, while suspended, I leant on the boat to pick up some gear and round she went! - Gave me a hell of a scare. Fit out starts this week.
10-21-08: Project has been going a year to date. Tanks and motors etc are sitting randomly while I redo the engine supports which I made a little undersized. Water tank and two rear fuel tanks were custom made. I have 170 litres of water and 80 litres of fuel. Most of the inside of the boat is cut out very roughly and stacked pretty much everywhere until I sort the mounts. Then I have to take Richard Klem's (Bo-Jest Canada) advice and finish one thing before I start another!!! So the order of attack is 1 New Guinea Rosewood decking ( because it going to look great! ) 2 Port Hole windows to front sides ( see above! ) 3 Engine Mounts ( because everyone keeps asking is the motor mounted there? ) 4 Starting at the back and working my way fwd for furniture and fittings The windows, more NG Rosewood, I chickened out on and I called in a specialist timber window/door maker. I explained, with drawings, exactly what I wanted to the response of “No worries Mate – costcha about a grand that ok?” Which of course I am thrilled with. Bo Jest can’t be fitted with the windows in its current home and the boat will be completely finished except for windows and roof before leaving the shed.
12-24-08: Sole and Deck timbers (Flooded Gum 5mm laminate to 12mm ply) pretty much set in place; next job is a sand up and fill with black acrylic filler. What you can’t see is the hours spent under the floor on supports, plumbing and water tanks! On holidays for three weeks so I expect to have the inside completely done – then I have to take the front of the shed off (yep very funny - she won’t fit out the door) and install the windows and roof.
1-9-09: Bo Jest is to the internal fit out, floor tanks are in. I have 175 litre ‘shaped’ poly tank under the floor fwd of the motor and a shower sump mounted just behind that. All accessible as the floors are done in sections that lift out. All of the plumbing is in loosely but can’t be seen in the pics. Currently pulling the bunks out and redoing them and working out shelves and cupboards. The window man (Warren) has come and taken his templates and they are currently underway. Monday and Tuesday this week I will be dedicating to the boat as I have to get it to trailer stage to fit the windows.
2-9-09: Update on SheelyKeel. Decks 5mm Flooded Gum laminated to 12mm exterior structural ply. Front cabin New Guinea Rosewood. Steering is in all tanks are in an plumbed, wiring is next. I have started the main cabin walls and the windows but need to remove boat from shed before I can go to full height.
6-9-09: It’s been the wet season here and its pretty much rained nonstop for 5 months … but winter is here, skies are now clear, temps in the 70’s and I can take the front off the shed to get the boat out to put the roof on… quite a drama getting the boat out, that is! (see Customer Photos)

BO-JEST / Read Smith / Agassiz, BC, Canada / 12-16-07: Hull finished & righted. Ready for decking, motor installation, superstructure construction.

BO-JEST / Tom Smitherman / Montevallo, AL / 5-3-08: Frames are complete and mounted onto the building stand. I used mahogany and white oak for the frames.
3-9-09: All decking is attached, and it actually LOOKS LIKE A BOAT! I will start fiber-glassing the hull next month.
4-20-09: My BoJest hull is planked and the fiberglass cloth was applied today. Hopefully I’ll have the bottom painted and be ready to roll her over next month. I’m shooting for a launch next spring, but that may be too optimistic.
6-9-09: The bottom paint is on and she is ready to be turned over as soon as I can get 15 friends here at the same time! (See Customer Photos)

BOLERO / Howard Pincus / West Palm Beach, FL / / 1-13-03: I have just completed cutting and sanding all of the frame pieces. This weekend I will assemble the frames.

BON VOYAGE / George Woods / / 9-9-98: Purchased framing materials. Will begin construction of framing members on 9/12/98. Found excellent supplier of boatbuilding lumber and materials, California area. Answer E-mail twice weekly. 3-24-03: I have not worked on the project for a while, based upon the fact that I have recently retired and needed to establish a buffer perimeter between the money I have for retirement purposes and the money that would be expended for completion of the project. My project at this time is about half way to completion. I am totally fascinated with the leisure. However, (As you have reminded me) there is a hulk of wood in the backyard that require attention. I have found that materials and expenditures do not necessarily dictate the success of the project. I spend probably more money playing golf than would be required to complete the project. I will complete this project. Please remind those persons interested in the BON VOYAGE to identify their messages with BON VOYAGE, otherwise I will probably scroll past and not recognize their intent. PS How is Mr. Witt? Fine I hope. He was a great help to me in progressing to this point.

