Power Skiff


Note: When cutting planking it is not necessary that the contours be perfect. However, at certain contact points, like at the centerline, it may not be desirable to pull all pieces tight. If the planking was cut inside the line, and two pieces are cut at the same time, there could be a gap. If this is pulled together, it could cause a cup. Instead, the wires are twited so that they are snug, but so the bottom is not distorted. Polyethylene can be taped over the gap on the outside to contain the epoxy putty; to be removed when finishing the outside.

Also from the Instructions, page 8, "Forming the Hull":

Considerable force will be required to bend the planking assembly to the form (temporary center form) contour. A straight lumberyard 2" x 4" on edge with the top covered with plastic sheeting (to prevent glue from sticking) is slipped under the planking from the aft end of the bottom planking, directly under the centerline, extending as far forward as possible... Use temporary fasteners driven through the planking into the ends and butt block area to hold the planking to the 2" x 4".