50 Years of Boatbuilding

by Dennis Hicks

I have put together some photos of various boats built over 50 years.

Renegade is off the plan and made from red meranti and it is this material that I have used on all the boats built. The boat incorporates a four speaker sound system and two-tone upholstery layout. The hull has been finished in a fibreglass West System and painted in a two-pack epoxy with pin striping.

The other boats you see are:

Tiny Mite, which I built in 1961 is still going strong and used every summer on the lakes around town. Over the years, I've restored the Tiny Mite on two occasions to spruce up the paintwork and mods to get some more speed (202 red engine in at present). This little gem has perhaps been the family favorite over the years because of its easy handling and outrageous cornering capabilities. Good with the tubes and skis as well.

The Ski-King is my Sunday down the river boat and was built in 1965 for a friend who was unable to complete the fit out. In 1990 I regained possession of the boat and completed the fit out over six months. In the Ski-King is a Cleveland 302 and runs at about 45-50 mph.

My Sweetie II was built in 1992 and is the big brother of Tiny Mite with a Windsor 302 under the hatch. Very easy handling boat and runs around the 60 mph mark. Personally a favorite of mine because of its all-round looks and capabilities.

Barry, I'm gathering construction photos of the renegade at the moment. Regards Dennis