BON VOYAGE / Rob Nicholson & Maureen Chrystall / Auckland, New Zealand / 6-26-08: My name is Rob Nicholson. My partner Maureen Chrystall and I are building the house boat Bon Voyage. We purchased the plans last year (2007) and then ordered the timber from your list - wow - a fair amount of timber, especially when you have to unload by hand. The frames are all now made, and stem, which I laminated from 10 mm timber, rather than the plywood. I then scarfed all the stringers (you guys call them battens) and scarfed the keelson (again you call this the keel). It took me two days to build the strongback (building form). Today, 26 june 2008, I have mounted all the frames and stem on the strongback. Pics will follow shortly.
7-22-08: We are building out boat to survey standards, as we hope to charter her we have had to make some alteratons to her construction to satisfy the surveyor. Namely, the stem is now laminated from 22 strips of lumber (not the plywood as stated) and the chine log and gunwhales (shear clamp) are also of laminated lumber. It really does pay to read the building instructions, as I dressed all my timber to the sizes, but as I found out last week when trying to install the chine log my straight planks won't bend; no matter how much brute force was aplied, they would not go.... So I ended up slicing the 6" x 3/4" planks down into square strips and laminating them up in position. Seems to be working; fitted both first layers to boat yesterday.
2-18-10: I have just about completed the frame work....but am having a little difficulty in the forward section...mainly with the chine, side stringer and gunwhale,,, (See Customer Photos)

BONANZA / Anthony Herrett / Melbourne, Australia / 12-14-10: I have finally started the Bonanza, after much deliberation on design, wood type, ferreting out local supply shops and talking to some local boaties, the first 2 frames are in the shed gluing. Over the previous couple of months, while I was waiting for time and $$, I also built a little cardboard version of the Bonanza. That was a good project in itself, it certainly gave me an idea of some of the finer points of getting it together, as well as colors and finish. Over summer (here in Aus) hopefully I will get enough time (and $$$$) to keep plugging along and if all goes to plan I should be turning it over before it gets too cold and wet here. I will get some photos once I have something worth sending, probably around the same time my wife finds out what I am actually doing in the shed!!!

BRAVADO / Dan Coffman / Rochester, WA / / 6-15-06: I recently have completed building a modified version of the Bravado. The modifications I have done to it, are as follows. I went with a flat raised floor in the cuddy, which required the deck to be raised 8". I had to raise the main floor 3" to allow room for the fuel tanks under the floor (2 12 gal. moelen tanks). I let the upper sheer run high all the way back. It is a very fun boat, and is very stable. I also doubled up the transom and added a few extra supports that were not on the plans. I mounted a 90 hp outboard on it . It does about 40 mph, and is very dry. It was a pleasure to build this boat. And I a sure you it won't be my last. If anyone has questions, I'm sure I could help. (see Customer Photos)

BUCKBOARD / G. Frank Nin / / 9-14-99: Just finishing up boat skeleton. Next step is to apply keel. 3-23-03: I built the hull, but never fiberglassed it. So the project remains unfinished...

BULLET / Al Mahler / Annapolis, Maryland / / 6-8-2007: I have finished the layout board and setup the form with a few minor modifications to adapt to the building space. I will be taking pictures of the different stages of building for reference.

BULLET / Will Hopkins / South Carolina / / 8-12-07: Just got the plans and patterns. Going to get wood in a few days. Starting building form. First boat project would appreciate and help or advice.

BULLET / Chris Rowe / Minneapolis, MN / / 8-15-07: I finished buying the lumber and I have laid out everything onto the plywood and started cutting out the transom, the stem and the breasthook. 8-19-07: I cut out the frames and I will be assembling them soon (hopefully). I also bought a 1962 Larson for parts and stripped it bare! I've gotten some very cool old cleats and lights and a couple of boat horns. Not to mention a 50 hp motor (its way too big for my boat so I'll use it to trade for a smaller one). This week starts the crunch time since I go back to school and I really want to get some progress on the bullet before I leave.

