Ski King

15' Inboard Ski Boat

Build a wooden boat

Length overall: 15' 0"
Length waterline: 13' 9"
Beam extreme: 6' 0"
Draft to bottom of rudder: 20"
Approx hull weight: 700 lbs.
Build a wooden boat Maximum hull depth: 33"
Depth at the transom: 21"
Forward cockpit size: 30" x 5' 6"
Aft cockpit: 4' 3" x 4'
Power: Inboard motors from 45 hp to 100 hp
  • Approx Speeds:
  • 50hp = 31 mph
  • 60hp = 33 mph
  • 75hp = 37 mph
  • 90hp = 39 mph

Copy from 1962 Catalog:

"SKI KING" is a flashingly modern, high speed inboard utility for plywood planking. The conendrically developed vee bottom is fast and very stable. Note the adequate beam on this boat. Plenty of room for any type of boating pleasure and ideally suited for towing water skiers. Not a new untested design, but a proven boat in every respect

SKI KING can be powered with motors from 50 hp to 100 hp. The boat photographed clocked 38 mph with 85 hp. Converted automobile motors can be used. The Jeep is ideal and a Ford V8 could be used, however the shaft angle will be very steep and the space will be cramped. The size of the motor is the important thing and in most motors the 4-cylinder jobs are short and will fit in the space provided. Gray Marine has 50, 75, and 90 hp motors in their "Fireball" series that are ideal. Universal and Chris Craft also have several ideal motors.

Glen-L Marine has designed this hull especially for building by the amateur. Construction uses our special lock-in frame method that simplifies and makes this hull almost like a kit to build. All frames, the transom, breasthook, and stem are fully dimensioned, eliminating lofting that so often stops the amateur in his tracks. All frames, stem, motor stringers, motor installation and construction components are shown in detail. Since the original hull was built by an amateur, we are able to furnish all of the details exactly as the hull was built. The plan set will enable you to build a hull that has more flare, and an appearance better than the average stock runabout of today. In addition she will show her heels to most of them when it comes to speed.

Beauty, speed, and performance are combined with special simplified building instructions and methods for the amateur builder.

Note: The copy above refers to motors that may no longer be available. There are no patterns but all the framework is fully dimensioned. This a great boat for those who like to tinker and innovate and would be an eye catcher wherever she went.

Build a wooden boat

#62-718 SKI KING Plans and instructions are available for $51.00.

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