Scarfing sled Continued

Apply a generous layer of Johnson's paste wax to the slide and bottom of sled. This greatly reduces sliding friction. Remember silicone sprays have NO PLACE in the woodshop. The silicone is an insidious contaminant of finishes and will lead to fish eyes in very small amounts.

Build your own boat

Chine piece ready for cut. The clamping wedge is shown being tapped into position with the hammer. The firm clamping is VERY important for repeatability.

The far end is supported by a helper, my son David, or by a board clamped vertically in the Work Mate. The top edge of the clamped board is at the same height as the top of the sled on the table saw.

Build your own boat

Here the cut is shown in progress. Note the scars in the clamp wedge from previous cuts. You want to make sure that the saw goes completely through the batten so there is not a "nub" sticking out for later trimming by hand.

A major feature of the clamping setup is to allow you to keep your hands well clear of the blade. Remember, the saw guard is off for this procedure as well as the kick back pawls. Wear safety glasses and stand to the side. The off cut wedge pieces can become very sharp projectiles!

This article is taken from Mark's web page on building the Glen-L Riviera (See our site: Useful information & Suppliers/Links: Other Web Sites/Glen-L Projects...)