"Bootlegger" Hankinson 19'6" Barrelback

by Greg Roy

Some "Kiwi" inventions include:

- Boarding ladder (see photo), as we do a lot of waterskiing I wanted a boarding ladder that was easy to use but would not detract from the look of the boat. I got hold of a standard locally made stainless ladder and modified the mounting base with 3/8 pins. Counter sunk into the side deck I fitted two chrome skin fittings (Glenwood Marine) that the ladder pins fit into. Simple - it stows under the rear seat when not in use and the skin fittings are non offensive.

- Water ski racks either side of the engine/fuel tank in the engine compartment. We can fit two each side. (see photo)

- Built in tie down points on the hull side guards (see photo)

- Unlike the originals I wanted a clean looking deck so used a "pop up" front navigation light (Hella marine) and on the rear deck the rear light is removable with the base becoming the flag pole holder. Also have hidden hinges for the engine hatch - use a standard long/short hinge (Perko) attached to the inside edges of the hatch and opening.

- 10' "clip on" drawbar extension for launching at shallow ramps and off the beach at our lake property.

A time saving device I found during the cold molding process was I borrowed an air powered nail gun that shot nylon nails. The nails came as a belt similar to the common variety steel nails and were available in different lengths. Sorry I don't know the brand as I borrowed it but with the nylon nails there is no need to remove them and they can be sanded, filed or planed without damaging your tools. You can hold the ply in place with one hand and shoot in as many nails as needed with the other - just brilliant and no pulling out staples. This is not used on the mahogany layers, it was back to the nail pins for this.

Also for wooden and classic boat lovers check out this site - http://www.woodenboatparade.co.nz

Additional photos