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HARBOR MASTER-WD / Ernst DeGroot / / 2-16-99: Forms, stem, skeg done. Stern widened.

HARBOR MASTER-WD / John Cook / / 3-14-02: Cedar strip will be used, with epoxy - fiberglass on both sides of the hull. The project was begun in March 2002. An outboard will be used instead of the normal inboard engine. 9-2-02: The hull has now been built by a boatbuilder in Nova Scotia. Pine planking was used, with epoxied fiberglass on both sides. The hull was extended to 25' 6", and a motor-well for an outboard was built, but otherwise the plans were followed closely. An enclosed cabin with cuddy is now being fabricated. 4-7-03: The hull and cabin have been completed by the builder, and I will soon begin on the interior. (See Customer Photos)

HELL CAT / John W. Martin IV & John W. Martin III / Columbia, South Carolina / / 5-31-10: My father and I began building the Hell Cat design in October of 1995 using the Glen-L plans and templates. Due to some time in the Army and college, I didn’t complete the boat until June of 2003. Since “completion” I have realized that some of my inexperience and shortcuts due to a tight budget led to some minor problems. I stripped the boat of all gear and hardware in 2006 to sand, paint and do epoxy repair. I am in the middle of another refit - mostly because I enjoy working on the boat but also because I want to do a better job on finishing out the boat. When we started building the boat originally we were advised that modifying the boat to a center console configuration was acceptable, so my Hell Cat is different from most of the ones on the site. The main question I have right now is how to power the boat. I have until this time been using a single 1990 Mercury outboard, 90 hp, for power (it was given to me). The boat was designed for twin engines and I would like to power it as designed. Motors have changed significantly in weight and performance over the years; I am very curious as to the most appropriate engine configuration for this design considering today’s options for power. Any recommendations?

HERCULES / John Stechman / / 4-18-00: Hull completed and ready for epoxy/glass. Most electrical prefabed. New 2GM20F in hand. Rudder and steering components, and all remaining wood, glass cloth, and epoxy purchased.

HERCULES / George Remington / Nanaimo, BC, Canada / / 8-30-01: The project is nearing completion, with interior 90% complete, exterior 100%. Ready for installation of engine. Still in a tossup over engine selection. Presently considering a Nannidiesel conversion of 37.5 hp Kubotu dsl. Design was modified after consultation with Glen-L for 26 ft. length, stitch & glue construction, and cedar epoxy lamination. Many interesting techniques evolved, which I'd be happy to discuss with other builders. Information available on copper-poxy bottom coating. 12-21-03: It has taken me that long to get finished because I was away for two years on an offshore project. We launched last summer with a total of about 4000 man-hours in the boat. I spent most of the summer carrying out sea-trials, and this coming summer we should be ready for out first long cruise up the coast to Alaska. I'd be happy to hear from anyone building or using a Hercules, and can now supply a lot of data on performance (engine size, prop size, fuel consumption, etc. (see Customer Photos)

HERCULES / Stephen Mines Custom / / 9-24-01: At a customers request am building two of these at the same time, in beginning stages w/forms built and comparing clients modified plans with originals from Glen-L just rec'd. Have built before, but two at a time is a first! With many decisions already engraved in granite by the buyer and a 10 month deadline, anticipate speedy completion (due in no small part to available funds furnished!). Will post as work progresses.

HERCULES / Gregory Williams / Email address no longer good 3-05 / West Virginia / 1-25-03: Just got the plans will start this spring. Now purchasing the materials. 2-7-03: Received 500bf White Oak, 8 sheets plywood, 2 gal epoxy, a bunch fasteners. Built up the Frame Platform...starting frames this week. 2-12-03: Built 3 frames 3/4 white oak Laminated each frame with epoxy to 1 1/2" and Lapped each covering each frame 2 coats epoxy ...working on #4 4-9-03: Hi ...Doing well...have all frames set up on the strongback...Laminating the keel and chine...raining this working outside. (see Customer Photos)

HONKER / Matt Flanery / Tyler, Texas / / 8-19-02: Received plans 8-15-02. I constructed building form, cut gussets, transom, motor board, stem, harpin #8 and knee from plywood on 8-17-02. 9-30-02: Reinforced building form and completed lamination of all frames. 10-16-02: Attached frames, stem, and transom to keel. Also, I have attached the harpins to the stem and the first two frames. Now that it is starting to look like a boat, building is more fun. 4-8-03: I have the sides on the boat, but I am dreading the precutting of the inner lam for the bottom of the boat. Every time I go out to work on the boat, I spend a lot of time trying to figure out a way to avoid the inner lam step. I guess I just need to suck it up and prepare the inner lams. 10-29-03: Well, I finally finished the Honker and I must say that the boat was a lot of fun to build. I made a few modifications to the plans. I did not lean the front coaming forward at 45 degrees as called for in the blue prints because I made a locking storage compartment under the deck, and I did not like how the front coaming hung out over the clasp. I also made a small compartment near the transom to accommodate my rocker panel. I took the boat out this last weekend and it performed great, despite the fact that it only had a 9.9 on it. I have attached a few additional pictures of the completion and the maiden voyage. Thanks again for answering my stupid questions along the way.(see Customer Photos)

