May 14, 2001

Mr. Witt,
Build a wooden boat

I am enclosing photos of my latest model of your design called the Gypsy. This is to be my third and last model. The Chessie Flyer was my first full size project and my family and I sailed it at several locations throughout Northern California. The Gypsy is the second full size boat I built and the Coaster is my current full size project. I have built models of each and all three have removable roofs so the interiors can be displayed. The full size Gypsy and model are modified from your design, they are 22' in length instead of 20'. This gives an increased cabin size from 9' to 10'. To avoid problems with the bow arrangement, I increased the spacing of the frames 10% from Frame 4, aft to the stern. The full size Gypsy has a small outboard motor and a latter aft to a carpeted roof. I hope these photos help to illustrate the layout of Gypsy.

John P. Hurd

Build a wooden boat Build a wooden boat
Build a wooden boat Build a wooden boat