BULLET / Mark and Luke Finnila / Vass, NC / / 4-15-08: Father and son project…began construction 1/23/08. Okoume mahogany ¼” BS1088 plywood, doulgas fir ¾” marine plywood, and vertical grain douglas fir solid wood. Lengthen to 12’ 1” per plan option. 1/27/08 Assembly frame complete. 3/1/08 Ribs, sheer, transom installed. 3/4/08 Chine log installed, but landed too vertical at stem. 3/8/08 Laminated extra ½” of fir to forward portion of chine and planed down to attain correct angle to sheer (necessary to attain solid surface for side panel.) 3/16/08 Fairing completed. Reconditioned Bosch power planer rocks! 3/22/08 Side panels installed. 3/28/08 Skin complete. 4/4/08 Fiberglass complete with three coats of resin total. Righted boat. 4/5/08 Carlins installed. 4/6/08 Coaming installed. Laminated from two 3/8” layers for much less struggle. 4/7/08 Seat frame (10 degree recline), fuel tank tray, and battery tray installed. First coat of epoxy throughout interior. 4/8/08 Fitted Wise fold-down, low-back fishing chair seats. Installed rear deck beams. Delivered boat for motor installation. Purchased 2007 Yamaha 25 hp, two-stroke, long-shaft, electric-start motor with remote control. Expect four week delay due to dealer backed up with motor installations.
Thanks for the great plan! (See Customer Photos)

BULL'S EYE / Danny Golden / / 9-6-98: Boat built and sailing.

BULL'S EYE / Jack Pace / Address not valid: 11-18-02 / 4-11-99: Started cutting pieces last week. 5-7-99: Hull stitched. 6-24-00: Boat complete am now finishing sanding (smoothing out tape lines, etc.) in preparation for painting. Cat sail ordered, mast built, expect to be on the water within the month. 7-11-00 Boat painted, sail received, hardware ordered to make wooden trailer (can't transport a fine hand made wooden boat on a factory built metal trailer!) oars made, hardware goes on this week. 8-1-00, first sail!! Wooden trailer complete. Coated in epoxy and left unpainted. Looks good. I didn't have to test the warning that the trailer would float. I can push the Bull's Eye off the end on to a coaster I added to the keel and just walk her down into the water. Bull's Eye very quick and smooth in a 10 mph wind. Had a slight vibration at the faster speeds. (Dagger board? will have to see.) I have to refine my oars yet to fit the hardware. As long as wind keeps blowing am in no hurry.

BULL'S EYE / E-J Ohler / Kalamazoo-South Haven, MI / / 7-2-00: I just finished a Bull's-Eye 07/01/00 as a sailing yacht tender to our old Chris-Craft.

BULL'S EYE / Kingsway Academy Boatbuilding club / David McGorrin / / Nassau, Bahamas / Students at Kingsway Academy are building the Bulls Eye. 01-26-01 Stitched hull peices together.

BULL'S EYE / Ira Stein / Northfield, NJ / / 12-10-01: Stitch-glue kit ordered, plywood and hardwood purchased, first form #6 (temporary brace) cut from two pieces of scrap 3/8 plywood and laminated together. Got practice transferring pattern, cutting two pieces at once and handling epoxy resin. 3-21-03: Thank you for inquiring. I began the project in December 2001 and completed the boat in March 2002. I've taken pictures and kept a log during construction but haven't had time to organize that. The boat came out very well (if I must say so myself). Its called Sea Nile too. I've only had it in the water a couple of times and am hoping for more water time this season. It rows very well but I have some concerns about sailing. I built it for sloop rig. The boat is very tender and I've already tipped enough to fill with water while boarding at the boat ramp. I've thought about cutting the mast down (I've also thought about keeping the mast and building a bigger boat, can't let that thought get out around the house). The service from Glen-L was superb. The quality of all the parts and supplies was excellent. The instructions were thorough and easy to follow. The building method is so forgiving that even a rank novice as myself was able to build a very solid and good looking craft. My neighbor is an avid sailboat racer (J-150) and marvelled at the fair lines good looks of Sea Nile.
The sloop rig has the most sail area. When we did our tests, we started from the beach and did not have a problem. In fact, the wind was light and performance was sluggish. We had a sailing instructor sail the boat on the next outing. The wind was brisk, the instructor had no problems, but it was obvious that she was a good sailor with more experience than we had.