HONKER / Ron & Joe Bastin / / 10-18-02: A father and son working together. We started our Honker project the end of August, prior to my son returning to college for his senior year. Today we just finished glassing the hull. Joe is home for a couple of days for Fall break and tomorrow we will be righting the hull and glassing the deck. 5-26-03: Complete. (see Customer Photos)

HOT ROD / Paul Kane/ Chelsea, Quebec, Canada / / 3-3-05: In October 2003, the frame half-plans were expanded to full-size plywood templates. A full-size mockup of the boat was built to validate and fine-tune the templates. The boat frames were started in March 2004. A used marine engine was purchased and rebuilt in June 2004. It was mated to a rebuilt Velvet Drive transmission and installed in the mockup. After completing the electrical system, the engine was outfitted with an automotive exhaust and cooling system so it could be fired up and broken-in.
March 2005: We're now in the final stages of fairing and sheeting the hull. I would like to hear from any Glen-L builders in the Ottawa/Hull/Gatineau area.
5-12-09: The boat's moving along. We just finished laminating up the cockpit coamings and dash. Those radiused corners were a lot of work but they change the whole look of the boat. I'll be off next week to finish up the deck. It's getting pretty close now so we'll be glassing over the sub deck and covering it with primer for now. It's not a real Hot Rod unless it's got some primer on it! See my website for complete progress report and photos:

HUCK FINN / Bob Anderson / Edson, Alberta, Canada / / 1-14-03: Began construction over Christmas and have mostly completed all the bulkheads, transoms, and stems. I must decide soon if it will be a 16' or 20' Huck Finn. If 20', I need to make 2 more bulkheads. Next step is to cut (and join, if necessary) all the chine, sheer, and keel material. Found a source for marine grade 1/4" fir plywood. 4-7-03: I have built stems, bulkheads, and transoms on the Huck Finn. I am awaiting the warmer weather so I can reclaim the garage for it's true function i.e. boatbuilding shop. In the meantime, I built a nice little cart for my PowerYak to make it easier for me to launch her. Looking forward to getting at her again.

HUNKY DORY / Jim Hennessey / / 11-1-98: Started month ago, have transom, frames, stem cut (1 extra frame to increase length). 3-22-99: Assembled stem, frames, transom, cut battens, sheers, chines, laying out building form. 6-21-99: Finished fairing and planking, starting epoxy and glass. Very enjoyable work, patience seems to pay off.

HUNKY DORY / Maurice Twitchell / / 4-4-99: Have framing done, getting ready to plank. (Built Sweet Caroline Skiff in 1972; had good luck with it.) 4-17-99: Planking complete. Couldn't believe the size of this boat. 4-24-99: Ready for glassing. 5-15-99: Epoxy seal coat applied. 6-7-99: Finished glassing, ready to paint and exterior trim. 7-25-99: Painting and installing outer keel and bottom strakes. Everything pretty well done, ready to turn over. 2-23-00: Sorry folks, I haven't done anything to the boat. It's buried in the snow in Maine and I am in Florida for the winter. 7-22-00: Have gotten back from Florida and am getting on with the boat. Have just about gotten all of the hull sanded and am getting ready to apply the Gel Coat for the final outside dressing. Then it's turn over and finish . 7-16-01: Having gotten back late from Florida this year I am in the process of finally finishing my Dory. It is all painted now and am in the process of getting a motor for it and finally getting it in the water. So far so good.This has been an interesting project. 10-21-01: Well I finally got the Dory finished after three shortened years. I have acquired a Tohatsu 40 hp motor for it and will have it in the water very soon. Have to hurry though, winter coming on. Will send pics.

HUNKY DORY / Peter Gierga / Kaunakakai, HI / email address not valid 4-6-03 / 2-23-00: Started building July 99, finished hull Feb 21 00. Starting topsides today. 4-13-00: Finished cabin and topsides. 4-24: Finished painting. 4-25-00: Starting to install hardware... getting close. 4-30-00: Finished. (See Customer Photos)

