Building the Tubby Tug

by Allen H. Storms

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I used 2x8x16 concrete blocks for 90-degree thwart alignment. I shielded them from the polyester with waxed paper.

I used #14 stripped Romex wire and it did not take a lot of wire. A 10-foot piece of 2 conductor Romex with ground would have done the job.

The hull shape is what kept me going despite the below freezing temperatures

Final wiring of the sides to form the prow. Just like the directions say, do not worry about the small space at the bottom sides joint. It will all fill in and come together nicely.

The first layer of tape on the bottom seams. The chine, bow and stern seams all have 3 layers of 2" fiberglass tape staggered and faired with filler, then a layer of 4" tape faired and then the final layer of cloth over the entire hull.