Mr. Pearsall's 3rd Grade Class

Wilkes Elementary School, Bainbridge, WA
Boatbuilding Project
Progress Report #1


Progress Report #1 - 12/9/98 by Hannah

Progress Report #2 - 2/9/99 by Jonathan

Project Summary - 2/99

Room 1, Grade 3
Wilkes Elem. School
12781 Madison Ave. N.
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


Glen L. Boat Company

Dear Sir or Madam,
Enclosed please find our check for $33.00. We would like the plan for the Kid-Yak. We are going to build one and practice our measuring, problem solving and letter writing. We'll have fun too.


Megan B.

Harry E.

Jonathan H.

Austin B.

Alicia B.

Austin K.

Hannah C.

Andrew W.

David F.

Elsie L.

Jareth S. V.


Tyler C.

Gary F.

Jennifer G.

Becky G.

Nick S.

Danielle Y.

Logan C.

Nicky M.

Quinn W.

Haley M.

Emily F.

Hillary G.

Jessica R.

Maggie H.

The above letter is a sample of 26 separate letters included with this order. Many of the letters included drawings. Click on the names above for art work created by Mr. Pearsall's future boat builders.

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