HUNKY DORY with Cabin / Lee Walker / / 12-29-00: Just laid out the building form, Barn floor is compacted earth. Had to grade a few small humps out and place plastic sheeting under the form. Have completed a small gluing table to construct the frames. Barn is unheated so will probably have to tent the construction as needed. 1-29-01: Have proceeded with transom, and the aft 4 frames, pretty cold here, so I work a little and warm a little. Ended up using Clear Douglas-fir, found some good straight grain 5/4. 2/5/01: Proceeding on the frames, had some good advice from Don Carter, thanks Don. I left my frame plans on the lofting table overnight, they were soaked almost beyond use, just from the dampness in the air. The blueprints letters tended to "run" when wet. I was able to dry it, and salvage the information. I have since drawn over the dimensions with a permanent marker, I'll call Glen L if any specific information is lost. Keep them plans dry folks. 9/1/01: Time passes quickly, construction occurs slowly. Have finished all the frames and mounted the stem. Transom and motor well are together. My plan of attack is to get the chines in place, fair up the framing and hopefully get the port planking ready to go. 9/3/01: received an E-MAil from Roger, he has ordered plans for his Hunky Dory. We look forward to reading about your progress once you get it going- Good luck Roger. 9/7/01: Rule # 96, never tell anyone your plans for the next phase, something will stop progress, same plan, new weekend. 3-16-02: ...and the project goes on. I have finished screwing the bottom in place, I think I have wasted materials sufficient to build a cute little 12'er. Had some trouble getting good joints on the bottom, ended up butt blocking. I am very happy with the joinery, I expected to see some "gaps" between the bottom and sides, she look pretty darn good to me. Sides faired up well, only had to adjust one frame. Very happy with the way the side pieces tied to the stem. Weather here in Oregon is still pretty cold, snow today. Hope to begin glassing the hull by the end of the month. Have been talking to Matt up north. Good luck Matt, I'll e-mail you for turn over, you do the same please. 11-16-02: Looks like I blew a perfectly good summer, at my last update (March I think) I had hoped to "get her glassed in the next month of so". I did that, she is glassed, sanded, re-coated,sealed and primed, but that is about it. I can think of a lot of excuses, but none of them ring true. Looking forward to talking to another builder out there, if one of you have had the mid-construction doldrums I would sure like to talk to you about how to get back in the groove. I spent some quality E-time talking to Ken up north, he's done a great job on his Double Trouble. I expect to see some great stories in the Dory news this next spring. As I said before the best way to break a "goal" is to tell someone about it, so I won't say, paint by Christmas, roll over by the New Year. 4-7-03: The Hunky Dory is still under construction. Hopefully it will be ready for turn-over this month.... HMMM heard that before.
6-22-03: Well didn't make it by 4/7/03, but have finished painting, and am building a beam overhead, I will be rigging a sling for turn over. The plan is to lift the boat, with a come-along (10 ton). The come-along will be attached to a 4X12 beam, and will have a pulley attached to run the sling through. I have cut out the strong back of the framing form at the (hopefully) balance point and am going to attach 2 - 2x6's side to side to keep the pressure of the sling from deforming the sides. Then I will lift, remove the framing forms, rotate the boat to upright, and lower on to the trailer. One suggestion for those of you who are building in a "reduced width" space, build bow toward the door, the boat will not fit worth a hoot on the trailer backwards. I retire next week so hopefully will have time to put towards the boat. I am still having trouble coming up with a name... any reader suggestions? 8-6-03: Please feel free to delete my notes from the project registry, due to fire damage the boat will not be completed. Thanks for your support over the project's duration, I will be selecting a new project soon.

HUNKY DORY / Matt Krick / Washington / / 5-6-02: Started on frame construction 4-30-02. Have the aft seven frames done. So far so good. Will start on front 5 frames on 5-7-02. Been talking with Lee down in Oregon. He has been great with a lot of helpful information. 5-11-02: Been hard at it building frames. Finished frame 11 today. Will finish frame 12 tomorrow. Learning lots about wood. This is my first real woodworking project. I've learned tightening clamps too tight does you no good at all. Not using as much glue as expected. Continue (see Customer Photos)

HUNKY DORY / Don Bing / / 6-18-02: March - Laid out stem, transom and breasthook per plans. Cut all from 3/4" Doug-fir marine plywood AB grade. Assembled transom, stem, breasthook.
April and May - Cut all frame members from genuine mahogany. Precut all notches for chines and sheers. Also pre-beveled all forward frames per plans. Assembled frames.
May - Getting a lot of rain and it's time to move the project outside. Progress now slow. Built the setup form on our deck.
June - All frames plumb, level, square to the centerline, and at the proper set up level. Repeated measurements indicate the deck is a stable building platform (whew!). Will post next when chines and sheers are installed and boat is faired prior to planking. Should be around July 4, hopefully. Certainly would be pleased to correspond with other Hunky Dory builders. Note: The above is an edited version of Don's entry, click here for the complete text and latest update (4-9-03).

