Successful Gathering of Boat Builders

by Gayle Brantuk

Many of the folks on the Forum have known each other for several years but had never met in person. Many were mainly known by their "Usernames" such as Leakcheck, UPSPirate, Mr. Hot Rod, gaffrig24 or Krugwaffle. Whatever their names, all are kindred spirits that have been infected by the boatbuilding bug.

Builders came from all over the United States and Canada. The farthest traveled from Apple Valley, MN towing his boat and only beat the two builders from Canada by about 15 miles-also towing a boat.

Not only did the guys on the Glen-L Forum plan the event but also had awards made, as well as planned, provided, prepared and cleaned up food for each of the three days and set the stage for a great time for everyone. The Forum has been buzzing with activity since the Gathering and many had comments to share:

"It was great putting faces with names and being able to see how builders handled certain things I haven't done yet. I was impressed by the craftsmanship of all the boats." David Barrett, Georgia

"Had a great time. Great people to be associated with! Lots of beautiful boats by even more beautiful people." Gary McCusker, Kentucky

"It was an awesome weekend, much more fun than I had hoped, and I was pretty excited to go." Bill Eason, Georgia

In addition to Glen-L designs, there were boats built from other designer's plans such as, Stevenson Projects and Phil Bolger … all were welcome. Many who came didn't bring boats but were just eager to see the craftsmanship of others' work and glean some ideas for their own projects.

You don't want to miss the 2008 Gathering so keep an eye on the Glen-L Boatbuilder Forum at If you sign up for our free online Newsletter, we will keep you informed about all of the Glen-L happenings. Plus the Newsletter articles, builder feedback and photos, tips and how-to information are indispensable to anyone contemplating building a boat.

One more thing I'd like to express is a profound sense of humility that I have the privilege of helping to carry on my father's vision of Glen-L Marine. It is an honor to have a part in the lives of so many great people. Boat builders are a unique breed of individuals that value craftsmanship and the creating of something beautiful out of a pile of wood. They are what make Glen-L what it is today.

Group photo of Gathering participants

"E-ticket" ride in Tom Drake's Glen-L Zip the "Irish Rose"

Captain Butch Barto's Glen-L Tahoe 23, "Innocence"

Glen-L Sea Knight built by Bob Maskel of Minnesota. Bob won the award for the longest tow.

Ray Macke's Glen-L Cabin Skiff. Ray has traveled over 24,000 miles of river in this boat. No wonder he named it "Therapy".

The First Annual Gathering of Glen-L Boatbuilders was a huge success!