Glenn L. Johnson's Pee Wees

Photos of Mr. Johnson's Pee Wees have been used in our catalogs for years... this is the story of the projects.

September 1, 1971

Dear Sir:

I would like to take a few moments of your time to share a few complements I have received building your boats. It all started about 12 years ago, when I built one of your Swish boats that attracted quite a bit of interest in our area.

My daughter who is 9 years old, also likes to go sailing and boating whenever the time is available. Therefore, when I saw your plans for your Pee Wee boats, I decided to build a couple for my daughter and my brother's children.

I took up the task of building two of your boats in our driveway. I fiberglassed both boats and powered them with electric motors manufactured by Pelican Electric Motors and a reversing switch manufactured by Osborn Engineering Corp., Bloomington, Illinois.

Although the speed of the boats is only the speed of a sailboat, they are very enjoyable for both children and parents. It is the attention they draw from other families that prompted me to write to you.

As I am very proud of my work and your plans, I have enclosed a few pictures of the boat which include my daughter and her cousins.

In closing, I would like to say of the numerous boats I have built, your boats attract the most attention.

Very turly yours,
Glenn L. Johnson