HUNKY DORY with cabin / Harold Cobb / / 8-24-02: I am building the Hunky-Dory now and am presently working on the cabin. The project was started in may 1995. Back to back hurricanes Eric and Opal in Aug. and Sept 95 slowed the project and Hurricane Georges in 1999 almost wiped us out. Hope to have it completed this fall. 4-10-03: I am preparing an update with photos on my Hunky dory project. 9-15-03: At this point, the cabin is partially completed. The boat is ready for the wiring and installing the console, fuel tanks and engine. For power either a 4 stroke 90hp Honda or the new 90hp Evinrude will be used. (See Customer Photos)

HUNKY DORY with cabin B / Randy Lee / Kelowna B.C. / / 8-1-06: I started my boat in June and I am laying up the side panels, I lengthened the boat by three frames to 28, 4ft. The extra length will be used to make a longer cabin. Other changes include a center batten and increasing the bow height by 16" and the gunnels by 12". A 4" kick rail forward and an outboard transom that will accomodate 2- 90 horse merc's and a kicker bracket for a 10 horse trolling motor. Because the boat will be used off N Vancouver Isle. the sides will be 1/2" and the bottom 5/8". 2-6-07: I glassed the hull and am in the process of sanding the bottom in preparation for prime and paint. A few weeks of cold weather slowed me down so I ripped the battens and built a trailer. Sure looking forward to topside building.
4-22-08: I'm sending in a few pictures of the Hunky Dory built from your plans and modified for my use fishing and cruising around the pacific north west of B.C. The plans were easy to follow and straight forward. The cabin has been legthened and a couple of sliding doors will be added at the helm. Work is progressing on the interior of the cuddy and main, fish boxes are being built for the cockpit and outboard power will be determined after she is weighed. Thanks, Randy Lee (See Customer Photos)

HUNKY DORY / Tom Ferrell / Evanston, WY / / 5-28-03: Starting frames and hunting for a place to build it.

HUNKY DORY / Bob Lutley / BC, Canada / / 3-24-07: I live at mile 300 alaska Hwy. B.C. Canada. I just spent 3 long days Planing Rough cut Douglas Fir down from 2."x3.50" down to 1.50"x3" I do not have a jointer so I built a carriage to carry the wood so I can cut a straight edge on one side before planing. I now have all the frame members planed & cut to length. Frames 1 to 7 all notched & ready for assembly tomorrow. That is sure a slick way you came up with to transfer plans to the set up board. Heh Heh! I'm just like a little kid, can't wait for tomorrow. 3-27-07: Assembled frames 1 to 8. Had a hard time getting Gel magic out of container so I cut container in half Length ways and scraped into 1 gal honey pail with snap on lid, makes it much easier to put right amount into measuring cup. Will build frames 9 and 10 tomorrow. Must be careful to have angle towards the bow and cross pawl on rear side of frame. I will use a different color pencil tomorrow so as not to get confused. My master board as I call it, is getting a lot of lay up lines on it. 4-9-07: I have now got all the battens, sheers and chines cut and planed to specs. And the hole in the back wall of my shop covered with a chunk of foam. I will now build the building form supports in the shop and assemble after the snow has gone and the ground has thawed. Going to have a tough time waiting. Sooo! I'll find some other chores to do and keep reading the boat builder forum. (see Customer Photos)

HUNKY DORY / John Stevens / Cape Cod, MA / / 7-23-07: You first timers should know that when you build a boat, make it a boat and not furniture. I actually have documented this boat with the Feds, instead of obtaining a state registration. I believe it may be the first Hunky documented. If you go to the Homeland Security/Naval Documentation website you will get the formula for documentation. Keep crunching numbers and adding inches to the hull until the formula works. It's not a big stretch. I put alot of extra frames about a third foward of the stern for attaching a towing bit, tower or whatever in the future. I used alot of slab white cedar from the Vermont swamps on the inside and left the edges rough. Looks cool. All I ever use is a hammer, a skill saw and a drill. I guess I'm lucky, I've built a dozen boats from 8' to 30' and never had a problem with a chine log or a sheer. They just fit. Please feel free to e-mail me if anyone wants to ask questions. (see Customer Photos)

HURON / Terry Griffith / / 10-3-01: constructed form for Huron canoe.

HURON 15' / John F. Fanning / Austin, TX / / 1-30-02: 50% of the framing completed.

