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1989 Homemade Cutter, 27' 9"

1989 27 ft Homemade sailboat with Cutter rig. Trailer with new tires. 20HP Vetus 2 cylinder diesel motor. Design by Ken Hankinson, naval architect. Double diagonal planking over stringer frame, fiberglass over all surfaces, epoxy/bronze fasteners, 2000Lb lead filled steel keel. Lovingly built by master woodworker. Launched 1989. Enclosed head, 20 gallon water tank, Horizon Eclipse marine radio, full galley. Queen V-berth. quarters berths. Very nice project boat, just needs a little more work.

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That is the James Cook. It was designed while Ken was working for Glen-L. Originally the number one sheet of the plans had Ken's name on it, but before Ken quit Glen-L, he removed his name from most of the plans.

Over the years, Glen-L plans have not had the designer's name on them, but were simply identified as a Glen-L design. The layout of the plans, the way the patterns were made and instructions were always to the Glen-L format. At some point Ken asked Glen if he could put his name on some of the plans. The James Cook was one of those.

People often ask why we don't have photos of _____, assuming that it has not been built. Or how many have been built? We did not know about this James Cook and there are probably many, many more out there that we do not know about. It would be interesting to know who built it.