BULL'S EYE / Rick Ellis / / 5-13-02: Started 11/2000. Finished 4/2002. Built as a sloop rig. First sailed on May first. Light breeze, nothing to get excited about, but sailed nicely. Cockpit somewhat cramped. Ballast placement crucial (Ballast? 225 lbs of "flesh & blood").

BULL'S EYE / Mark Chadwick / Mississauga, Ontario, Canada / / 8-29-06: I received the plans from my wife for Christmas! She is wonderful. I don’t have a heated garage so I could only work on rudder/tiller/centerboard etc until things warmed up outside. I have been working in the garage and now have the centreboard case made and will complete the cutting of all the plywood parts this week. I am pushing to get as much done as I can now before the weather turns cold again. I hope she will see the water in 2007! 8-31-06: All plywood parts have now been cut out.       Continued

BULL'S EYE / David Albright / Monterey, CA / / 7-7-08: Finally got all the wood, epoxy, tools together and am laying out the cuts on some pricey Hydrotech Merianti ply. I have managed to cut out the single form member from some cabinet 3/4" ply and the knees and breasthook from some nice mahogany but am anticipating getting all the hull pieces cut out and epoxied and ready for stitching by months end. I thought to start out with the transom on the 9mm ply what with the mostly straight cuts and seemingly straight forward laminations to get used to gluing up but have already run into a problem. I can't figure out the reinforcing plys. I can get some nice matching sets on my cardboard test set but they don't fit on the 2'x 4' layout as indicated on the plans. My cardboard pieces are not the same shape as the miniature layout on the plans (though they form the same size and shape on the transom) and the single notation on the plans for the reinforcing laminations doesn't seem to make sense (line cutting off the bottom v of transom though photos of construction don't show it). I was planning on building the rudder and dagger board with the rest of the sheet and would like to avoid buying yet more of the 9mm ply. Must fit in some clever manner somehow as I haven't seen any body else whining about it on the forum. Any suggestions out there...

CABIN SKIFF / Scott Amos / / 1-27-99: Completed 5 years ago, extended 2'. See photos in Customer Photos.

CABIN SKIFF / Art Burgess / / 2-20-99: Laying out planking. 3-24-99: Hull stitched and installing transom. 6-14-99: Hull complete, w/6 oz cloth inside and 2" x 7" yellow cedar keel, 3 laminations of yel cedar on stem. Used 1/4" ply w/4 1" x 2" yel cedar stiffeners. 5-28-02: After a layoff of about one year, I am back building again and have finished the hull, have flipped the boat over and finished the cabin. I manufactured three portholes (one for each side and front) made from purple heart, with tinted plexi going in. Have windshields built but not yet installed (made from yellow cedar....great wood to work with). 3-24-03: I have installed windshield, hardtop, and have fibreglassed the lot ( West System). In process of installing 20 US gal aluminum fuel tank, have rear seats made but not installed. Bulwarks and inner-outer sheers installed and fibreglassed. 2-18-04: All building is done and am starting the finishing work sanding and more sanding. Then paint'er. Hopefully I will get her in the water this summer!! 2-6-05: Well, didn't get the boat in the water in '04 BUT.. I have finished painting. All the wiring etc. is completed. Just have to hang the motor and LAUNCH!!! Thank God! (after only six years!!) Will send photos when I get 'er out of the shop!

CABIN SKIFF / Jeff Lintz / / 9-17-99: Received Frame Kit, SNG Video, ordering lumber and plywood. 3-21-03: Project is at a dead halt, but please keep me on the email list.