HURON / Tom Clark / Houston, Texas / / 10-11-09: Started on 9-26-09 Building form was erected in one weekend of intermittent work. The form went together pretty quick but I have spent a bunch of time tinkering with leveling, blocking the frames in position and firming up the stems. I have purchased the spruce for the chines, keel etc and am waiting to pick up the product from the lumber yard, along with the plywood.
4-12-10: Ready to fair. (See Customer Photos)

IMP / Peter Carras / / 7-10-99: Forms 1 & 2, stem, and most of transom completed. Ready to install chine. Purchased 6mm okoume, having lap joined to 12'. 7-19-99: Battens glued and screwed, side and bottom planking and skeg installed. Boat turned over and seats and railings being installed. 8-5-99: Construction complete, ready to fiberglass. Rails were hard to bend, but had success. 9-7-99: Had the launch in front of the whole neighborhood. It was a wonderful experience for me and my 9 year old son. 4-9-03: We completed the IMP and it was a tremendous success, because it was a learning experience for my 12 year old son.(Customer Photos)

IMP / Mitch Rohrbach / / 10-13-03: Building base member for Stem and Forms 1 and 2. 10-25-03: Chine Logs, Battens, Sheers and Keel ripped to size. Sheers rounded for pleasing appearance. Slight radius to top edges of Battens and Keel except where notched into Transom. Knee, Stem and Transom cut. Preparing to notch Transom Frame. Note: Cut the sides of the Transom and Frames to 5 degrees to accommodate the side plank angle and reduce fairing. Have to prepare all parts prior to lying the building base on the floor, work shop too small to do both. Waiting for my Poxy-Grip so I may join the Stem, Knee and Transom Frame. First boat, can't have ANY mistakes, that wood is FAR too expensive. 12-29-03: My IMP is coming along nicely. Just attached the inner shears and continue to work on fairing them for a nice appearance. IMP Rowboat, Mitch Rohrbach, 1-2-04: Project complete!! Had great fun. Four months building time. Bright yellow hull, red stripe down the sides. Light blue non skid deck. Natural Shears and seats. Used all 100% Acrylic latex. LOOKS GREAT! $620 total cost. Will send pictures eventually. Thanks for the great plan and your assistance.

IMP / Shane Smith / Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada / / 4-11-05: I am at least half way through the building process, by my estimation. Side planking has been glued to the stem, chine logs, and transom, the frames are faired, and I am nearly ready to glue the bottom on the hull. It is starting to take shape and with any luck I can flip the hull and begin (the fun stuff) work on the inside. I built the IMP to be a fly fishing boat for the small freshwater lakes in the interior of British Columbia. It will be used as a cartopper to access 4x4 lakes, and will hopefully provide a stable fly fishing platform from which to spend long days fishing from. I am a 200+ pounder and I needed a larger boat than my previous 8-footer. This is the second boat that I have built. It has been constructed of Brazillian mahogany marine plywood, Douglas-fir for the frame, and floor battens of fir and spruce. The entire boat is covered in epoxy, and I chose to cover the outside of the hull in 2oz. kevlar cloth. I intend to put UHMW rub strakes on the bottom of the hull to protect against abrasion when the boat is pulled ashore.

IMP / Glenn and Austin Northcott / Bethlehem, PA / / 10-28-03: After receiving the plans, we were both very excited to get started on our IMP. So, along with my son Austin (age 7) we began to build the forms last night and are ready to get started ASAP on more. I can already tell it is going to be a great experience. Cost of plans $36. Cost of Materials... $200. Seven year old saying "Thanks for doing this with me Dad" every five minutes... PRICELESS!

IMP / Tom Schultz / Deep River, CT / / 1-18-06: My wife bought me the plans and I have studied them from top to bottom, and I feel very confident that this will be a great project. I have not made my first cut, but I have all the lumber on order and it should be arriving mid next week. I also purchased the fastener kit, and poxy grip from Glen-L. I can't wait to get started.

ISLANDER / John Shannon / / 7-1-98: All frames and stem constructed and erected. Working on transom and harpins. 11-1-98: Transom, harpins complete, all set up. 5-8-99: Keel completed and in place. Chines installed. 6-20-99: All side and bottom battens in place. Fairing is all done (I hope). Planking starts today. 7-16-00: First layer of plywood on bottom and sides. Planking will be finished by the end of August and I hope to turn over the hull later this fall. 8-7-00: With one year to go before launch, all the decks are teaked, I am at present, on the wood laith, turning the rail stanchions, to try and complete the exterior work this year, before winter, when I can concerntrate on the interior work. The engine is in place, and ready to marinise, all the cabin lighting is wired, I have decided to have solid fual heating, with radiators, so we can use the boat all year round. She is looking very good at the moment.

ISLANDER / Stefan Joerg / Worms, Germany / / 10-19-02: I just began the project.

