The "Gathering" 2008 (cont'd)

People shared their building innovations and creative ideas implemented in their nautical works of art. Porter Harvey from Georgia was eager to share all the creative ideas used in his Carolina Dory. Porter has a learning disability that prevents him from being able to read, so he had to build his boat just by looking at the drawings. His air-cooled Wisconsin motor required quite a bit of ingenuity on his part to install in the dory. Most parts on his boat were given to him or salvaged from other projects or even made from scratch. His wife sewed the cushions, his sons pitched in and the boat is even named after grandson's Quintin and Zachary (QZ Bell)-this was truly a family affair. That's what boatbuilding is all about.

Then there was Paul Kane from Canada who is building a Glen-L 17' Hot Rod and towed her all the way in snow, sleet and rain just to be at the Gathering. Paul won the award for "Potential For Speed" as this true hot rod is still waiting for quite a few parts and didn't make it into the water… this year. And, with a '67 Chevy 283 V-8 hooked to a Velvet Drive tranny with a Casale Vee drive running a Menkens 11.5 x 15 prop, this baby's gonna fly! Paul promises she'll be in the water next year and I'll get an e-ticket ride…

Bruce Dow is another of our Canadian friends and he towed his Glen-L Monaco for the second year. This year the beautiful 19' mahogany runabout is just about finished and made a splash in the water. Bruce's father Brian was enthusiastic about the impressive boat his son had built and he was able to help with. Bruce was instrumental in organizing the Gathering and both men pitched in anywhere that was needed.

And then there's Kevin Brown from Flowery Branch, Georgia who built a little 9' Tubby Tug for his 4 year old daughter. "Abby's 'Lil Tug" was built with love and includes star and heart confetti epoxied into the floor and topped off with a mermaid flag. What a lucky little girl! Kevin is already building his next Glen-L boat.

The camaraderie at this event was impressive. One builder came with an engine issue he couldn't seem to solve and left with the possible solution. This wasn't an isolated event-everyone was happy to share ideas and many were assisted with input from other experienced builders. Guys even brought parts to trade and sell to each other.

Saturday night was a Chili Cook-off with Lodge cookware awarded to the winners provided by fellow boat builder Larry Raydo. Some fun awards were hand-made and given to the "Most Innovative", "Best Name", "Most Unique", "Potential for Speed", "Didn't Hit the Dock This Year" & "Best Legs" (that would be a man's legs)! Warren Oatman's wife Debbie and daughters Ashley and Jessica even sang a beautiful song complete with guitar accompaniment that was written and arranged just for the Gathering. What a great climax to an exhilarating day. Then Sunday, we said our farewells and most vowed to return again next year…

The Glen-L Boatbuilder Forum is provided as a support system primarily for those building Glen-L designs, but everyone is welcome. This energetic group is already making plans for the 2009 Gathering and if the trend continues, there will be twice as many people and boats. Next year's event will be held at the same place October 23-25, 2009, and you are invited to come.

We'd really love to meet you!

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