Fairing boards

1. 4mm plywood left over from the Rob-Roy cutout, and some new 60, 80, 100 and 120 grit sanding belts cut at the seam.
2. Plywood pieces cut to 3" x 12" and 3" x 18". Handles made from Alder 1 1/2" sq. x 2" long blocks and a roll of 1/8" cork. (Inspector Stevie taking it all in.)
3. All the boards glued up with handles sanded and rounded for comfy grip.
4. Cork is cut to size and waiting to be glued on. It will be glued on with 3M, Super 77 spray contact adhesive. Spraying both pieces will make it a fairly permanent bond.
5. Sanding belts cut to fit and glued on again with 3M spray adhesive, but this time I only sprayed the paper back of the belts. That will allow them to be removed and replaced later if and when worn out ( or when I get sloppy and drip epoxy resin on one and totally ruin it before getting to use it). :( Hey, "Stuff Happens" :)