CABIN SKIFF / Ray Macke / Marissa, IL / / 11-1-99: Received basic kit on 10-26-99 (plans and patterns, SNG Kit, video). In first week I have formed hull, made & installed transom and am now adding keel and battens. 11-20-99: At end of 3 weeks, battens, longbeams, and partial bulkhead installed. Knee and aft bulkhead fitted and fiberglass tape installed. Boat is complete, I have posted a web page about construction at Fall of 02 From a story on Ray's website: "All up, the entire trip had covered 1034 miles and logged 51 hours tach time... I also had somewhat of a personal milestone when near the 186 marker I logged mile 10,000 on Therapy. Kind of a special moment being an 18' watercraft."

CABIN SKIFF / Gerard Heukensfeld / / 4-10-01: I have just finished installing the flat and sole. 10-23-02: I have just turned her over and am ready to fiberglass. The glen-l video on this process is worth every penny. I will review it once more and begin the work. I have really been taking my time and in Arizona it is so hot and dry that I had to wait for it to cool down in order to work the resin. 6-24-05: Progress has been slow but things are turning out great with the boat. I am pretty close to finishing. I still have to install the cabin roof, windsheild and hard top. Should finish the project this August. Pictures to follow. Everyone at Glen-l has been great and extremely helpful.

CABIN SKIFF / Edward Andrews / Los Angeles, CA / / 9-26-01: I started on July 17, 2001. Hull is finished, and will be turning over this weekend. Going great! 8-24-02: Well, I am finished, for now, with my Cabin Skiff. It has been a great experience for both myself and my family. Now I can enjoy it. Please check it out at

CABIN SKIFF / Ed Skulski / Lancaster, NY / / 5-23-03: Received plans, patterns, and video in Jan of 01. It's been off and on again when I have time to work on it, but it's truly a labor of love. Fortunately or unfortunately I spend about as much time planning and dreaming as I do working on the boat. As of 5/03 I have the hull formed with transom and floors installed. The hull is turned over ready to start glassing the bottom. Most plywood parts are cut out from the patterns and I have made the windshield with hinged windows over the winter. Also have made louvered doors for the aft bulkhead opening as well as port lights for the cabin. One thing I enjoy is finding old bronze fittings for the boat. I have pretty much collected all the hardware now which will be all bronze. Whenever I get frustrated I spend a few minutes looking at Ray Macke's site and it gives me motivation to keep going. Ray & the rest of the guys that have posted photos really are an inspiration. 11-14-04: Well It's Nov, 2004 and my outside work on my Cabin Skiff is stopped for this year since it gets a little cold this time of year up here in Buffalo (17 degrees right now). I know my building progress is slow but I'm still moving forward. Actually the structure of the boat is pretty much finished including the cabin roof. The only major item I have left is the bulwarks and sheers then it's back to a lot of sanding. Building this boat is a lot of fun, I might be going slow on purpose to make it last. I'm even having people stopping in from around the neighborhood to see how it's going. Over the winter I will be making some of the interior items in my basement like the helm station and cabin door. I also have a bunch of teak from an old swim platform that I plan to cut into 1/4 thick strips and plank the deck and sole with. Well I'm pretty sure the launching will be next summer - I'll send a photo (five years - is this a record for being the slowest?). 3-21-08: My wife and I will be showing our boat at the Wooden Boat Show in Mystic Seaport for all 3 days in June. Photos of the boat before it was totally completed are in the customer photo section. (See Customer Photos)

CABIN SKIFF / Dave Benson / Karuah , NSW, Australia / / 4-27-07: I'm just starting. I run a boat building school for aboriginal students. So far, we've built around fifteen dory skiffs and have been developing designs. We don't usually build to plans. Currently gatheing materials. 6-4-07: I've now stitched the hull together and I'm about to epoxy the seams. The plywood I'm using seems a bit stiffer than the ply on console skiff video. It sure took some pulling together at the stem. My main problem so far has been with using metric ply sheets. If you are building any sort of boat to Glen-L plans in Australia, ask your supplier (Mine's Mr Ply & Wood) to get you imperial measurement ply. It will make your job much easier.

