E. L. "Andy" Anderson


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Rowme, donated to the local "Children's camp" for underprivileged kids.

21 April 2000: Gayle: Attached is a photo of the Bull's-Eye just finished. Well... not quite. Supposed to be a sailboat but daughter decided she didn't want one after all, so finished as a row boat. She is a beauty. My previous one was the Rowme. I gave 'em both to an underprivileged children's camp.

September 2000: Well here she is...the finished product just before launching. She rows like a dream with no effort... just glides along. The negative, for me, is that with the narrow bottom she tips too easily and I'll fall overboard for sure. If I were 30 years younger and more nimble she'd be great but that, as most of you know, is not the case. Another project to the "kids camp".

Had planned an 18 1/2' sailing dory and even bought the plans, but think I'll look around some more for a more useable rig for an old coot to use. Sail I think.

2 February 2001

Well she (Glen-L 15) is finally taking shape. Chines and Battens are in and secure. Next the Sheers and then the bottom and planking. Then...who knows?

She is coming along veeeeeery slowly but still coming along. When this weather breaks and I can go to the "camp" for a couple of days a week she will be even slower. Ah well......

17 April 2002: Finally the finished Sea Kayak (except for a little touching up) What's next?

Well here 'tis. The "Fife" in all her glory! Howzabout those cushions? Cost me about 1/2 what the rest of the boat cost!

Oversize trailer but best one I could find.

Next is the Dinky and so it goes