ISLANDER / Stephen Langston / Scotland / / 4-16-06: I started the Islander just under a year ago and managed to complete the frames in about two weeks. After six months off (due to heavey work schedule and bad weather) I have just started work again. Today I joined together the Keel and am now waiting for supplies to make the harpins etc. You can see my efforts at

JACK TAR-PW / Bob Warner / Hertfordshire, England / / 2-7-99: Hull complete, righted. 7-13-00: Progress has been slower because of bad weather conditions here in England, that said, the windows are now fully glazed, so we are able to work on the interior when the weather turns, all the decks are teak planked. 7-16-01: Unfortunatly because of lots of rain, preventing me from finishing the paint work, Jack Tar's launch is delayed until early spring of 2002. That said, she looks great. The solid mahogany side rails and posts are in place, with the addition of 4 inch sisle rope as a fender. Just for your info, my work hour log, building Jack Tar, has almost reached 10.000 Hours, over almost six years, this September. I have enjoyed every single minute. My wife, even now has to drag me away, to stop for lunch. Also I am not a good example, because this is a boat I never would have dreamed to have owned, so I have taken my time through every stage of construction, with the thoughts of, measure three times, cut once. (see Customer Photos also WebLetters 19 and 21)

JACK TAR-PW / Bob Lew / Mersing/Johor/Malaysia / / 5-12-05: Status: four frames up on building form. I bought my boat plans in Oct 2003 and started very slowly from Jan 2004. It was a big decision to start such a project for an absolute beginner. The other challenge I have is that I must travel 125 kilometers and pass through two immigration/custom formality to get to my "backyard" since I live in an apartment in a city country. I did not register earlier due to my slow progress.

JAMES COOK-PW / Noel Grant / Ireland / / 9-20-99: Using western red cedar in four layers, I am at the third layer. 6-25-00: I am on the final layer of planking. Each plank I fit is position is for the last time and it gives me a great deal of satisfaction. 12-15-00: I have finished planking and I am now looking forward to the next stage of the project. 8-27-02: The hull is ready to turn over. 4-10-03: I have turned over the hull and I am working on the interior joinery work. 9-2-04: I have fitted the engine and most of the deck and I am working on the cabin sides although I will not be able to complete this work until I have moved it out of my workshop because of height restrictions. I am trying to get as much of the timber as possible cut and ready for fitting once it is outside. I also have the keel ready to be attached.
5-8-08: The day has finally arrived and my "James Cook" was launched. All went well with the launch on 3rd May 2008 with great support from my family and friends. The boat was well admired by many. I am sending some photos but we have yet to do some proper sea trials, and will send on more information when we have. Thanks to all at Glen-L for all the support over the years. (See Customer Photos)

JAMES COOK-FG / Michael Trusz / / 12-9-99: Construction based on an airex-cored grp hull. I estimate I am 90% finished; installing interior systems: water, plumbing, electrical; exterior completely finished including linear polyurethane paint job, hatches; and a teak-veneer on the deck - (this looks great!) 11-21-02: September 3, 2002: The boat was launched! September 4 - mast raised and standing rigging installed. September 5 -sails and running rigging installed - we then took her out for a short sail. Her traditional appearance - taffrail, bowsprit and teak-veneered decks draw a lot of positive comments. In the conditions in which she has been sailed (to about force 5) - she seems extremely well balanced - a very light hand on the tiller is all that is needed.

JAMES COOK-PW / Hollis Jenkins Jr. / / 7-23-00: Making templates for the frame members.

JAMES COOK-PW / Ken Morrow / / 4-27-01: Getting ready for the inboard. looking for 10hp diesel. Working on the mast step also doing the rigging. 6-6-01: Installing fuel tanks, water tanks 12hp engine, and compression post. This has been a long project but I see light at the end of the tunnel. I just got finnished making the mast step and fitting it (1/4" steel to be galvinized). 11-21-02: I have been working on the standing rigging, 1/4" 1x19 ss wire, trying to get the length right. It will be interesting when we step the mast. Instaling the chain plates and deck fittings. Doing some wiring in the wood mast for navigation lights, vhf, tangs and spreaders. 4-9-03: I'm finishing my standing rigging with only a couple more to make up. If everything goes ok I'll be stepping the mast to make sure all my lengths are correct. That being said I'll be able to launch in a few months. I've got my fingers crossed and hope everything goes allright. Thanks I hope this makes it back to you. Ken

JAMES COOK-PW / Serge Valin / western PA / / 6-13-03: Started 6 months ago. Have installed all frames on building form and lined up with strings and plumb lines. Will now start shaping keel lamination and notches with bevels on frames. 9-19-03: I am now installing the two laminations of the keel on the frames, on the building form. Made successful butt joint and a 10-1 scarf joint on the white oak keel. Epoxy needs practice, but I am up to speed now. Look forward to planing, cutting and scarfing the longitudinals. 11-20-03: I have now installed the port side hull battens after cutting notches 3/8" deep and will check the alignment before gluing and screwing them on the frames. I used a router and a large plexiglass base plate to cover two battens for the bevel cutting of the frames notches. Lots of work! I also found exterior pw 3/16 luan and tested some samples (boiled and dried twice, ref.Gougeon Bros book).

