Glen-L 13
      Construction Pictorial

We must have more construction pictures of the Glen-L 13 than almost any other boat. Don Ruffa made the test model and Glen took the pictures. The pictorial starts after the frames are made or the Frame Kit purchased.
The terms chine log and sheer clamp are used in this pictorial, these are interchangeable with the terms chine and sheer.

Fig 1: The centerboard trunk sides are assembled to the bed-logs. Here the upright members are assembled to one half, with the forward member left long at the top to fasten to Frame #3 deck beam.

Fig 2: The centerboard interior must be sealed with paint or fiberglass covering before assembly. Here Don is cutting the fiberglass material for one half of the centerboard. Fiberglass is recommended to protect the interior from abrasion when the board is raised and lowered.

Fig 3: Fiberglass is applied to the centerboard halves with epoxy resin.

Fig 4: The halves can be assembled while the resin is still wet, or are allowed to cure and any burrs sanded smooth and the halves assembled with the mating surfaces liberally coated with thickened epoxy. Note that the builder is using a square to carefully align the two members.