Ski Tow/Malahini construction

This pictorial starts at the point where all frames have been made or the Frame Kit purchased, and the building form that will support them and hold them in position, has been made.

Fig. 1 - The stem is made from laminations of 3/4" plywood as is the breasthook. The stem fits into a notch in the breasthook and is glued and fastened into place. The breasthook provides gluing and fastening area for the sheers.

Fig. 2 - The stem, breasthook and chine block* assembly is glued and fastened to the floor timber of Frame #4. Note how the breasthook is fastened to the building form to prevent movement during construction. Also note that the deck beam of Frame #4 has been screwed to the legs of the building form. It is important that the frames not move during construction.

* Chine blocking provides extra fastening area for the chines. It is not used on all designs.

Fig. 3 - The frames are mounted on the building form that is leveled both athwartship and lengthwise. A level is then used to plumb each frame. When the frames are aligned, each frame is braced to the building form and/or to one another to prevent movement.