CABIN SKIFF / Chris Mogg / Mackay, Queensland, Australia / / 7-22-07: I started building about six weeks ago. Have formed hull, installed transom and am currently filleting the seams. Most of the other parts up to deck level are cut out and cleats etc added, ready to install. 9-24-07: Last Friday I recruited a few guys from the office to turn the boat over so I can fibreglass and paint the bottom. Topside is complete up to the lower shear but I haven’t added any of the decking or cabin stuff yet. These can wait; I wanted to get started on painting before it gets too hot. All has gone pretty well so far. The only problem I have had is that the MTO calls for 1 sheet of ¼" ply but actually two are required. I think I’ll substitute exterior ply that I can get locally rather than ordering marine ply from Maroochydore. I’m working on the calculations that will be needed to register the boat – load capacity, persons capacity, power rating etc that are listed on the Builders Plate and determined by Australian Standard AS1799. This also covers flotation requirements etc. - I have added about 80L of expanding foam under the cockpit floor and will add more up higher, ultimately aiming for level flotation. Another requirement from AS1799 is that any enclosed cabin must have two exits so I’m planning to add a hatch at front. I’m getting to the point where I’ll need to decide about an outboard as the control cables etc need to be built in. I looked at a Tohatsu last week 40HP direct injected ~$8000 or 50HP for $8150. I’m thinking a two stroke might be cheaper. Other than that, I’m thinking about shortening the cabin by 12” to make more room in the cockpit where we’ll be spending more time. The plan was to install a fuel tank inside, on the flat on the passenger side. This also moves the helm out of the cockpit and makes space for a battery box under the helm. Seemed like a good idea at the time but upon reflection the details are not as simple as I first thought due to the tapered cross-section of the cabin. Anyway, I can keep thinking about it whilst I paint the underside.

CARIOCA / Jeff Cole / Houston, TX / / 8-10-01: Frame kit was ordered and was delivered appx. 9-10-01. Frame is completely set up with all bottom battens, chine etc. in place. Most fairing of these was completed 11-25-01 and side planking to begin later this week. Pictures will hopefully follow soon. 4-8-02: Just about to cover the hull with fiberglass and turn it over. Great project. 3-21-03: The project has just been started up again at the fiberglass stage. The hull is complete and seams are taped. Now just saving up for the fiberglass kit. I think once that part is complete it should move along a little faster. I hope to have it in the water late this spring. 4-29-03: Just finished the last coat of epoxy on the fiberglassing of the hull. Sanding and paint is next to come. Should be all downhill from here. Picture of the completed hull is attached. (see Customer Photos)

CARIOCA / Brian Bouwer / Walker, MI / / 3-1-02: At this point I am building the frames. 3-10-02: All frames are complete, breasthook and stem are cut. I am waiting on fastener kit to complete stem and breasthook. Will start on building form next. 4-28-02: Have finished building frame, chine installation, bottom battens and most of sheer. Half of the fairing is complete. 7-5-02: Have finished planking. Ordered and recieved fiberglass materials. Will begin fiberglassing in one week. 8-17-02: Fiberglass and painting complete. Filled the cooler with beer and had a boat flip party today. Boat is on the trailer right side up. 9-12-04: What boat is ever finished. The roof is on and the controls are set. The motor was installed around the first of august. I put a 50 hp. Johnson four stroke with EFI. I launched the boat the third week of august. The launch wasn't as smooth as I would like but the boat ran fine. She seems quite fast although I don't have a speedometer installed. I will try to get some pictures in the mail soon.

CARIOCA / Douglas Broad / / 10-27-03: Started cutting out frames after studing plans and gathering materials.

CARIOCA / Jeff Kuan / Irvine, CA / / 12-7-05: Currently shaping the hull in preparation of the planking. 7-28-06: The Boat (soon to be named Madeline after my unborn child) was launched on July 16th 2005. With 4 people and a 115hp Optimax 2 Stroke engine. We got up to ~40mph. The finishing touches on the Cabin and trim still have to be completed but it’s on the water! 10/4/07: Still working on trim and cabin interior. Moved down to So-Cal and wishing there were more lakes close by. Hoping to get the interior all padded for the child.

