Here's some construction photos. As you can

see, you don't really need an elaborate workshop to build a boat (at least one this size.) I built it mainly in my carport.

First picture shows one set of sides cut out about 2" outside the line and attached to the 2nd sheet of ply, I did this because I didn't have much work area.

Second picture shows sides and seat uprights cut out, both sides are still nailed together.

The third picture shows sides and uprights stitched together.

The forth shows one of the first fillets, I used the one step method. I layed down the putty, ( I just used wood flour) with a curved blade, let it set a few minutes, layed the tape over the top, let it sit a few, then brushed on some more epoxy to wet it out. I'm too lazy to sand much so this was much faster for me.

Last picture shows most of the fillets done.