JET CAT 14' / Steve Johnson / Ontario, Canada / email address not valid 4-8-03 / 07-09-02: Well, I am finally done the project I started two years ago. It turned out way nicer than I thought it would, and all my expectations were exceeded. My boat, named "CAT III" is comparable to any new boat on the lake. We have set her up for wakeboarding. I am sending along a couple of pictures of her. I'm sure you will be quite pleased what you can do with one of your boats when you put a little imagination into it. (see Customer Photos)

JIMBO-PW / Rick / / 3-9-00: Started the construction of the JIMBO. Have stitched together the hull and am ready to epoxy the chine and keel. Some trouble with the bow but it finally fit good.

JIMBO-PW / Digby W. (Dick) Belcher / / 8-4-00: The bottom and topsides are ready for paint. I never imagined that I would go through as much epoxy (West System) as I have. This is a great design for the waters off Vancouver Island and I can't wait to launch it and get somes fish scales on the sole. I followed the Glen-L plan exactly and found only 1 error in the plans (which I reported). I will be powering it with a 50 HP Honda 4 stroke. My next step (after painting the bottom) will be to punch a hole in the basement wall to get it out of the house, a minor inconvenience after 6 months of work. 4-10-03: The boat has been finished for 2 years now. It performs very well with a 50 HP Honda 4 stroke. Had a lot of fun building it. Many have emailed me for advise etc which I have been happy to provide.

JIMBO-PW / Brian Klauser / / 1-11-02: I started working on the PW Jimbo 12/30/01. Today we glued the seams, the bare hull is all together, bottom, sides, bow & transom. Tomorrow we should be working on fillets and installing the keel. 2-22-02: Motorwell, decking, and cockpit sole complete. 4-10-03: Email address current.(See Customer Photos)

JIMBO-PW / Albert Keizer / Almere, Netherlands / / 6-5-03: I started building the Jimbo PW in december 2001. Building took a bit longer due to lack of time but now its almost ready to launch. I chose to make the deck and carlings of mahogany/plywood with clearcoat, it looks really classy. My ultimate plan is to put some pictures on a website, but for now my aim is to get it in the water as soon as possible. (see Customer Photos)

JIMBO-PW / Lawrence (Larry) Wilson / Mobile, Alabama / / 9-7-05: I am now shopping for materials. This will be my third Glen-L boat. I built the Sirroco and the John Boat about 20 years ago when I was working in Ecuador. 1-3-07: I have stitched together the hull. I have epoxied the interior joints. I have installed the interior sheers utlilizing mahogany. I am now in the process of fiberglassing the interior seams.
11-9-06: Installed the inner shears.
9-26-07: We sold one of our cars so this freed up garage space for me to transfer to boat to the garage and finish it there. I am now making cradles to set on the platform to support the boat while working on the inside. The platform is 4 feet wide and 12 feet long so there will be a little overhang.
11-2-07: Deck beam and battens are in place as are the partial side deck beams. The Samson post is only temporarily installed at this point to facilitate its proper alignment.
12-24-07: Carlings have been installed. The space between the carling and the inner sheer has been filled with scrap 1-inch wood to facilitate later installations of step pads, rod holders, cleats, etc. without having to back them up with wood blocking later. It is just easier to do it now. Notice that I have started some of the painting. I am painting those parts that would be difficult after construction is finished.
1-9-08: Just installed the knee.
1-10-08: I have just installed the longitudinal uprights.
4-15-08: My 7-yr. old daughter is helping to cut and sand part of the motorwell.
(see Customer Photos)

JIMBO-ALUM / Brian Burton / / 3-12-01: Started construction on the Jimbo Aluminum on March 12, 2001 with my class of 8 students enrolled in a Welding Assembly course, purchased 5' x 16' aluminum sheets in order to eliminate as many seams as possible to ensure structural integrity. Day 1 we cut out the bottom in one piece instead of two seperate halves, removing the wedge piece at the bow from "0" to "4". We are planning to score the outside part of the bottom half the tickness in order to form the bottom "V" with ease and then weld the groove to fill it up flush. Sides, Transom, and Bow were also cut, all the cuts were made with a skill saw fitted with a fine toothed blade and then deburred with files. Continue (see Customer Photos)

JIMBO-PW / Spencer Howe / Cape Elizabeth, Maine / / 11-4-05: Started in mid-September, all seams are fiberglassed. Moving right along! I'm hopping to have the hull flipped before Christmas.

JOLLY ROGER-PW / Jason Lennox / email address not valid 4-8-03 / 2-29-00: Inherited a 28' Jolly Roger with a 4 cyl. diesel. Starting to finish constuction and repair of cabin. Its a great boat, very reliable and cheap to run. Appreciate any correspondence. 8-6-00: Tear down has included all cabin, decking and a 4X6 section of hull do to water damage. Just created first piece to go back together. Year or two of work now. Thanks for the inheritance dad!

JOLLY ROGER-PW / Martin Pedel / UK / / 9-25-05: Jolly Roger in progress. Frames cut, Stem cut.