CATALINA EXPRESS / Mario Stagliano / / 3-28-99: Frames completed, making building form. 9-30-02: Just turned over the hull, picture attached. 3-24-03: Deck beams in place. 7-11-03: We are working on the interior, completed most of the forward berth, the aft bulkhead at frame two, the forward main bulkhead and the center berth. Currently working on the flying bridge area. (See Customer Photos)

CELERITY / Tom Reid / / 3-2-99: Hull finished, applying final fairing and primer. 5-3-99: Just applied the first coat of paint. Decided to use Interlux single part poly with roll and tip method. Easy to apply as advertised. 4-12-01: Have finally completed the boat and will test in the water soon. The boat has lots of room for 14 1/ ft. Will send photos soon. 5-14-01: Finished the boat and got it in the water last week. The results were terrific! The boat is very smooth and fast with the 90 horse Merc (60 mph+) The deep hull keeps you nice and dry and the boat tracks straight as an arrow with no bad handling characteristics at any speed. This is a great boat that will fit in almost any garage. Thanks for the great design and frame kit. (See Customer Photos)

CELERITY / Don Storgaard / FL / / 7-17-01: Glen-L... After receiving plans,frame kit and epoxies from you I proceeded to build a modified plan of the 14'6" Celerity as shown on these photos. Just click on the http below. I have yet to install the outboard motor (50hp.) 2 way helm seat, bimini top etc. I was very pleased with the accuracy of the plans, kit, and instructions finding them very exact in every detail. Upon completion and water testing I will forward more photos and hopefully more favorable comments. Thank you for your prompt attention and assistance at the onset of this project. The latest boat photos are on the web:

CELERITY / John C. Smith / Edmonds, WA / / Began project 9-20-01. 1-17-02: Just finished assembling frames and am ready to plank sides and bottom. I am surprised how heavy duty this hull is for a 14ft boat. 1-20-02 finished planking hull. 1-23-02: ordered Jacknife cabin plans to put on boat. 1-24-02: Finished decking. 1-30-02: Finish motorboard area, encapsulated inside of hull, ruffed in plumbing and wiring, put floor decking in and epoxied. 2-5-02: Have filled and sanded screw holes with epoxy/microballoons, also filled and faired out transition point forward of frame 3. 2-8-02: Applied first coat of epoxy to outside of hull. The hull is thirsty! I am getting good "air to resin" transfer from the plywood. 2-09-02: Epoxied cloth in place, (used 6oz. cloth). 2-12-02: Applied two more coats of resin over hull, I added a small amount of pigment to the first coat over the cloth coat to use as a reference point so that I would not sand through the pigment coat. Sanding and painting is next. 2-20-02: Hull is in primer. 3-14-02 Hull is painted, cabin is installed. 6-14-01: The Celerity is done. It is ready for sea trial as soon as the trailer is complete.(Previously built Tunnel Mite)

CELERITY / Jim Martin / / 10-30-07: I built a Celerity and finished March 2007. I stretched it by adding an extra 5 inches between frames to 15ft 9in. I also built the transom from solid plywood to 1 3/4 inches. I also did not use wood framing to build the slop well, I used a router to cut 3/8 inch deep slots in the transom and flooring and built it up using tack and tape. The boat is completely open with a short bow deck and 6 inch wide side decks, and a single side console. I built the floor solid, front to back, and completely sealed it off with fiberglass and epoxy. Also it is made from 3/4 inch poplar boards instead of plywood, and the area below the floor is filled solid with pour foam. The hull is made from 8mm meranti plywood and yelow pine framing. The weight came out close to 900 lbs, and I power it with a 50 hp outboard. It's a good design, very roomy and stable, which is what I wanted. I got caught in a 60 mph squall line in Canada this spring and it handled it with no problems, again a good design thanks.

CHESSIE FLYER / Karl Kenyon / Eau Claire, Wisconsin / / 11-1-07: I started my boat in March of this year. As of now (1 Nov. 2007) I am starting to glue the sides on. This is rapidly becoming difficult because of approaching winter temperatures. Hope to get the sides on before it gets too cold to Epoxy. I would enjoy hearing from other sharpie builders.

