From the Boatbuilder Connection:

1999 Glen-L Rebel for sale (pics)

I'm building a new boat and want to sell my 1999 Glen-L Rebel.

I built the boat using a Glen-L frame kit and launched it in May of 1999. Mahogany laminated over Marine plywood (fir) with WEST epoxy. White oak was used for all stringers.

This is a great boat for inland lakes and rivers. It will go about 35MPH (1999 50HP Johnson) with a light load and a 17" pitch prop(included). It'll pull a wakeboard, kneeboard, skis or tube with a full load of people and fuel with a 15" pitch prop.

I need to sell it so I can make room for my next project and to finance a new outboard.

Send me an email if you are interested.