Construction Pictorial 1

Photographs by Glen Witt.
Builder: Don Ruffa (shop foreman).
Tools: We get a lot of questions regarding what tools are required to build a boat. You can tell by looking at these photos that although hand power tools may be convenient, they are not required.

Fig 1: The building form is leveled both lengthwise and athwartship.

Fig 2: A straight-edge is aligned over the centerline, in this case the keel, with a plumb-bob dropped to accurately center the stem-breasthook assembly.

Fig 3: Frames are aligned with a chalk-line.

Fig 4: The chine blocking is mounted to the stem. Check Fig. 5 for the method of determining proper alignment.

Fig 5: The fore and aft location of the chine may need to be varied, depending on the thickness of the chine material used. Here the builder is using a fixture with a short piece of chine material to be sure that a continuation of the line will end on the centerline of the stem.