Windshield 2

Photo #2. To anneal aluminum it needs to be heated and allowed to cool slowly. You need an oxy-acetylene torch to do this. First adjust the torch for acetylene only. This will be an orange flame with a lot of smoke and soot. Lay the aluminum on some sawhorses and wave the torch over the moldings covering them with soot.

Photo #3. Adjust the torch to a neutral flame and heat the aluminum until the soot starts to burn off. Be careful here, the aluminum is not very far from melting at this point. Keep the torch moving and not too close to the metal. The aluminum should be allowed to cool completely with little or no soot left.

Photo #4. Next you need something to bend the aluminum around. A wooden buck or the base that the windshield will fasten to will work. I made a buck out of 2x4's for this demo, but I used the base of the windshield to make my original moldings.