Glen-L Boatbuilder of the Month (cont'd)

Peter Tonkin - Bo Jest

The only modification (done on the fly) was to cut down my beautiful keel dramatically so she would sit well on a standard trailer. She now has a small keel and a large "fin" at the back very similar to a big surfboard.

The spin-off from this was very unexpected!

We discovered that the large "skeg" at the rear of the boat allowed her to effectively surf in a perfectly straight line while coming in over the bar into the Clarence River - generally an experience I wouldn't recommend to anyone as us "bar crossers" generally like to keep pace with the waves.

Our extended (21 foot) Bo Jest has turned out to be a very safe and predictable "sheltered water" cruiser that has the capacity to knock its way through some ugly water when called upon.

My thanks to those that drank my beer and offered wonderful advice at various levels, my long-suffering neighbours who are probably now wondering how come their house furniture is no longer covered with dust every day, and to my sounding board Richard George Klemm 'way around the world in Canada (who more than anyone) deserves a shout at the bar. Cheers Mate!

Our thanks to all concerned!

Launched 6 September 2009

Sits exactly on the plimsoll line. She is extremely stable even loaded with 4 adults. Specs are 20 ft bow to stern. Contains toilet shower (port door) 890 x 700mm. 175 litres of pressurized water, 30 litre draw refrigerator, Smeg 2 burner gas cook top. 1500mm back deck. Decks inside and out are Rosewood. 21HP diesel, carries 40 litres of fuel.

A hell of a lot in a 20-footer and plenty of room. I extended the cabin for comfortable week away trip. Can't wait to see how see goes in a sloppy sea.

I am extraordinarily happy with the whole project.
Thanks Glen-L - what a great little boat!!!