The Story of "The BOX"

by Sarah Riviere

Stephanie and Sarah installing battens.

After the Glen-L plans arrived we started to work, going to Grandpa's house once a week. We started by transferring the plans to the wood and cutting out the pieces. We used a bandsaw to cut them and then sanded them until we got the "OK" to start putting the frames together. After about 10 months of cutting and sanding we were so happy to get to use the nail gun and put something together! Following the plans really proved to be hard at this stage. We made every frame at least 2 times! After all the frames were made correctly, we put them in place on the wooded box that we had built for the purpose. Then we started to put the beams and supports in place. We would hold the bent beams in place as grandpa would put glue on them and screw them in for us. Many weeks passed and finally we had a ¼" shell all around the bottom of the new boat. Grandpa would always tell us at this stage "It's looking a lot like a boat".

Stephanie and Sarah.

Sarah clamping.

Stephanie clamping.

Sarah gluing.

Sarah gluing.