From the Boatbuilder Connection:
Let's make commitments for Guntersville 07

"I have committed a reservation in the park. I'm going in on Wednesday, thru Sunday. I hope to take some kind of cruise on the Tennessee river before the event." kens, Savannah, GA

"just committed to a Lake Cabin. (Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights). I'll donate to the Pavillion. But, I'll bet we could sit in it and talk without paying! When I made my reservation, they asked if I was with a group. I said we weren't official, yet. But, we're a bunch of boat builders. They are aware of us! Deposit is one nights rent. Refundable, up to 72 hours before arrival." Bill Edmundson, Birmingham, AL

"I'd be willing to bet that if we had enough people reserved, they'd give us the pavillion. However, before too many people make reservations, let's see how we go about making sure that the park folks know that we're all with the same group. That way they'd have more info to work with." Dave Grason, Kingston Springs, TN

"I guess this means... 'count me in'." Bruce Dow, Toronto, ON, Canada

"I am committed to being there, but make the 45 minute drive instead of staying there." John K

"I will definitely be there also". narduccimarine, Decatur, AL

"I will be there with my Zip. Should have her finished before spring." tgattis, Savannah, GA

"I plan to attend although at this point I am not sure what days. I will be coming by river and will sleep onboard so housing is not an issue. Looking forward to meeting everyone." raymacke, Marissa, IL

"I solemnly promise that I will attend the 'Guntersville Gathering'. There, that's done. I'll make the reservation tomorrow." v-driver, Memphis, TN

"Okay, I don't think we are supposed to post here unless we are committed: but I THINK I am committed." leakcheck, Marietta, GA

"Wives invited or not? Personally, I like my 'Admiral', and would prefer if she came - she is very knowlegable about boats and boating and would love to come. Our plan are to bring the Squirt and stay with some friends we still have in Huntsville..." terrymc, California

"I say that any time you can take your wife with you... take her." leakcheck

"Wives! Welcome or not! My wife plans to come. And she may bring friends!" Bill Edmundson