CHIPPEWA 15' veneer (baltic birch plywood) / Jeff & Tom Mills / (email address no longer valid 5-02) 5-26-00: We have constructed the skeleton and are about to put the strips diagonally on the boat. Any tips would be appreciated. 7-15-00: We've finished the first layer of veneer strips. Starting on the second layer. Can't wait to get it in the water. There was a lot to learn about trimming each strip for a smooth fit. 8-5-00: Finished second skin of plywood veneer. Now to start pulling hundreds of staples out of the second layer. Started on Seats, one is finished, need to cane the second. Pumps on the epoxy bottles were worth every penny. A "Must Have" item. 8-20-00: started with the fiberglass. Messier than baking cookies with a two-year-old. 7-10-01: Finished with inside fiberglass, gunwales, seats and thwarts July 7, 2001. Launched on July 9 at Palo, Iowa. Will post more photos soon on web site. Very proud of our accomplishment! A nice looking canoe.

CHINOOK / Ray Slater / Crestline, California / / 6-23-10: I am almost two years into the project. The last coat of fiberglass goes on today. Then a little more sanding and I am ready for the System 3 primer. I started the boat more as a journey than a destination but it looks like I could finish in another year (or two). I live in the San Bernardino mountains and had to build a construction deck to get a level building platform. All of the neighbors are very curious about how I plan to turn the boat over (I have a plan and will send pictures)...and how I will get it off the deck and onto a trailer (not sure about that one myself). The plans are fantastic. Figuring out how to do things is half the fun. I can't say enough about System 3. Having never used fiberglass before I followed directions exactly and arrived at a beautiful result.

CHIPPEWA / Edd Stansberry / / 6-10-00: Just got plans and read over everything. Laying out lumber.

CHIPPEWA / Jim Pschirer / / 8-4-00: I am finishing the inside with fiberglass and epoxy. the outside is already glassed. 8-27-00: i have previously sent information tjis is an update. i have completed all wood work the inside and outside are glassed and have (2) coats of varnish. i am going to put another coat of satin finish on the inside with sand for non-skid. i have (1) more coat of varnish to put on the outside. plan to finish this week... in water next weekend. 9-27-00: I finished the canoe on Aug 27, 2000. I waited until Sept 1 to put it in the water. Used it for fishing, with 3 adults in the canoe it drew about 6" water. Paddled great. A great project.

CHIPPEWA 15 / Leslie Arbouin / Medellín, Colombia / / 2-2-05: We are starting our project. We are buying materials and cutting the Forms.

CLASS AB / James M Faulkner / Kennebunkport, ME / / 9-15-03: Working on frames.

CLASS CD / Don Slomke / Barboursville, WV / / 9-23-08: My 6th Glen-L boat. I received my frame kit and began construction on 9-20-08.
10-9-08: Three weeks into the project. Bottom finished, turned over to complete topside planking. Hope to start fiberglass work this weekend.
3-14-09: After a long winter, I finally had some weather that allowed me to resume work. I have completed the woodwork and fiberglassing. The paint is now finished. I have installed the motor, controls and steering. Just a few minor details and it will be ready for the water. I will send updated photos soon. (See Customer Photos)

CLASS D / Bill Gysin / UK / / 8-10-00: Just finished....

CLASS D / Bill and Daniel Petrie / Toronto, ON, Canada / / 12-22-03: The frames are complete and we got the wood together for the chines and keel. However, we stopped work at this early stage so the pieces would be easier to store. We want to finish the boat in April. Because my son is 15, the boat will be roughly handled. Thus, I have built the frames a little stronger adding a wooden support between the top and bottom of the frame. Apparently spruce is strong, but I have had a great deal of difficulty finding clear spruce. I have a line on a 1955 Merc like the one pictured in the catalog, and I have promised my son that if he gets straight A's, it will be his. His marks have increased accordingly, as we agree that putting our new 30 Johnson on this boat would be a travesty. 10-9-04: The boat is finished. Put a 15 Johnson on it and it does about 28 mph. It is a fast boat, and handles beautifully. We are thinking of widening the cockpit to make it a two seater across which would also require some modifications to the transom.

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