Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004
Subject: Low Voltage still floats

Hello all:

We are happy to report that the initial launching of "Lo Voltage" was a big success. With 3 folks on board during our initial speed run using GPS we obtained 5.3mph going up wind and 5.7mph going down wind for an average of 5.5mph drawing 50 amps. The boat handled beautifully and has good stability. The only problems we incurred were with the throttle slipping back to idle, and the noise level which is too high and we have some plans to reduce the noise level.

Since we were unsure of the battery state, we stayed near the launch ramp and after about 30 minutes we noticed a marked drop in voltage and headed back, tied up and finished off the champagne. Note one of two paddles in the control panel photo.

We will have new batteries next week and will be back in the water.

Here are some photos.

Jack and Jeannie