JOLLY ROGER-PW / Don Hancock / Dunn, North Carolina / / 10-11-06: I purchased study plans for the Jolly Rodger mid summer of 2006 and decided to proceed with the project. I purchased the construction plans with full size patterns in September of 2006. I am currently setting up my frame assembly board using 3 sheets of 1/2 BC exterior plywood. I want to lay out the frames on the assembly board using the full size patterns before I start cutting frame, stem, and transom parts to better visualize the size and shapes of these structural members before cutting. I plan to build the frames, stem, and transom this winter to have them ready for erection on a building form in the spring of 2007. 1-16-07: Completed the transom, frames, and stem on January 7, 2007... ahead of schedule. Completed the building form on January 14, 2007. My next task is to construct a temporary shelter to I can start assembling the frames on the building form.

KAYAK / Al Engelkens / / 6-2-01: Started construction in January of 2000. Working in spare time took about 40 actual hours to complete. Place in the water on May 28, 2001. Went together fairly well. Initial stability a little rocky but seems to take quite a bit to tip completely over. I built the 15' 4" version to use as a double. 4-9-03: The email address is still good. I have been out in it several times on some small lakes and some mild rivers. I enjoy paddling it, the only thing that has surprised me is the weight of the finished kayak. It weighs in at about 100 pounds which makes it a little heavy to move around by myself, I did use 1/4 inch plywood for most of the construction and that may be the reason for the weight, living in the midwest makes it a little hard to get the thinner marine plywood.

KE-PAU / Tim Nichols / Kettering, OH / / 3-18-05: Started: March 1, 2005. Sides are done. 1/2 of the bottom is on. 8-7-05: I finally finished it! My eight year old twins have been bugging me to get it done! So, I stayed up until 2:00am last night and finished it. It turned out pretty good. I learned a lot. I decided early that I wasn't going to be too persnickety about the epoxy part of it. I didn't do much sanding but it still looks reasonable. All of you epoxy perfectionists would probably laugh me out of here! I'll have to get psyched up for the next project and actually sand it like it's supposed to be! I was probably too liberal with the epoxy so, I basically ran out or, thought I would run out. So, I stole/borrowed some from a friend who had built 3 kayaks and had some left over. Anyway, you just can't make a mistake on the epoxy measuring. The last portion of the final coat must not have had enough hardener in it. It was still a little sticky after a week. I did fiberglass the bottom, only because I wanted some experience for the next project. Regarding the bearings, I had decided to paint the stamped housing, shaft and bearings so that I could avoid rust. You know? I worked for a bearing manufacturer and you'd think I would know better! Don't paint the bore of a bearing or the shaft. You'll never get the bearing on! So, that's why I was up till 2:00 am last night. I took more time sanding the shaft and bearing bore than I did the whole boat... not really but, it seemed like it. I commend glen-l for the engineering of this wonderful water toy! I couldn't fill a gallon bucket with the material waste from the design! Awesome! I was suspicious of the efficiency of the paddles! Boy was I wrong! This little boat is surprisingly fast and tracks better than any old production paddle boat! The kids had a ball today and all the neighbors loved it. Mentally, I'm ready for the next boat. I learned however, that I have trouble being consistent with the build! That Zip is on my mind though!

KEY WEST / Carl / / 11-1-98: Hull complete and flipped. Floor in, working on mahogany decks.

KID-ROW / Steve and Ethan Davis / email address not valid 4-8-03 / 2-3-00: Stitched, awaiting glue and fiberglass covering material. The project is our first and is a fantastic father and son project. We are looking forward to our next project.... Tubby Tug, or maybe a cedar strip canoe?

KID-ROW / Darrell Sisson / / 3-5-00: Stitched together waiting on the fillets to dry.

KID-ROW / Frank Daly / Bay City, WI / / 7-14-04: The Kid Row is a stitch and glue, and so far I have stitched it all together.

KIDYAK / Jim Hollister / (email address not good 6-01) / 7-6-98: Launched this past weekend. Coaming and keel installation remain. / 7-27-98 Update: Finished construction, waiting for epoxy to fully cure before final sanding and varnishing.

KIDYAK / D. F. Suggs / (email address not good 6-01) / 5-30-99: Successful launch on the lake. Built in the basement during winter months with help of 9 year old son. True to plans. Advice - sand sand sand the interior cockpit, bare legs vunerable to any sharp edges on epoxy/glass tape, especially under the deck. 4mm okoume is beautiful to work, don't settle for less. Cockpit natural (or is that bright?) finish, exterior 100% acrylic latex, very durable. 3/4" thick, closed cell, foam pad in cockpit relieved leg cramps and tingles.

KIDYAK / Ray Finney / Syracuse, New York / / 2-17-10: I have cut out wood parts and am waiting for the fiberglass kits to arrive in the mail.

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